{"liste":[ { "search": "ABYSS D'YROISE 86515" ,"nom": "ABYSS D'YROISE", "id": "86515", "url": "abyss-yroise-selle-francais-skewbald,86515.html"},{ "search": "AD'OR DECABUE D'ATHIS 84816" ,"nom": "AD'OR DECABUE D'ATHIS", "id": "84816", "url": "decabue-athis-shetland-pony-palomino,84816.html"},{ "search": "ADAGIO DE VALLET 77531" ,"nom": "ADAGIO DE VALLET", "id": "77531", "url": "adagio-vallet-saddle-horse-dark-chestnut,77531.html"},{ "search": "ADENOSINE DE SUZAN 84917" ,"nom": "ADENOSINE DE SUZAN", "id": "84917", "url": "adenosine-suzan-selle-francais-chestnut,84917.html"},{ "search": "ADIAMOOD DE L'ABBAYE 87419" ,"nom": "ADIAMOOD DE L'ABBAYE", "id": "87419", "url": "adiamood-abbaye-selle-francais-bay,87419.html"},{ "search": "AFGHANE SEMILLY 87417" ,"nom": "AFGHANE SEMILLY", "id": "87417", "url": "afghane-semilly-selle-francais-dark-chestnut,87417.html"},{ "search": "AFRIKA TREIZE 83177" ,"nom": "AFRIKA TREIZE", "id": "83177", "url": "afrika-treize-selle-francais-bay,83177.html"},{ "search": "AGENOR HAUT AGENAIS 64637" ,"nom": "AGENOR HAUT AGENAIS", "id": "64637", "url": "agenor-haut-agenais-anglo-arabian-bay,64637.html"},{ "search": "AGRIPPINE BONNEILLE 86833" ,"nom": "AGRIPPINE BONNEILLE", "id": "86833", "url": "agrippine-bonneille-selle-francais-chestnut,86833.html"},{ "search": "ALBA DE JUL 86850" ,"nom": "ALBA DE JUL", "id": "86850", "url": "alba-jul-selle-francais-dark-chestnut,86850.html"},{ "search": "ALBANO DE GUERMANTES 82209" ,"nom": "ALBANO DE GUERMANTES", "id": "82209", "url": "albano-guermantes-french-sport-pony-chestnut,82209.html"},{ "search": "ALCHICHA DURANCES 84435" ,"nom": "ALCHICHA DURANCES", "id": "84435", "url": "alchicha-durances-arab-bay,84435.html"},{ "search": "ALDEBARAN DE TRACLIN 64525" ,"nom": "ALDEBARAN DE TRACLIN", "id": "64525", "url": "aldebaran-traclin-shagya-arabian-bay,64525.html"},{ "search": "ALHAMBRA DU POET 82519" ,"nom": "ALHAMBRA DU POET", "id": "82519", "url": "alhambra-poet-new-forest-bay,82519.html"},{ "search": "ALINE DE JARSAY 86999" ,"nom": "ALINE DE JARSAY", "id": "86999", "url": "aline-jarsay-selle-francais-bay,86999.html"},{ "search": "ALINEA DE LINE 74582" ,"nom": "ALINEA DE LINE", "id": "74582", "url": "alinea-line-selle-francais-bay,74582.html"},{ "search": "ALIZE NICKI DE LA COS 82907" ,"nom": "ALIZE NICKI DE LA COS", "id": "82907", "url": "alize-nicki-cos-haflinger-pony-flaxen-chestnut,82907.html"},{ "search": "ALL IKA DES IFS 63289" ,"nom": "ALL IKA DES IFS", "id": "63289", "url": "all-ika-des-ifs-selle-francais-black,63289.html"},{ "search": "ALLEGORIE*HN 87240" ,"nom": "ALLEGORIE*HN", "id": "87240", "url": "allegoriehn-anglo-arabian-bay,87240.html"},{ "search": "ALLEYRAT 87275" ,"nom": "ALLEYRAT", "id": "87275", "url": "alleyrat-anglo-arabian-bay,87275.html"},{ "search": "ALLIENOR LATUILERIE 85942" ,"nom": "ALLIENOR LATUILERIE", "id": "85942", "url": "allienor-latuilerie-selle-francais-bay,85942.html"},{ "search": "ALLURE DE LA NATION 86830" ,"nom": "ALLURE DE LA NATION", "id": "86830", "url": "allure-nation-french-sport-pony-bay,86830.html"},{ "search": "ALMERIA DE FAYE 86645" ,"nom": "ALMERIA DE FAYE", "id": "86645", "url": "almeria-faye-selle-francais-chestnut,86645.html"},{ "search": "ALOVEYOU JUANNE 87480" ,"nom": "ALOVEYOU JUANNE", "id": "87480", "url": "aloveyou-juanne-selle-francais-grey,87480.html"},{ "search": "ALPHA DU PAQUIER 85683" ,"nom": "ALPHA DU PAQUIER", "id": "85683", "url": "alpha-paquier-connemara-grey,85683.html"},{ "search": "ALPINESTAR DU FIEF 87707" ,"nom": "ALPINESTAR DU FIEF", "id": "87707", "url": "alpinestar-fief-selle-francais-bay,87707.html"},{ "search": "ALROCK DU BOIS 86807" ,"nom": "ALROCK DU BOIS", "id": "86807", "url": "alrock-bois-selle-francais-chestnut,86807.html"},{ "search": "ALTAYAN SCHUERACHER 82428" ,"nom": "ALTAYAN SCHUERACHER", "id": "82428", "url": "altayan-schueracher-shetland-pony-dark-chestnut,82428.html"},{ "search": "ALTO DE TRACLIN 75267" ,"nom": "ALTO DE TRACLIN", "id": "75267", "url": "alto-traclin-shagya-arabian-bay,75267.html"},{ "search": "ALTO DE VALLET 77530" ,"nom": "ALTO DE VALLET", "id": "77530", "url": "alto-vallet-selle-francais-bay,77530.html"},{ "search": "AMAZONE DE SAU 88106" ,"nom": "AMAZONE DE SAU", "id": "88106", "url": "amazone-sau-arab-bay,88106.html"},{ "search": "AMBRE DU GEVAUDAN 63253" ,"nom": "AMBRE DU GEVAUDAN", "id": "63253", "url": "ambre-gevaudan-anglo-arabian-bay,63253.html"},{ "search": "AMENZU DE LA TEULIERE 85568" ,"nom": "AMENZU DE LA TEULIERE", "id": "85568", "url": "amenzu-teuliere-partbred-arabian-dsa-dark-chestnut,85568.html"},{ "search": "AMIRAL DU BUHOT 68360" ,"nom": "AMIRAL DU BUHOT", "id": "68360", "url": "amiral-buhot-connemara-grey,68360.html"},{ "search": "AMOUR DES ROUSSELS 87652" ,"nom": "AMOUR DES ROUSSELS", "id": "87652", "url": "amour-des-roussels-selle-francais-chestnut,87652.html"},{ "search": "AN OAK DU PENA 84914" ,"nom": "AN OAK DU PENA", "id": "84914", "url": "oak-pena-connemara-buckskin,84914.html"},{ "search": "ANAKIN DE GASSIES 86787" ,"nom": "ANAKIN DE GASSIES", "id": "86787", "url": "anakin-gassies-anglo-arabian-grey,86787.html"},{ "search": "ANASTASIAX 85940" ,"nom": "ANASTASIAX", "id": "85940", "url": "anastasiax-selle-francais-bay,85940.html"},{ "search": "ANDY D'EPINOUX 85674" ,"nom": "ANDY D'EPINOUX", "id": "85674", "url": "andy-epinoux-connemara-grey,85674.html"},{ "search": "ANITA DES FRETTES 74428" ,"nom": "ANITA DES FRETTES", "id": "74428", "url": "anita-des-frettes-anglo-european-studbook-grey,74428.html"},{ "search": "ANJOU DU PESQUIER 75223" ,"nom": "ANJOU DU PESQUIER", "id": "75223", "url": "anjou-pesquier-partbred-arabian-dsa-dark-bay,75223.html"},{ "search": "ANOTHER QUEST 87991" ,"nom": "ANOTHER QUEST", "id": "87991", "url": "another-quest-selle-francais-bay,87991.html"},{ "search": "ANTALYA DU BEYRAC 85402" ,"nom": "ANTALYA DU BEYRAC", "id": "85402", "url": "antalya-beyrac-partbred-arabian-dsa-grey,85402.html"},{ "search": "ANTARA VAN HET BAKKERSHOF 82820" ,"nom": "ANTARA VAN HET BAKKERSHOF", "id": "82820", "url": "antara-van-het-bakkershof-haflinger-pony-flaxen-chestnut,82820.html"},{ "search": "APACHE D'ODIVAL 62677" ,"nom": "APACHE D'ODIVAL", "id": "62677", "url": "apache-odival-french-sport-pony-grey,62677.html"},{ "search": "API POM DU CYAN 86336" ,"nom": "API POM DU CYAN", "id": "86336", "url": "api-pom-cyan-selle-francais-black,86336.html"},{ "search": "APOLLON LA FONTAINE 65000" ,"nom": "APOLLON LA FONTAINE", "id": "65000", "url": "apollon-fontaine-selle-francais-grey,65000.html"},{ "search": "APOLLONIA DE CABUE 84867" ,"nom": "APOLLONIA DE CABUE", "id": "84867", "url": "apollonia-cabue-shetland-pony-black,84867.html"},{ "search": "APPLE ONE CHAMPAGNAC 81984" ,"nom": "APPLE ONE CHAMPAGNAC", "id": "81984", "url": "apple-one-champagnac-partbred-arabian-dsa-chestnut,81984.html"},{ "search": "APPY DAME VINCOU 83073" ,"nom": "APPY DAME VINCOU", "id": "83073", "url": "appy-dame-vincou-french-sport-pony-bay,83073.html"},{ "search": "AQUA DU PESQUIER 75291" ,"nom": "AQUA DU PESQUIER", "id": "75291", "url": "aqua-pesquier-partbred-arabian-dsa-chestnut,75291.html"},{ "search": "AQUARELLE DE PARISIS 86764" ,"nom": "AQUARELLE DE PARISIS", "id": "86764", "url": "aquarelle-parisis-selle-francais-grey,86764.html"},{ "search": "AQUIWAN D'AVRIL 85405" ,"nom": "AQUIWAN D'AVRIL", "id": "85405", "url": "aquiwan-avril-anglo-arabian-grey,85405.html"},{ "search": "AR MONY DE FAYT 84823" ,"nom": "AR MONY DE FAYT", "id": "84823", "url": "mony-fayt-haflinger-pony-palomino,84823.html"},{ "search": "ARAGON DU LIE 87009" ,"nom": "ARAGON DU LIE", "id": "87009", "url": "aragon-lie-selle-francais-bay,87009.html"},{ "search": "AREZZO DU SERAN 87305" ,"nom": "AREZZO DU SERAN", "id": "87305", "url": "arezzo-seran-saddle-horse-bay,87305.html"},{ "search": "ARGENTINA DU BESSIN 65509" ,"nom": "ARGENTINA DU BESSIN", "id": "65509", "url": "argentina-bessin-selle-francais-dark-bay,65509.html"},{ "search": "ARIZONA DE SAU 85458" ,"nom": "ARIZONA DE SAU", "id": "85458", "url": "arizona-sau-partbred-arabian-dsa-grey,85458.html"},{ "search": "ARNO DE MARA 87376" ,"nom": "ARNO DE MARA", "id": "87376", "url": "arno-mara-selle-francais-chestnut,87376.html"},{ "search": "ARQUIDAM FLY LY 87879" ,"nom": "ARQUIDAM FLY LY", "id": "87879", "url": "arquidam-fly-selle-francais-bay,87879.html"},{ "search": "ARSOUEZ DU MAUCOMBLE 84869" ,"nom": "ARSOUEZ DU MAUCOMBLE", "id": "84869", "url": "arsouez-maucomble-connemara-grey,84869.html"},{ "search": "ARTEMIS D'AMY 86849" ,"nom": "ARTEMIS D'AMY", "id": "86849", "url": "artemis-amy-selle-francais-bay,86849.html"},{ "search": "ARTEMIS DE SAINT FRAY 85897" ,"nom": "ARTEMIS DE SAINT FRAY", "id": "85897", "url": "artemis-saint-fray-selle-francais-grey,85897.html"},{ "search": "ARTHUR DES SOURCES 86058" ,"nom": "ARTHUR DES SOURCES", "id": "86058", "url": "arthur-des-sources-saddle-horse-roan,86058.html"},{ "search": "ARWAL DE CHERIER 85465" ,"nom": "ARWAL DE CHERIER", "id": "85465", "url": "arwal-cherier-arab-chestnut,85465.html"},{ "search": "ARWEN BIRMANE 85644" ,"nom": "ARWEN BIRMANE", "id": "85644", "url": "arwen-birmane-selle-francais-bay,85644.html"},{ "search": "ASCANE STE HERMELLE 86792" ,"nom": "ASCANE STE HERMELLE", "id": "86792", "url": "ascane-ste-hermelle-selle-francais-grey,86792.html"},{ "search": "ASIAN ARVEI 79140" ,"nom": "ASIAN ARVEI", "id": "79140", "url": "asian-arvei-connemara-grey,79140.html"},{ "search": "ASKALIS D'ARION 76871" ,"nom": "ASKALIS D'ARION", "id": "76871", "url": "askalis-arion-french-sport-pony-grey,76871.html"},{ "search": "ASTER D'ORGAN 85957" ,"nom": "ASTER D'ORGAN", "id": "85957", "url": "aster-organ-selle-francais-chestnut,85957.html"},{ "search": "ASTON DE L'EPINE 72772" ,"nom": "ASTON DE L'EPINE", "id": "72772", "url": "aston-epine-selle-francais-bay,72772.html"},{ "search": "ASTUCE DE LA CAZOTTE 87640" ,"nom": "ASTUCE DE LA CAZOTTE", "id": "87640", "url": "astuce-cazotte-new-forest-bay,87640.html"},{ "search": "ATAC DU LANDRAN 87002" ,"nom": "ATAC DU LANDRAN", "id": "87002", "url": "atac-landran-selle-francais-chestnut,87002.html"},{ "search": "ATAMANN D'IGALTA 85996" ,"nom": "ATAMANN D'IGALTA", "id": "85996", "url": "atamann-igalta-selle-francais-bay,85996.html"},{ "search": "ATHENA DU ROUET 87401" ,"nom": "ATHENA DU ROUET", "id": "87401", "url": "athena-rouet-selle-francais-bay,87401.html"},{ "search": "ATOUT DE LA TRIGAL 84826" ,"nom": "ATOUT DE LA TRIGAL", "id": "84826", "url": "atout-trigal-selle-francais-chestnut,84826.html"},{ "search": "AUDACE DE B'NEVILLE 83367" ,"nom": "AUDACE DE B'NEVILLE", "id": "83367", "url": "audace-neville-selle-francais-bay,83367.html"},{ "search": "AUTAN DE BOUCAU 87451" ,"nom": "AUTAN DE BOUCAU", "id": "87451", "url": "autan-boucau-selle-francais-bay,87451.html"},{ "search": "AVENIR DE L'AUMONT 87999" ,"nom": "AVENIR DE L'AUMONT", "id": "87999", "url": "avenir-aumont-french-sport-pony-bay,87999.html"},{ "search": "AVRIL DU PESQUIER 85761" ,"nom": "AVRIL DU PESQUIER", "id": "85761", "url": "avril-pesquier-saddle-horse-grey,85761.html"},{ "search": "AZKABAN DE VIREY 88219" ,"nom": "AZKABAN DE VIREY", "id": "88219", "url": "azkaban-virey-french-sport-pony-bay,88219.html"},{ "search": "AZUR DE LOUANS 87508" ,"nom": "AZUR DE LOUANS", "id": "87508", "url": "azur-louans-selle-francais-bay,87508.html"},{ "search": "AZUR DE STE EULALIE 86488" ,"nom": "AZUR DE STE EULALIE", "id": "86488", "url": "azur-ste-eulalie-selle-francais-black,86488.html"},{ "search": "AZURA DE LIAF 85526" ,"nom": "AZURA DE LIAF", "id": "85526", "url": "azura-liaf-connemara-dark-bay,85526.html"},{ "search": "BABELLE DE LA SELUNE 82207" ,"nom": "BABELLE DE LA SELUNE", "id": "82207", "url": "babelle-selune-french-sport-pony-bay,82207.html"},{ "search": "BABYLONE DES CIMES Z 85939" ,"nom": "BABYLONE DES CIMES Z", "id": "85939", "url": "babylone-des-cimes-zangersheide-dark-chestnut,85939.html"},{ "search": "BACARA DE GROSSETIERE 84354" ,"nom": "BACARA DE GROSSETIERE", "id": "84354", "url": "bacara-grossetiere-french-sport-pony-palomino,84354.html"},{ "search": "BACCARAT BEGNY 79469" ,"nom": "BACCARAT BEGNY", "id": "79469", "url": "baccarat-begny-selle-francais-bay,79469.html"},{ "search": "BACCARAT D'EOLE 85087" ,"nom": "BACCARAT D'EOLE", "id": "85087", "url": "baccarat-eole-selle-francais-grey,85087.html"},{ "search": "BACCHUS DES MORINS 82603" ,"nom": "BACCHUS DES MORINS", "id": "82603", "url": "bacchus-des-morins-french-sport-pony-bay,82603.html"},{ "search": "BAD BOY DE TRACLIN 75264" ,"nom": "BAD BOY DE TRACLIN", "id": "75264", "url": "bad-boy-traclin-saddle-horse-grey,75264.html"},{ "search": "BAGHERA DE TRACLIN 75160" ,"nom": "BAGHERA DE TRACLIN", "id": "75160", "url": "baghera-traclin-shagya-arabian-bay,75160.html"},{ "search": "BAGUERA EZRA 82890" ,"nom": "BAGUERA EZRA", "id": "82890", "url": "baguera-ezra-haflinger-pony-flaxen-chestnut,82890.html"},{ "search": "BAHIA DE L'EPINE 72771" ,"nom": "BAHIA DE L'EPINE", "id": "72771", "url": "bahia-epine-selle-francais-bay,72771.html"},{ "search": "BAHIA DE NOBLE VAL 86759" ,"nom": "BAHIA DE NOBLE VAL", "id": "86759", "url": "bahia-noble-val-selle-francais-bay,86759.html"},{ "search": "BAHIA DE SAVIGNY 86207" ,"nom": "BAHIA DE SAVIGNY", "id": "86207", "url": "bahia-savigny-selle-francais-bay,86207.html"},{ "search": "BAHIA DE TRACLIN 85539" ,"nom": "BAHIA DE TRACLIN", "id": "85539", "url": "bahia-traclin-saddle-horse-bay,85539.html"},{ "search": "BAHIA EL INDALO 84931" ,"nom": "BAHIA EL INDALO", "id": "84931", "url": "bahia-indalo-arab-chestnut,84931.html"},{ "search": "BAHINA DE MALIGNOS 85414" ,"nom": "BAHINA DE MALIGNOS", "id": "85414", "url": "bahina-malignos-saddle-horse-buckskin,85414.html"},{ "search": "BAIKAL DE COAT MAUDEZ 87548" ,"nom": "BAIKAL DE COAT MAUDEZ", "id": "87548", "url": "baikal-coat-maudez-partbred-arabian-dsa-grey,87548.html"},{ "search": "BAIKONOUR D'ARTHENAY 84288" ,"nom": "BAIKONOUR D'ARTHENAY", "id": "84288", "url": "baikonour-arthenay-selle-francais-chestnut,84288.html"},{ "search": "BAKO DE TRACLIN 85533" ,"nom": "BAKO DE TRACLIN", "id": "85533", "url": "bako-traclin-saddle-horse-grey,85533.html"},{ "search": "BAKOU DE TRACLIN 85541" ,"nom": "BAKOU DE TRACLIN", "id": "85541", "url": "bakou-traclin-saddle-horse-bay,85541.html"},{ "search": "BALADE STE HERMELLE 86793" ,"nom": "BALADE STE HERMELLE", "id": "86793", "url": "balade-ste-hermelle-selle-francais-bay,86793.html"},{ "search": "BALANKA DE GUERMANTES 82287" ,"nom": "BALANKA DE GUERMANTES", "id": "82287", "url": "balanka-guermantes-french-sport-pony-grey,82287.html"},{ "search": "BALBI D'ELPEGERE 68940" ,"nom": "BALBI D'ELPEGERE", "id": "68940", "url": "balbi-elpegere-anglo-arabian-liver-chestnut,68940.html"},{ "search": "BALENTINO DE TREILLE 84405" ,"nom": "BALENTINO DE TREILLE", "id": "84405", "url": "balentino-treille-new-forest-bay,84405.html"},{ "search": "BALERINE DU LATTAY 81688" ,"nom": "BALERINE DU LATTAY", "id": "81688", "url": "balerine-lattay-saddle-horse-bay,81688.html"},{ "search": "BALISTO STE HERMELLE 86794" ,"nom": "BALISTO STE HERMELLE", "id": "86794", "url": "balisto-ste-hermelle-selle-francais-dark-bay,86794.html"},{ "search": "BALKAN D'ELPEGERE 80383" ,"nom": "BALKAN D'ELPEGERE", "id": "80383", "url": "balkan-elpegere-anglo-arabian-dark-bay,80383.html"},{ "search": "BALKAN LEVA NEVE 85467" ,"nom": "BALKAN LEVA NEVE", "id": "85467", "url": "balkan-leva-neve-shagya-arabian-grey,85467.html"},{ "search": "BALKIS DU CAUSSE 85425" ,"nom": "BALKIS DU CAUSSE", "id": "85425", "url": "balkis-causse-arab-grey,85425.html"},{ "search": "BALLERINE AND CO 75820" ,"nom": "BALLERINE AND CO", "id": "75820", "url": "ballerine-and-saddle-horse-dark-bay,75820.html"},{ "search": "BALLERINE DES CHAPPEY 77552" ,"nom": "BALLERINE DES CHAPPEY", "id": "77552", "url": "ballerine-des-chappey-selle-francais-bay,77552.html"},{ "search": "BALOUNE FOX 87048" ,"nom": "BALOUNE FOX", "id": "87048", "url": "baloune-fox-connemara-grey,87048.html"},{ "search": "BALTIQUE D'ELTE 85738" ,"nom": "BALTIQUE D'ELTE", "id": "85738", "url": "baltique-elte-selle-francais-grey,85738.html"},{ "search": "BALZAC DES VAUX 82885" ,"nom": "BALZAC DES VAUX", "id": "82885", "url": "balzac-des-vaux-selle-francais-chestnut,82885.html"},{ "search": "BALZAC WINZ 82821" ,"nom": "BALZAC WINZ", "id": "82821", "url": "balzac-winz-haflinger-pony-flaxen-chestnut,82821.html"},{ "search": "BALZAN DE L'ARDISIERE 87146" ,"nom": "BALZAN DE L'ARDISIERE", "id": "87146", "url": "balzan-ardisiere-french-sport-pony-chestnut,87146.html"},{ "search": "BAMBI DE BORY 86728" ,"nom": "BAMBI DE BORY", "id": "86728", "url": "bambi-bory-selle-francais-bay,86728.html"},{ "search": "BAMBY DES PRAIRIES 86874" ,"nom": "BAMBY DES PRAIRIES", "id": "86874", "url": "bamby-des-prairies-selle-francais-bay,86874.html"},{ "search": "BANCO DE CHAMBORD 79153" ,"nom": "BANCO DE CHAMBORD", "id": "79153", "url": "banco-chambord-french-sport-pony-grey,79153.html"},{ "search": "BANG DU VIEUX SAULE 86214" ,"nom": "BANG DU VIEUX SAULE", "id": "86214", "url": "bang-vieux-saule-saddle-horse-bay,86214.html"},{ "search": "BANJOLAGRANDEBRUYERE 86640" ,"nom": "BANJOLAGRANDEBRUYERE", "id": "86640", "url": "banjolagrandebruyere-saddle-horse-bay,86640.html"},{ "search": "BAROQUE'N ROLL KOOL 84457" ,"nom": "BAROQUE'N ROLL KOOL", "id": "84457", "url": "baroque-roll-kool-shetland-pony-skewbald,84457.html"},{ "search": "BAS BLANC 86505" ,"nom": "BAS BLANC", "id": "86505", "url": "bas-blanc-selle-francais-chestnut,86505.html"},{ "search": "BASNON DE OOPSS 77214" ,"nom": "BASNON DE OOPSS", "id": "77214", "url": "basnon-oopss-saddle-horse-chestnut,77214.html"},{ "search": "BASTA DU FRUITIER 77354" ,"nom": "BASTA DU FRUITIER", "id": "77354", "url": "basta-fruitier-selle-francais-dark-chestnut,77354.html"},{ "search": "BAYKA EL BLAV 87081" ,"nom": "BAYKA EL BLAV", "id": "87081", "url": "bayka-blav-arab-grey,87081.html"},{ "search": "BE JOYCE DES GARINS 81153" ,"nom": "BE JOYCE DES GARINS", "id": "81153", "url": "joyce-des-garins-selle-francais-bay,81153.html"},{ "search": "BE SO XTREM DU MARSSU 83165" ,"nom": "BE SO XTREM DU MARSSU", "id": "83165", "url": "xtrem-marssu-welsh-pony-grey,83165.html"},{ "search": "BEABA DE LAP 85444" ,"nom": "BEABA DE LAP", "id": "85444", "url": "beaba-lap-partbred-arabian-dsa-bay,85444.html"},{ "search": "BEAU GOSSE DE ROUHET 77972" ,"nom": "BEAU GOSSE DE ROUHET", "id": "77972", "url": "beau-gosse-rouhet-selle-francais-chestnut,77972.html"},{ "search": "BEAUTIFUL DE TRACLIN 75263" ,"nom": "BEAUTIFUL DE TRACLIN", "id": "75263", "url": "beautiful-traclin-saddle-horse-bay,75263.html"},{ "search": "BEAUTY HEBBFLYER 63899" ,"nom": "BEAUTY HEBBFLYER", "id": "63899", "url": "beauty-hebbflyer-selle-francais-chestnut,63899.html"},{ "search": "BEAUTY STAR PORTERON 79151" ,"nom": "BEAUTY STAR PORTERON", "id": "79151", "url": "beauty-star-porteron-saddle-horse-bay,79151.html"},{ "search": "BEDEILHAC DE MENIL 86494" ,"nom": "BEDEILHAC DE MENIL", "id": "86494", "url": "bedeilhac-menil-selle-francais-bay,86494.html"},{ "search": "BEIRING DE TRACLIN 75159" ,"nom": "BEIRING DE TRACLIN", "id": "75159", "url": "beiring-traclin-shagya-arabian-grey,75159.html"},{ "search": "BEL AMI DE VALLET 86763" ,"nom": "BEL AMI DE VALLET", "id": "86763", "url": "bel-ami-vallet-selle-francais-bay,86763.html"},{ "search": "BELETTE COLICHERIE 81380" ,"nom": "BELETTE COLICHERIE", "id": "81380", "url": "belette-colicherie-selle-francais-dark-chestnut,81380.html"},{ "search": "BELFEGOR DU COTEAU 83900" ,"nom": "BELFEGOR DU COTEAU", "id": "83900", "url": "belfegor-coteau-french-sport-pony-chestnut,83900.html"},{ "search": "BELLA DES AILES 86741" ,"nom": "BELLA DES AILES", "id": "86741", "url": "bella-des-ailes-selle-francais-bay,86741.html"},{ "search": "BELLE DU PAITIS 83346" ,"nom": "BELLE DU PAITIS", "id": "83346", "url": "belle-paitis-selle-francais-chestnut,83346.html"},{ "search": "BELLE STAR DE LA MARE 87016" ,"nom": "BELLE STAR DE LA MARE", "id": "87016", "url": "belle-star-mare-new-forest-chestnut,87016.html"},{ "search": "BELLICIMA DU JARDIN 85263" ,"nom": "BELLICIMA DU JARDIN", "id": "85263", "url": "bellicima-jardin-selle-francais-bay,85263.html"},{ "search": "BELLINE DE MERE 87304" ,"nom": "BELLINE DE MERE", "id": "87304", "url": "belline-mere-selle-francais-chestnut,87304.html"},{ "search": "BELUGA DU RUBIS 86468" ,"nom": "BELUGA DU RUBIS", "id": "86468", "url": "beluga-rubis-connemara-part-bred-grey,86468.html"},{ "search": "BELZEBUTH MAOUCHA 84962" ,"nom": "BELZEBUTH MAOUCHA", "id": "84962", "url": "belzebuth-maoucha-selle-francais-grey,84962.html"},{ "search": "BENHUR 75219" ,"nom": "BENHUR", "id": "75219", "url": "benhur-selle-francais-chestnut,75219.html"},{ "search": "BENJI DE LA ROSE 86454" ,"nom": "BENJI DE LA ROSE", "id": "86454", "url": "benji-rose-selle-francais-bay,86454.html"},{ "search": "BERENICE DU MESNIL 77793" ,"nom": "BERENICE DU MESNIL", "id": "77793", "url": "berenice-mesnil-selle-francais-grey,77793.html"},{ "search": "BERMUDE DE ST MARTIN 83703" ,"nom": "BERMUDE DE ST MARTIN", "id": "83703", "url": "bermude-martin-selle-francais-chestnut,83703.html"},{ "search": "BEST OFF DU GRAVIER 77986" ,"nom": "BEST OFF DU GRAVIER", "id": "77986", "url": "best-off-gravier-selle-francais-chestnut,77986.html"},{ "search": "BETTY BOOP FARMER 87739" ,"nom": "BETTY BOOP FARMER", "id": "87739", "url": "betty-boop-farmer-selle-francais-bay,87739.html"},{ "search": "BIBY FRICOTIN 86761" ,"nom": "BIBY FRICOTIN", "id": "86761", "url": "biby-fricotin-selle-francais-chestnut,86761.html"},{ "search": "BIDULE DES SOURCES 86056" ,"nom": "BIDULE DES SOURCES", "id": "86056", "url": "bidule-des-sources-saddle-horse-chestnut,86056.html"},{ "search": "BIG BANG DE TRACLIN 75262" ,"nom": "BIG BANG DE TRACLIN", "id": "75262", "url": "big-bang-traclin-partbred-arabian-dsa-bay,75262.html"},{ "search": "BIG BEN MONCEAU 87202" ,"nom": "BIG BEN MONCEAU", "id": "87202", "url": "big-ben-monceau-selle-francais-grey,87202.html"},{ "search": "BIGJUMP DES FLAYELLES 85312" ,"nom": "BIGJUMP DES FLAYELLES", "id": "85312", "url": "bigjump-des-flayelles-connemara-buckskin,85312.html"},{ "search": "BIGUINE DU LATTAY 81687" ,"nom": "BIGUINE DU LATTAY", "id": "81687", "url": "biguine-lattay-selle-francais-grey,81687.html"},{ "search": "BIJOU DE FAMILLE 88019" ,"nom": "BIJOU DE FAMILLE", "id": "88019", "url": "bijou-famille-selle-francais-dark-bay,88019.html"},{ "search": "BIJOU DU GEVAUDAN 73402" ,"nom": "BIJOU DU GEVAUDAN", "id": "73402", "url": "bijou-gevaudan-new-forest-grey,73402.html"},{ "search": "BILBAO D'ELPEGERE 84576" ,"nom": "BILBAO D'ELPEGERE", "id": "84576", "url": "bilbao-elpegere-anglo-arabian-liver-chestnut,84576.html"},{ "search": "BILBAO DE MESAGE 86963" ,"nom": "BILBAO DE MESAGE", "id": "86963", "url": "bilbao-mesage-selle-francais-bay,86963.html"},{ "search": "BILBAO DE TRACLIN 75157" ,"nom": "BILBAO DE TRACLIN", "id": "75157", "url": "bilbao-traclin-saddle-horse-grey,75157.html"},{ "search": "BILINE LATUILERIE 85941" ,"nom": "BILINE LATUILERIE", "id": "85941", "url": "biline-latuilerie-selle-francais-bay,85941.html"},{ "search": "BIM BOO DU CHARMEUX 84946" ,"nom": "BIM BOO DU CHARMEUX", "id": "84946", "url": "bim-boo-charmeux-selle-francais-bay,84946.html"},{ "search": "BIMBO DE LINE 84951" ,"nom": "BIMBO DE LINE", "id": "84951", "url": "bimbo-line-selle-francais-bay,84951.html"},{ "search": "BINGO DU GEVAUDAN 78865" ,"nom": "BINGO DU GEVAUDAN", "id": "78865", "url": "bingo-gevaudan-new-forest-bay,78865.html"},{ "search": "BIP BOP 85337" ,"nom": "BIP BOP", "id": "85337", "url": "bip-bop-anglo-arabian-chestnut,85337.html"},{ "search": "BIRDIE LOVE 85899" ,"nom": "BIRDIE LOVE", "id": "85899", "url": "birdie-love-selle-francais-dark-bay,85899.html"},{ "search": "BIRDY MAOUCHA 84963" ,"nom": "BIRDY MAOUCHA", "id": "84963", "url": "birdy-maoucha-selle-francais-chestnut,84963.html"},{ "search": "BIRDY MOUCHE 87291" ,"nom": "BIRDY MOUCHE", "id": "87291", "url": "birdy-mouche-selle-francais-bay,87291.html"},{ "search": "BIRSKA D'ALLUECH 88098" ,"nom": "BIRSKA D'ALLUECH", "id": "88098", "url": "birska-alluech-partbred-arabian-dsa-grey,88098.html"},{ "search": "BIZANE DU RICHEMONT 85079" ,"nom": "BIZANE DU RICHEMONT", "id": "85079", "url": "bizane-richemont-selle-francais-grey,85079.html"},{ "search": "BIZOU DE TRACLIN 75265" ,"nom": "BIZOU DE TRACLIN", "id": "75265", "url": "bizou-traclin-saddle-horse-grey,75265.html"},{ "search": "BLACK DIAMOND DU FEUILLAR 86396" ,"nom": "BLACK DIAMOND DU FEUILLAR", "id": "86396", "url": "black-diamond-feuillar-trakehner-black,86396.html"},{ "search": "BLACK OPS DU PRE 87982" ,"nom": "BLACK OPS DU PRE", "id": "87982", "url": "black-ops-pre-selle-francais-black,87982.html"},{ "search": "BLACK PEARL DES BORDE 84919" ,"nom": "BLACK PEARL DES BORDE", "id": "84919", "url": "black-pearl-des-borde-shetland-pony-black,84919.html"},{ "search": "BLACK SWAN DU BUHOT 69690" ,"nom": "BLACK SWAN DU BUHOT", "id": "69690", "url": "black-swan-buhot-french-sport-pony-grey,69690.html"},{ "search": "BLACKBULL DES SOURCES 86062" ,"nom": "BLACKBULL DES SOURCES", "id": "86062", "url": "blackbull-des-sources-partbred-arabian-dsa-grey,86062.html"},{ "search": "BLANDICE M'AUREA 87787" ,"nom": "BLANDICE M'AUREA", "id": "87787", "url": "blandice-aurea-selle-francais-bay,87787.html"},{ "search": "BLEIK DU LANGEREN 85636" ,"nom": "BLEIK DU LANGEREN", "id": "85636", "url": "bleik-langeren-islandais-palomino,85636.html"},{ "search": "BLOUMIK DES BERTAINES 82388" ,"nom": "BLOUMIK DES BERTAINES", "id": "82388", "url": "bloumik-des-bertaines-welsh-pony-bay,82388.html"},{ "search": "BLUE DREAM DU GARON 88138" ,"nom": "BLUE DREAM DU GARON", "id": "88138", "url": "blue-dream-garon-french-sport-pony-grey,88138.html"},{ "search": "BLUE LILI DU VASSAL 87857" ,"nom": "BLUE LILI DU VASSAL", "id": "87857", "url": "blue-lili-vassal-french-sport-pony-chestnut,87857.html"},{ "search": "BLUE SITTE MESSIPIERE 86478" ,"nom": "BLUE SITTE MESSIPIERE", "id": "86478", "url": "blue-sitte-messipiere-selle-francais-chestnut,86478.html"},{ "search": "BLUES D'AMY 86762" ,"nom": "BLUES D'AMY", "id": "86762", "url": "blues-amy-selle-francais-chestnut,86762.html"},{ "search": "BOCAGE DE LA TAVE 87888" ,"nom": "BOCAGE DE LA TAVE", "id": "87888", "url": "bocage-tave-selle-francais-black,87888.html"},{ "search": "BOETIE DE MOLENE 85477" ,"nom": "BOETIE DE MOLENE", "id": "85477", "url": "boetie-molene-connemara-grey,85477.html"},{ "search": "BOGOSSE DU DRAPD'OR 87628" ,"nom": "BOGOSSE DU DRAPD'OR", "id": "87628", "url": "bogosse-drapd-french-sport-pony-chestnut,87628.html"},{ "search": "BOGOTA DE CABUE 86107" ,"nom": "BOGOTA DE CABUE", "id": "86107", "url": "bogota-cabue-shetland-pony-black,86107.html"},{ "search": "BOHEMIEN D'EMS 84927" ,"nom": "BOHEMIEN D'EMS", "id": "84927", "url": "bohemien-ems-anglo-arabian-chestnut,84927.html"},{ "search": "BOLERO DE LANDEVES 88005" ,"nom": "BOLERO DE LANDEVES", "id": "88005", "url": "bolero-landeves-selle-francais-chestnut,88005.html"},{ "search": "BOLERO DU GEVAUDAN 75648" ,"nom": "BOLERO DU GEVAUDAN", "id": "75648", "url": "bolero-gevaudan-selle-francais-bay,75648.html"},{ "search": "BOLI DE LA HENNERIE 88030" ,"nom": "BOLI DE LA HENNERIE", "id": "88030", "url": "boli-hennerie-selle-francais-bay,88030.html"},{ "search": "BOLZANO A DEL LUNA 82822" ,"nom": "BOLZANO A DEL LUNA", "id": "82822", "url": "bolzano-del-luna-haflinger-pony-flaxen-chestnut,82822.html"},{ "search": "BONNE FEE DE TWIN 76788" ,"nom": "BONNE FEE DE TWIN", "id": "76788", "url": "bonne-fee-twin-french-sport-pony-bay,76788.html"},{ "search": "BONNIE DES ESSUIRES 87826" ,"nom": "BONNIE DES ESSUIRES", "id": "87826", "url": "bonnie-des-essuires-welsh-part-bred-grey,87826.html"},{ "search": "BOOMERANG DES AULNES 88216" ,"nom": "BOOMERANG DES AULNES", "id": "88216", "url": "boomerang-des-aulnes-selle-francais-chestnut,88216.html"},{ "search": "BOONI DE BENNES 87797" ,"nom": "BOONI DE BENNES", "id": "87797", "url": "booni-bennes-shetland-pony-grey,87797.html"},{ "search": "BOOSTER DU GEVAUDAN 75652" ,"nom": "BOOSTER DU GEVAUDAN", "id": "75652", "url": "booster-gevaudan-new-forest-bay,75652.html"},{ "search": "BOREAL DE ST MARTIN 84036" ,"nom": "BOREAL DE ST MARTIN", "id": "84036", "url": "boreal-martin-selle-francais-bay,84036.html"},{ "search": "BOREALE D'AVANCON 84845" ,"nom": "BOREALE D'AVANCON", "id": "84845", "url": "boreale-avancon-french-sport-pony-bay,84845.html"},{ "search": "BORN TO FLY 87286" ,"nom": "BORN TO FLY", "id": "87286", "url": "born-fly-holsteiner-grey,87286.html"},{ "search": "BORNTOBEWILD MAOUCHA 84964" ,"nom": "BORNTOBEWILD MAOUCHA", "id": "84964", "url": "borntobewild-maoucha-selle-francais-chestnut,84964.html"},{ "search": "BOSSANOVA DES MAISONS 86879" ,"nom": "BOSSANOVA DES MAISONS", "id": "86879", "url": "bossanova-des-maisons-selle-francais-bay,86879.html"},{ "search": "BOSTON DE MAZEROLLES 87557" ,"nom": "BOSTON DE MAZEROLLES", "id": "87557", "url": "boston-mazerolles-french-sport-pony-black,87557.html"},{ "search": "BOTTEGA DU PINSON 84412" ,"nom": "BOTTEGA DU PINSON", "id": "84412", "url": "bottega-pinson-french-sport-pony-bay,84412.html"},{ "search": "BOUGE DE LAP 85460" ,"nom": "BOUGE DE LAP", "id": "85460", "url": "bouge-lap-partbred-arabian-dsa-grey,85460.html"},{ "search": "BOUKHA DU BAS PALAIS 67372" ,"nom": "BOUKHA DU BAS PALAIS", "id": "67372", "url": "boukha-bas-palais-anglo-arabian-grey,67372.html"},{ "search": "BOUTADE STE HERMELLE 86795" ,"nom": "BOUTADE STE HERMELLE", "id": "86795", "url": "boutade-ste-hermelle-selle-francais-dark-bay,86795.html"},{ "search": "BOUTON D'OR DE FEY 85211" ,"nom": "BOUTON D'OR DE FEY", "id": "85211", "url": "bouton-fey-french-sport-pony-buckskin,85211.html"},{ "search": "BOW OW DE LA LOGE 86055" ,"nom": "BOW OW DE LA LOGE", "id": "86055", "url": "bow-loge-selle-francais-chestnut,86055.html"},{ "search": "BRAD DE LAMORANDIERE 82973" ,"nom": "BRAD DE LAMORANDIERE", "id": "82973", "url": "brad-lamorandiere-selle-francais-bay,82973.html"},{ "search": "BRAHIM DU CAUSSE 85419" ,"nom": "BRAHIM DU CAUSSE", "id": "85419", "url": "brahim-causse-arab-grey,85419.html"},{ "search": "BRAHMS DU VIGNAUD 86269" ,"nom": "BRAHMS DU VIGNAUD", "id": "86269", "url": "brahms-vignaud-anglo-arabian-bay,86269.html"},{ "search": "BRESIL DE CARNAVAL 74270" ,"nom": "BRESIL DE CARNAVAL", "id": "74270", "url": "bresil-carnaval-selle-francais-chestnut,74270.html"},{ "search": "BREWALEN SEIZH AVEL 86935" ,"nom": "BREWALEN SEIZH AVEL", "id": "86935", "url": "brewalen-seizh-avel-french-sport-pony-bay,86935.html"},{ "search": "BREWEN AN DOUR 84368" ,"nom": "BREWEN AN DOUR", "id": "84368", "url": "brewen-dour-connemara-part-bred-grey,84368.html"},{ "search": "BRINDILLE HANNA 82883" ,"nom": "BRINDILLE HANNA", "id": "82883", "url": "brindille-hanna-haflinger-pony-flaxen-chestnut,82883.html"},{ "search": "BRISBANE DU SALBEY 87757" ,"nom": "BRISBANE DU SALBEY", "id": "87757", "url": "brisbane-salbey-selle-francais-chestnut,87757.html"},{ "search": "BRISEIS DE PISCIGNE 85466" ,"nom": "BRISEIS DE PISCIGNE", "id": "85466", "url": "briseis-piscigne-saddle-horse-grey,85466.html"},{ "search": "BRISKA ROUGIAS 86776" ,"nom": "BRISKA ROUGIAS", "id": "86776", "url": "briska-rougias-partbred-arabian-dsa-chestnut,86776.html"},{ "search": "BRITTANIA CHAMPEIX 86878" ,"nom": "BRITTANIA CHAMPEIX", "id": "86878", "url": "brittania-champeix-selle-francais-bay,86878.html"},{ "search": "BROWNIE DE VALOR 87147" ,"nom": "BROWNIE DE VALOR", "id": "87147", "url": "brownie-valor-selle-francais-black,87147.html"},{ "search": "BRUME DE B'NEVILLE 83365" ,"nom": "BRUME DE B'NEVILLE", "id": "83365", "url": "brume-neville-selle-francais-bay,83365.html"},{ "search": "BRYNOFFA BELLAIRE 82387" ,"nom": "BRYNOFFA BELLAIRE", "id": "82387", "url": "brynoffa-bellaire-welsh-pony-chestnut,82387.html"},{ "search": "BURBERRY DE LUZ 87674" ,"nom": "BURBERRY DE LUZ", "id": "87674", "url": "burberry-luz-selle-francais-bay,87674.html"},{ "search": "BURBERRY DES MUSES 85776" ,"nom": "BURBERRY DES MUSES", "id": "85776", "url": "burberry-des-muses-connemara-grey,85776.html"},{ "search": "BY TWEEN 85091" ,"nom": "BY TWEEN", "id": "85091", "url": "tween-partbred-arabian-dsa-skewbald,85091.html"},{ "search": "BYZANCE DU PEREUIL 85381" ,"nom": "BYZANCE DU PEREUIL", "id": "85381", "url": "byzance-pereuil-partbred-arabian-dsa-chestnut,85381.html"},{ "search": "CACHEMIR DOMERGUIE 83199" ,"nom": "CACHEMIR DOMERGUIE", "id": "83199", "url": "cachemir-domerguie-anglo-arabian-grey,83199.html"},{ "search": "CADOR D'AS DE PIC 86173" ,"nom": "CADOR D'AS DE PIC", "id": "86173", "url": "cador-pic-saddle-horse-buckskin,86173.html"},{ "search": "CAFEINE DE LA NEE 74684" ,"nom": "CAFEINE DE LA NEE", "id": "74684", "url": "cafeine-nee-bruecker-bay,74684.html"},{ "search": "CAHID DE LA CAZOTTE 87643" ,"nom": "CAHID DE LA CAZOTTE", "id": "87643", "url": "cahid-cazotte-new-forest-bay,87643.html"},{ "search": "CAID JOLIEBRISE 85784" ,"nom": "CAID JOLIEBRISE", "id": "85784", "url": "caid-joliebrise-dartmoor-dark-bay,85784.html"},{ "search": "CAINTUS Z 75869" ,"nom": "CAINTUS Z", "id": "75869", "url": "caintus-zangersheide-chestnut,75869.html"},{ "search": "CALAGANE D'AUROIS 85789" ,"nom": "CALAGANE D'AUROIS", "id": "85789", "url": "calagane-aurois-selle-francais-chestnut,85789.html"},{ "search": "CALI DES ETOILES 87649" ,"nom": "CALI DES ETOILES", "id": "87649", "url": "cali-des-etoiles-new-forest-bay,87649.html"},{ "search": "CALICE DES FEES 87922" ,"nom": "CALICE DES FEES", "id": "87922", "url": "calice-des-fees-shagya-arabian-bay,87922.html"},{ "search": "CALIFORNIA ROLL 82551" ,"nom": "CALIFORNIA ROLL", "id": "82551", "url": "california-roll-selle-francais-chestnut,82551.html"},{ "search": "CALIKANE 87159" ,"nom": "CALIKANE", "id": "87159", "url": "calikane-partbred-arabian-dsa-buckskin,87159.html"},{ "search": "CALIN DE L'EPINE 72657" ,"nom": "CALIN DE L'EPINE", "id": "72657", "url": "calin-epine-selle-francais-bay,72657.html"},{ "search": "CALINE 86049" ,"nom": "CALINE", "id": "86049", "url": "caline-origine-non-const-selle-chestnut,86049.html"},{ "search": "CALINE DE SALZERT 87194" ,"nom": "CALINE DE SALZERT", "id": "87194", "url": "caline-salzert-anglo-european-studbook-chestnut,87194.html"},{ "search": "CALINKA WILLIAMS 79243" ,"nom": "CALINKA WILLIAMS", "id": "79243", "url": "calinka-williams-french-sport-pony-bay,79243.html"},{ "search": "CALIPSSO DE L'ILLON 75558" ,"nom": "CALIPSSO DE L'ILLON", "id": "75558", "url": "calipsso-illon-selle-francais-bay,75558.html"},{ "search": "CALIX DE MONTCHALVI 85954" ,"nom": "CALIX DE MONTCHALVI", "id": "85954", "url": "calix-montchalvi-selle-francais-chestnut,85954.html"},{ "search": "CALL ME OAK 84913" ,"nom": "CALL ME OAK", "id": "84913", "url": "call-oak-connemara-part-bred-grey,84913.html"},{ "search": "CALVERO DE VALLET 84556" ,"nom": "CALVERO DE VALLET", "id": "84556", "url": "calvero-vallet-selle-francais-bay,84556.html"},{ "search": "CALVIA D'ELPEGERE 76854" ,"nom": "CALVIA D'ELPEGERE", "id": "76854", "url": "calvia-elpegere-selle-francais-grey,76854.html"},{ "search": "CALYOPE DE LA JASSE Z 85936" ,"nom": "CALYOPE DE LA JASSE Z", "id": "85936", "url": "calyope-jasse-zangersheide-bay,85936.html"},{ "search": "CALYPSO DE BUCHENOIS 87478" ,"nom": "CALYPSO DE BUCHENOIS", "id": "87478", "url": "calypso-buchenois-french-sport-pony-palomino,87478.html"},{ "search": "CALYPSO DES SAULAIES 74441" ,"nom": "CALYPSO DES SAULAIES", "id": "74441", "url": "calypso-des-saulaies-selle-francais-bay,74441.html"},{ "search": "CALYPSO DU CHARMEUX 82618" ,"nom": "CALYPSO DU CHARMEUX", "id": "82618", "url": "calypso-charmeux-selle-francais-chestnut,82618.html"},{ "search": "CAMBELL DE QUINCEY 82212" ,"nom": "CAMBELL DE QUINCEY", "id": "82212", "url": "cambell-quincey-saddle-horse-chestnut,82212.html"},{ "search": "CAMELIA DE SAUVILLE 87798" ,"nom": "CAMELIA DE SAUVILLE", "id": "87798", "url": "camelia-sauville-saddle-horse-bay,87798.html"},{ "search": "CAMELIA DU PANTHOU 86272" ,"nom": "CAMELIA DU PANTHOU", "id": "86272", "url": "camelia-panthou-selle-francais-bay,86272.html"},{ "search": "CAMEO MAOUCHA 84965" ,"nom": "CAMEO MAOUCHA", "id": "84965", "url": "cameo-maoucha-selle-francais-chestnut,84965.html"},{ "search": "CAMERON 85215" ,"nom": "CAMERON", "id": "85215", "url": "cameron-selle-francais-grey,85215.html"},{ "search": "CAMERON DE LA TAVE 78409" ,"nom": "CAMERON DE LA TAVE", "id": "78409", "url": "cameron-tave-shagya-arabian-grey,78409.html"},{ "search": "CANAAN 87603" ,"nom": "CANAAN", "id": "87603", "url": "canaan-selle-francais-bay,87603.html"},{ "search": "CANABEACH DE GUILHEM 87950" ,"nom": "CANABEACH DE GUILHEM", "id": "87950", "url": "canabeach-guilhem-selle-francais-bay,87950.html"},{ "search": "CANASKA DU PARK 86925" ,"nom": "CANASKA DU PARK", "id": "86925", "url": "canaska-park-selle-francais-dark-chestnut,86925.html"},{ "search": "CANBERRA DU CHENE 87293" ,"nom": "CANBERRA DU CHENE", "id": "87293", "url": "canberra-chene-selle-francais-bay,87293.html"},{ "search": "CANDILLO DU BESSIN 75879" ,"nom": "CANDILLO DU BESSIN", "id": "75879", "url": "candillo-bessin-selle-francais-bay,75879.html"},{ "search": "CANOPEE DE WYL 86591" ,"nom": "CANOPEE DE WYL", "id": "86591", "url": "canopee-wyl-selle-francais-bay,86591.html"},{ "search": "CAPPUCCINO GEVAUDAN 81393" ,"nom": "CAPPUCCINO GEVAUDAN", "id": "81393", "url": "cappuccino-gevaudan-new-forest-palomino,81393.html"},{ "search": "CAPRI DU GEVAUDAN 81706" ,"nom": "CAPRI DU GEVAUDAN", "id": "81706", "url": "capri-gevaudan-new-forest-bay,81706.html"},{ "search": "CAPRICE DE TRACLIN 84987" ,"nom": "CAPRICE DE TRACLIN", "id": "84987", "url": "caprice-traclin-shagya-arabian-grey,84987.html"},{ "search": "CAPSUL DE BENNES 85317" ,"nom": "CAPSUL DE BENNES", "id": "85317", "url": "capsul-bennes-shetland-pony-strawberry-roan,85317.html"},{ "search": "CAPSULE DES SOURCES 86061" ,"nom": "CAPSULE DES SOURCES", "id": "86061", "url": "capsule-des-sources-selle-francais-bay,86061.html"},{ "search": "CARBONE DU FEU 84509" ,"nom": "CARBONE DU FEU", "id": "84509", "url": "carbone-feu-selle-francais-bay,84509.html"},{ "search": "CARDIGAN DU BAILLI 86884" ,"nom": "CARDIGAN DU BAILLI", "id": "86884", "url": "cardigan-bailli-selle-francais-bay,86884.html"},{ "search": "CARISME DU CHARMEUX 76309" ,"nom": "CARISME DU CHARMEUX", "id": "76309", "url": "carisme-charmeux-selle-francais-bay,76309.html"},{ "search": "CARLITO DE HOHLMATT 82817" ,"nom": "CARLITO DE HOHLMATT", "id": "82817", "url": "carlito-hohlmatt-shetland-pony-skewbald,82817.html"},{ "search": "CAROLA DE TREILLE 87493" ,"nom": "CAROLA DE TREILLE", "id": "87493", "url": "carola-treille-new-forest-dark-chestnut,87493.html"},{ "search": "CAROLE'S TOP ROSE 85766" ,"nom": "CAROLE'S TOP ROSE", "id": "85766", "url": "carole-top-rose-selle-francais-bay,85766.html"},{ "search": "CAROLIENTJE V KEIZERSHOF 84840" ,"nom": "CAROLIENTJE V KEIZERSHOF", "id": "84840", "url": "carolientje-keizershof-shetland-pony-palomino,84840.html"},{ "search": "CARSONSTOWN MAXIMUS 86453" ,"nom": "CARSONSTOWN MAXIMUS", "id": "86453", "url": "carsonstown-maximus-irish-sport-horse-bay,86453.html"},{ "search": "CARTOON DU MORION 86020" ,"nom": "CARTOON DU MORION", "id": "86020", "url": "cartoon-morion-selle-francais-chestnut,86020.html"},{ "search": "CARWYN DE CHAMBORD 79149" ,"nom": "CARWYN DE CHAMBORD", "id": "79149", "url": "carwyn-chambord-french-sport-pony-chestnut,79149.html"},{ "search": "CASALL DE BETHUNE 84380" ,"nom": "CASALL DE BETHUNE", "id": "84380", "url": "casall-bethune-selle-francais-black,84380.html"},{ "search": "CASALL DU BESSIN 75878" ,"nom": "CASALL DU BESSIN", "id": "75878", "url": "casall-bessin-selle-francais-chestnut,75878.html"},{ "search": "CASANOVA DE HUS Z 82859" ,"nom": "CASANOVA DE HUS Z", "id": "82859", "url": "casanova-hus-zangersheide-bay,82859.html"},{ "search": "CASANOVA DES FORETS 86343" ,"nom": "CASANOVA DES FORETS", "id": "86343", "url": "casanova-des-forets-selle-francais-dark-bay,86343.html"},{ "search": "CASCADE D'EOLE 85359" ,"nom": "CASCADE D'EOLE", "id": "85359", "url": "cascade-eole-selle-francais-dark-chestnut,85359.html"},{ "search": "CASH DE L'ANGEVINE 87097" ,"nom": "CASH DE L'ANGEVINE", "id": "87097", "url": "cash-angevine-selle-francais-grey,87097.html"},{ "search": "CASH DES AUBIERS 87414" ,"nom": "CASH DES AUBIERS", "id": "87414", "url": "cash-des-aubiers-selle-francais-bay,87414.html"},{ "search": "CASH DOLLAR TILIA 79895" ,"nom": "CASH DOLLAR TILIA", "id": "79895", "url": "cash-dollar-tilia-french-sport-pony-bay,79895.html"},{ "search": "CASIOPE DE TRACLIN 85417" ,"nom": "CASIOPE DE TRACLIN", "id": "85417", "url": "casiope-traclin-shagya-arabian-grey,85417.html"},{ "search": "CASPER DE F'REVILLE 87955" ,"nom": "CASPER DE F'REVILLE", "id": "87955", "url": "casper-reville-saddle-horse-bay,87955.html"},{ "search": "CASPIAN DES CELTILLES 85948" ,"nom": "CASPIAN DES CELTILLES", "id": "85948", "url": "caspian-des-celtilles-selle-francais-chestnut,85948.html"},{ "search": "CASSILKA 82767" ,"nom": "CASSILKA", "id": "82767", "url": "cassilka-holsteiner-bay,82767.html"},{ "search": "CASSINIAX 77442" ,"nom": "CASSINIAX", "id": "77442", "url": "cassiniax-selle-francais-bay,77442.html"},{ "search": "CASSIOPEE DE SULEIMAN 87290" ,"nom": "CASSIOPEE DE SULEIMAN", "id": "87290", "url": "cassiopee-suleiman-arab-grey,87290.html"},{ "search": "CASSIOPEE DES CHOMIES 83032" ,"nom": "CASSIOPEE DES CHOMIES", "id": "83032", "url": "cassiopee-des-chomies-selle-francais-grey,83032.html"},{ "search": "CASSONNADE D'ELFE 72415" ,"nom": "CASSONNADE D'ELFE", "id": "72415", "url": "cassonnade-elfe-selle-francais-chestnut,72415.html"},{ "search": "CASTILLE DU CHERAN 85518" ,"nom": "CASTILLE DU CHERAN", "id": "85518", "url": "castille-cheran-connemara-grey,85518.html"},{ "search": "CATCH ME J ET F CHAMPBLAN 87292" ,"nom": "CATCH ME J ET F CHAMPBLAN", "id": "87292", "url": "catch-champblan-holsteiner-dark-bay,87292.html"},{ "search": "CATIMINI COURCELLE 86009" ,"nom": "CATIMINI COURCELLE", "id": "86009", "url": "catimini-courcelle-selle-francais-bay,86009.html"},{ "search": "CATIMINI DRESS CODE 84921" ,"nom": "CATIMINI DRESS CODE", "id": "84921", "url": "catimini-dress-code-shetland-pony-skewbald,84921.html"},{ "search": "CAVALLI DES CLAURY 86174" ,"nom": "CAVALLI DES CLAURY", "id": "86174", "url": "cavalli-des-claury-dartmoor-bay,86174.html"},{ "search": "CAWASALEE DE CABUE 84815" ,"nom": "CAWASALEE DE CABUE", "id": "84815", "url": "cawasalee-cabue-shetland-pony-black,84815.html"},{ "search": "CELDANA 83546" ,"nom": "CELDANA", "id": "83546", "url": "celdana-oldenburger-dark-chestnut,83546.html"},{ "search": "CELESTE D'ARVOR 72852" ,"nom": "CELESTE D'ARVOR", "id": "72852", "url": "celeste-arvor-selle-francais-bay,72852.html"},{ "search": "CENFAUTE OF MARCHE 86772" ,"nom": "CENFAUTE OF MARCHE", "id": "86772", "url": "cenfaute-marche-selle-francais-chestnut,86772.html"},{ "search": "CENTAURI OF MARCHE 86773" ,"nom": "CENTAURI OF MARCHE", "id": "86773", "url": "centauri-marche-selle-francais-chestnut,86773.html"},{ "search": "CERES DU BESSIN 78735" ,"nom": "CERES DU BESSIN", "id": "78735", "url": "ceres-bessin-selle-francais-bay,78735.html"},{ "search": "CEVENNES D'ELPEGERE 84574" ,"nom": "CEVENNES D'ELPEGERE", "id": "84574", "url": "cevennes-elpegere-anglo-arabian-dark-bay,84574.html"},{ "search": "CHABLIS D'ECAMES 87204" ,"nom": "CHABLIS D'ECAMES", "id": "87204", "url": "chablis-ecames-selle-francais-grey,87204.html"},{ "search": "CHAKAPONK D'EMERY 82588" ,"nom": "CHAKAPONK D'EMERY", "id": "82588", "url": "chakaponk-emery-french-sport-pony-buckskin,82588.html"},{ "search": "CHAKIB DE LOZELLE 85492" ,"nom": "CHAKIB DE LOZELLE", "id": "85492", "url": "chakib-lozelle-arab-grey,85492.html"},{ "search": "CHAMADE DE TATIHOU 82720" ,"nom": "CHAMADE DE TATIHOU", "id": "82720", "url": "chamade-tatihou-selle-francais-dark-bay,82720.html"},{ "search": "CHAMAN DE FRENAY 87386" ,"nom": "CHAMAN DE FRENAY", "id": "87386", "url": "chaman-frenay-selle-francais-chestnut,87386.html"},{ "search": "CHAMAN LEVA NEVE 67406" ,"nom": "CHAMAN LEVA NEVE", "id": "67406", "url": "chaman-leva-neve-shagya-arabian-bay,67406.html"},{ "search": "CHAMANE DU LOUET 80043" ,"nom": "CHAMANE DU LOUET", "id": "80043", "url": "chamane-louet-selle-francais-chestnut,80043.html"},{ "search": "CHAMONIX Z 86345" ,"nom": "CHAMONIX Z", "id": "86345", "url": "chamonix-zangersheide-bay,86345.html"},{ "search": "CHAMPION D'OBER 85673" ,"nom": "CHAMPION D'OBER", "id": "85673", "url": "champion-ober-fjord-buckskin,85673.html"},{ "search": "CHAMPION DE JASS 87993" ,"nom": "CHAMPION DE JASS", "id": "87993", "url": "champion-jass-arab-grey,87993.html"},{ "search": "CHANCE DE LA NEE 74666" ,"nom": "CHANCE DE LA NEE", "id": "74666", "url": "chance-nee-bruecker-bay,74666.html"},{ "search": "CHANEL 86048" ,"nom": "CHANEL", "id": "86048", "url": "chanel-origine-non-const-selle-chestnut,86048.html"},{ "search": "CHANEL DE FLAMENAC 86095" ,"nom": "CHANEL DE FLAMENAC", "id": "86095", "url": "chanel-flamenac-saddle-horse-bay,86095.html"},{ "search": "CHAPAI DE BOHEME 87218" ,"nom": "CHAPAI DE BOHEME", "id": "87218", "url": "chapai-boheme-french-sport-pony-bay,87218.html"},{ "search": "CHAPOPOINTU LESCOULEY 85489" ,"nom": "CHAPOPOINTU LESCOULEY", "id": "85489", "url": "chapopointu-lescouley-connemara-grey,85489.html"},{ "search": "CHARISMA D'ALBRAN 77911" ,"nom": "CHARISMA D'ALBRAN", "id": "77911", "url": "charisma-albran-french-sport-pony-grey,77911.html"},{ "search": "CHELSEA DE SAINT FRAY 86891" ,"nom": "CHELSEA DE SAINT FRAY", "id": "86891", "url": "chelsea-saint-fray-selle-francais-chestnut,86891.html"},{ "search": "CHEROKEE MELODY 87581" ,"nom": "CHEROKEE MELODY", "id": "87581", "url": "cherokee-melody-connemara-chestnut,87581.html"},{ "search": "CHEWBAKKA DES FEES 85075" ,"nom": "CHEWBAKKA DES FEES", "id": "85075", "url": "chewbakka-des-fees-french-sport-pony-bay,85075.html"},{ "search": "CHEYENNE DES CIMES 87944" ,"nom": "CHEYENNE DES CIMES", "id": "87944", "url": "cheyenne-des-cimes-selle-francais-grey,87944.html"},{ "search": "CHEYENNE KATI 82819" ,"nom": "CHEYENNE KATI", "id": "82819", "url": "cheyenne-kati-haflinger-pony-flaxen-chestnut,82819.html"},{ "search": "CHINETCHINE DU MARAIS 85347" ,"nom": "CHINETCHINE DU MARAIS", "id": "85347", "url": "chinetchine-marais-welsh-pony-bay,85347.html"},{ "search": "CHIPPER DES EQUINOXES 83134" ,"nom": "CHIPPER DES EQUINOXES", "id": "83134", "url": "chipper-des-equinoxes-selle-francais-bay,83134.html"},{ "search": "CHYVA DU LOUET 75357" ,"nom": "CHYVA DU LOUET", "id": "75357", "url": "chyva-louet-selle-francais-bay,75357.html"},{ "search": "CIARA DE TILU 84090" ,"nom": "CIARA DE TILU", "id": "84090", "url": "ciara-tilu-selle-francais-dark-bay,84090.html"},{ "search": "CINDY D'AS DE PIC 86175" ,"nom": "CINDY D'AS DE PIC", "id": "86175", "url": "cindy-pic-french-sport-pony-bay,86175.html"},{ "search": "CIRCEE DE FARJONNIERE 86111" ,"nom": "CIRCEE DE FARJONNIERE", "id": "86111", "url": "circee-farjonniere-selle-francais-bay,86111.html"},{ "search": "CIRCEE DE SURY 87895" ,"nom": "CIRCEE DE SURY", "id": "87895", "url": "circee-sury-selle-francais-bay,87895.html"},{ "search": "CIRCEE DOMERGUIE 83197" ,"nom": "CIRCEE DOMERGUIE", "id": "83197", "url": "circee-domerguie-anglo-arabian-bay,83197.html"},{ "search": "CKAPTEINN DU LANGEREN 85637" ,"nom": "CKAPTEINN DU LANGEREN", "id": "85637", "url": "ckapteinn-langeren-islandais-bay,85637.html"},{ "search": "CLARINE VALLEDEI 85959" ,"nom": "CLARINE VALLEDEI", "id": "85959", "url": "clarine-valledei-selle-francais-chestnut,85959.html"},{ "search": "CLASSIQUE DU LATTAY 81689" ,"nom": "CLASSIQUE DU LATTAY", "id": "81689", "url": "classique-lattay-selle-francais-grey,81689.html"},{ "search": "CLAYMORE D'ISAVY 87867" ,"nom": "CLAYMORE D'ISAVY", "id": "87867", "url": "claymore-isavy-french-sport-pony-bay,87867.html"},{ "search": "COBALT 75998" ,"nom": "COBALT", "id": "75998", "url": "cobalt-holsteiner-black,75998.html"},{ "search": "COCCINELLA BATILLY 86043" ,"nom": "COCCINELLA BATILLY", "id": "86043", "url": "coccinella-batilly-selle-francais-chestnut,86043.html"},{ "search": "CODY DES FONTENOTTES 84674" ,"nom": "CODY DES FONTENOTTES", "id": "84674", "url": "cody-des-fontenottes-selle-francais-bay,84674.html"},{ "search": "COEUR DE LION D'ARLAC 80157" ,"nom": "COEUR DE LION D'ARLAC", "id": "80157", "url": "coeur-lion-arlac-welsh-cob-bay,80157.html"},{ "search": "COKROBIN DE QUINCEY 82213" ,"nom": "COKROBIN DE QUINCEY", "id": "82213", "url": "cokrobin-quincey-saddle-horse-chestnut,82213.html"},{ "search": "COME BACK DES BEE 86644" ,"nom": "COME BACK DES BEE", "id": "86644", "url": "come-back-des-bee-selle-francais-chestnut,86644.html"},{ "search": "CONDOR DE SULEIMAN 86271" ,"nom": "CONDOR DE SULEIMAN", "id": "86271", "url": "condor-suleiman-arab-bay,86271.html"},{ "search": "CONSEIL D'ETAT A TWIN 85301" ,"nom": "CONSEIL D'ETAT A TWIN", "id": "85301", "url": "conseil-etat-twin-french-sport-pony-bay,85301.html"},{ "search": "COOKIE DES FORETS 87875" ,"nom": "COOKIE DES FORETS", "id": "87875", "url": "cookie-des-forets-selle-francais-chestnut,87875.html"},{ "search": "COQUETTE DE RUFFOSSE 86877" ,"nom": "COQUETTE DE RUFFOSSE", "id": "86877", "url": "coquette-ruffosse-selle-francais-dark-bay,86877.html"},{ "search": "CORADO DE LA NEE 84864" ,"nom": "CORADO DE LA NEE", "id": "84864", "url": "corado-nee-bruecker-bay,84864.html"},{ "search": "CORELIEN 86014" ,"nom": "CORELIEN", "id": "86014", "url": "corelien-selle-francais-bay,86014.html"},{ "search": "CORRIDA GRAND BUCLAT 86018" ,"nom": "CORRIDA GRAND BUCLAT", "id": "86018", "url": "corrida-grand-buclat-french-sport-pony-grey,86018.html"},{ "search": "CORYPHEE DES IFS 81273" ,"nom": "CORYPHEE DES IFS", "id": "81273", "url": "coryphee-des-ifs-selle-francais-bay,81273.html"},{ "search": "COSAK D'OBER 85675" ,"nom": "COSAK D'OBER", "id": "85675", "url": "cosak-ober-fjord-buckskin,85675.html"},{ "search": "COSMIC DU MAZES 87221" ,"nom": "COSMIC DU MAZES", "id": "87221", "url": "cosmic-mazes-selle-francais-bay,87221.html"},{ "search": "COTTON CLUB D'ARION 74660" ,"nom": "COTTON CLUB D'ARION", "id": "74660", "url": "cotton-club-arion-french-sport-pony-cremello,74660.html"},{ "search": "COUPD'COEUR D'ALBIZIA 82483" ,"nom": "COUPD'COEUR D'ALBIZIA", "id": "82483", "url": "coupd-coeur-albizia-selle-francais-bay,82483.html"},{ "search": "COX RIVER MORA 82430" ,"nom": "COX RIVER MORA", "id": "82430", "url": "cox-river-mora-connemara-grey,82430.html"},{ "search": "COYOTTE DE LA NEE 84865" ,"nom": "COYOTTE DE LA NEE", "id": "84865", "url": "coyotte-nee-bruecker-bay,84865.html"},{ "search": "CRACK DU DEFI 79272" ,"nom": "CRACK DU DEFI", "id": "79272", "url": "crack-defi-anglo-arabian-bay,79272.html"},{ "search": "CRACK DU ROND PRE 82474" ,"nom": "CRACK DU ROND PRE", "id": "82474", "url": "crack-rond-pre-french-sport-pony-bay,82474.html"},{ "search": "CRACKOUCASSE HELENJA 86600" ,"nom": "CRACKOUCASSE HELENJA", "id": "86600", "url": "crackoucasse-helenja-selle-francais-bay,86600.html"},{ "search": "CRAZY NICE DE PREMOL 84461" ,"nom": "CRAZY NICE DE PREMOL", "id": "84461", "url": "crazy-nice-premol-selle-francais-chestnut,84461.html"},{ "search": "CRAZY PENNY 85014" ,"nom": "CRAZY PENNY", "id": "85014", "url": "crazy-penny-haflinger-pony-flaxen-chestnut,85014.html"},{ "search": "CRAZYLOV EN VERBONNE 86805" ,"nom": "CRAZYLOV EN VERBONNE", "id": "86805", "url": "crazylov-verbonne-french-sport-pony-bay,86805.html"},{ "search": "CRESCENDO DU NOUVION 80770" ,"nom": "CRESCENDO DU NOUVION", "id": "80770", "url": "crescendo-nouvion-arab-dark-bay,80770.html"},{ "search": "CRONOS DES CHAPPEY 80037" ,"nom": "CRONOS DES CHAPPEY", "id": "80037", "url": "cronos-des-chappey-selle-francais-chestnut,80037.html"},{ "search": "CRUMBLE D'AUVINE 85689" ,"nom": "CRUMBLE D'AUVINE", "id": "85689", "url": "crumble-auvine-fjord-buckskin,85689.html"},{ "search": "CRUNCH DU SOTTIER 87816" ,"nom": "CRUNCH DU SOTTIER", "id": "87816", "url": "crunch-sottier-welsh-mountain-pony-palomino,87816.html"},{ "search": "CUMBAYA DE SIE 84969" ,"nom": "CUMBAYA DE SIE", "id": "84969", "url": "cumbaya-sie-merens-black,84969.html"},{ "search": "CUTEGIRL 82550" ,"nom": "CUTEGIRL", "id": "82550", "url": "cutegirl-selle-francais-bay,82550.html"},{ "search": "CUYOUKI DES ABATUX 87452" ,"nom": "CUYOUKI DES ABATUX", "id": "87452", "url": "cuyouki-des-abatux-anglo-arabian-dark-bay,87452.html"},{ "search": "CYBELE DES BALEINES 87044" ,"nom": "CYBELE DES BALEINES", "id": "87044", "url": "cybele-des-baleines-selle-francais-bay,87044.html"},{ "search": "CYBELLE DE TILU 86606" ,"nom": "CYBELLE DE TILU", "id": "86606", "url": "cybelle-tilu-selle-francais-bay,86606.html"},{ "search": "CYBELLE DE TRACLIN 85427" ,"nom": "CYBELLE DE TRACLIN", "id": "85427", "url": "cybelle-traclin-partbred-arabian-dsa-grey,85427.html"},{ "search": "CYBELLE WILLIAMS 78714" ,"nom": "CYBELLE WILLIAMS", "id": "78714", "url": "cybelle-williams-french-sport-pony-dark-bay,78714.html"},{ "search": "CYGALOU DE TRACLIN 85422" ,"nom": "CYGALOU DE TRACLIN", "id": "85422", "url": "cygalou-traclin-partbred-arabian-dsa-bay,85422.html"},{ "search": "CYLVANA ERIKA 82896" ,"nom": "CYLVANA ERIKA", "id": "82896", "url": "cylvana-erika-haflinger-pony-flaxen-chestnut,82896.html"},{ "search": "CYR WHYNEHN DUSABLAS 88127" ,"nom": "CYR WHYNEHN DUSABLAS", "id": "88127", "url": "cyr-whynehn-dusablas-selle-francais-bay,88127.html"},{ "search": "D'MONE DES ESSUIRES 85716" ,"nom": "D'MONE DES ESSUIRES", "id": "85716", "url": "mone-des-essuires-welsh-part-bred-bay,85716.html"},{ "search": "DA VINCI 83244" ,"nom": "DA VINCI", "id": "83244", "url": "vinci-rheinisches-warmblut-bay,83244.html"},{ "search": "DACHACHUK LAS BENEX 85945" ,"nom": "DACHACHUK LAS BENEX", "id": "85945", "url": "dachachuk-las-benex-saddle-horse-skewbald,85945.html"},{ "search": "DAELOR FONDCOMBE 85950" ,"nom": "DAELOR FONDCOMBE", "id": "85950", "url": "daelor-fondcombe-selle-francais-bay,85950.html"},{ "search": "DAINTY LADY 84658" ,"nom": "DAINTY LADY", "id": "84658", "url": "dainty-lady-selle-francais-bay,84658.html"},{ "search": "DAKOTA 86209" ,"nom": "DAKOTA", "id": "86209", "url": "dakota-origine-non-const-poney-chestnut,86209.html"},{ "search": "DALAKHANI DES FEES 86065" ,"nom": "DALAKHANI DES FEES", "id": "86065", "url": "dalakhani-des-fees-selle-francais-bay,86065.html"},{ "search": "DALCO DES LOGES 83848" ,"nom": "DALCO DES LOGES", "id": "83848", "url": "dalco-des-loges-selle-francais-dark-bay,83848.html"},{ "search": "DALOUBET DES FEES 85890" ,"nom": "DALOUBET DES FEES", "id": "85890", "url": "daloubet-des-fees-selle-francais-chestnut,85890.html"},{ "search": "DAMOISELLE DU LIE 80201" ,"nom": "DAMOISELLE DU LIE", "id": "80201", "url": "damoiselle-lie-selle-francais-bay,80201.html"},{ "search": "DANDY DES LAQUAIS 72865" ,"nom": "DANDY DES LAQUAIS", "id": "72865", "url": "dandy-des-laquais-selle-francais-bay,72865.html"},{ "search": "DARINKA DE CASTILLE 85809" ,"nom": "DARINKA DE CASTILLE", "id": "85809", "url": "darinka-castille-selle-francais-bay,85809.html"},{ "search": "DARK DIVIN'IAG AA 81570" ,"nom": "DARK DIVIN'IAG AA", "id": "81570", "url": "dark-divin-iag-anglo-arabian-bay,81570.html"},{ "search": "DARLING HANNA 85010" ,"nom": "DARLING HANNA", "id": "85010", "url": "darling-hanna-haflinger-pony-flaxen-chestnut,85010.html"},{ "search": "DARWEEN DU LIN 88183" ,"nom": "DARWEEN DU LIN", "id": "88183", "url": "darween-lin-french-sport-pony-chestnut,88183.html"},{ "search": "DAUGHTERFLY LA MEIJE 85618" ,"nom": "DAUGHTERFLY LA MEIJE", "id": "85618", "url": "daughterfly-meije-selle-francais-bay,85618.html"},{ "search": "DAUPHIN DU GRAVIER 87921" ,"nom": "DAUPHIN DU GRAVIER", "id": "87921", "url": "dauphin-gravier-selle-francais-bay,87921.html"},{ "search": "DAURIE DE CHASNAY 86368" ,"nom": "DAURIE DE CHASNAY", "id": "86368", "url": "daurie-chasnay-selle-francais-bay,86368.html"},{ "search": "DAYTONA KATI 82902" ,"nom": "DAYTONA KATI", "id": "82902", "url": "daytona-kati-haflinger-pony-flaxen-chestnut,82902.html"},{ "search": "DEAUVILLE DES MUSES 85777" ,"nom": "DEAUVILLE DES MUSES", "id": "85777", "url": "deauville-des-muses-connemara-grey,85777.html"},{ "search": "DEEP BLUE DES ZIMB 82470" ,"nom": "DEEP BLUE DES ZIMB", "id": "82470", "url": "deep-blue-des-zimb-french-sport-pony-cremello,82470.html"},{ "search": "DEJEUNERSURL'HERBE AA 84692" ,"nom": "DEJEUNERSURL'HERBE AA", "id": "84692", "url": "dejeunersurl-herbe-anglo-arabian-grey,84692.html"},{ "search": "DELICIEUSE DOLL ROSE 84242" ,"nom": "DELICIEUSE DOLL ROSE", "id": "84242", "url": "delicieuse-doll-rose-selle-francais-bay,84242.html"},{ "search": "DELLAH DE FONDCOMBE 85947" ,"nom": "DELLAH DE FONDCOMBE", "id": "85947", "url": "dellah-fondcombe-selle-francais-dark-bay,85947.html"},{ "search": "DELLY DE CHAUMENCON 85721" ,"nom": "DELLY DE CHAUMENCON", "id": "85721", "url": "delly-chaumencon-new-forest-bay,85721.html"},{ "search": "DELPH DE DENAT 86485" ,"nom": "DELPH DE DENAT", "id": "86485", "url": "delph-denat-selle-francais-dark-bay,86485.html"},{ "search": "DELTA DES CHOMIES 81775" ,"nom": "DELTA DES CHOMIES", "id": "81775", "url": "delta-des-chomies-selle-francais-bay,81775.html"},{ "search": "DELTA DU CORAN AA 87080" ,"nom": "DELTA DU CORAN AA", "id": "87080", "url": "delta-coran-anglo-arabian-bay,87080.html"},{ "search": "DENERYS DU MONTCEAU 86039" ,"nom": "DENERYS DU MONTCEAU", "id": "86039", "url": "denerys-montceau-selle-francais-bay,86039.html"},{ "search": "DERBIE DU HAUT NOYAL 88173" ,"nom": "DERBIE DU HAUT NOYAL", "id": "88173", "url": "derbie-haut-noyal-selle-francais-bay,88173.html"},{ "search": "DESIR D'ALLOBROGIE 85958" ,"nom": "DESIR D'ALLOBROGIE", "id": "85958", "url": "desir-allobrogie-rheinisches-warmblut-grey,85958.html"},{ "search": "DESSE DE PUYCHETY 86275" ,"nom": "DESSE DE PUYCHETY", "id": "86275", "url": "desse-puychety-parbred-anglo-arabian-bay,86275.html"},{ "search": "DESTINY QUEEN 86202" ,"nom": "DESTINY QUEEN", "id": "86202", "url": "destiny-queen-selle-francais-grey,86202.html"},{ "search": "DEVON VAN ORCHID'S 75801" ,"nom": "DEVON VAN ORCHID'S", "id": "75801", "url": "devon-van-orchid-dutch-riding-horse-pony-grey,75801.html"},{ "search": "DIABOLINE 87161" ,"nom": "DIABOLINE", "id": "87161", "url": "diaboline-selle-francais-dark-bay,87161.html"},{ "search": "DIABOLIQUE FANTOME 86486" ,"nom": "DIABOLIQUE FANTOME", "id": "86486", "url": "diabolique-fantome-selle-francais-bay,86486.html"},{ "search": "DIAGONALE D'EMERY 82601" ,"nom": "DIAGONALE D'EMERY", "id": "82601", "url": "diagonale-emery-french-sport-pony-grey,82601.html"},{ "search": "DIAMANT DE CHASSIGNOL 86357" ,"nom": "DIAMANT DE CHASSIGNOL", "id": "86357", "url": "diamant-chassignol-selle-francais-dark-bay,86357.html"},{ "search": "DIAMARA DE L'OCEAN 87679" ,"nom": "DIAMARA DE L'OCEAN", "id": "87679", "url": "diamara-ocean-selle-francais-bay,87679.html"},{ "search": "DIANA DU MORION 86179" ,"nom": "DIANA DU MORION", "id": "86179", "url": "diana-morion-selle-francais-bay,86179.html"},{ "search": "DIAWAN DE FRESSANGES 85543" ,"nom": "DIAWAN DE FRESSANGES", "id": "85543", "url": "diawan-fressanges-partbred-arabian-dsa-bay,85543.html"},{ "search": "DIDASCALIE DU CHAPPEY 82865" ,"nom": "DIDASCALIE DU CHAPPEY", "id": "82865", "url": "didascalie-chappey-selle-francais-grey,82865.html"},{ "search": "DIEGO DES EQUINOXES 81736" ,"nom": "DIEGO DES EQUINOXES", "id": "81736", "url": "diego-des-equinoxes-selle-francais-bay,81736.html"},{ "search": "DIEGO DU BESSIN 87507" ,"nom": "DIEGO DU BESSIN", "id": "87507", "url": "diego-bessin-saddle-horse-chestnut,87507.html"},{ "search": "DIEGO DU CORBIE 88033" ,"nom": "DIEGO DU CORBIE", "id": "88033", "url": "diego-corbie-selle-francais-chestnut,88033.html"},{ "search": "DIEZ CAMARA 85331" ,"nom": "DIEZ CAMARA", "id": "85331", "url": "diez-camara-french-sport-pony-bay,85331.html"},{ "search": "DIM DAM D'OLL 86258" ,"nom": "DIM DAM D'OLL", "id": "86258", "url": "dim-dam-oll-selle-francais-bay,86258.html"},{ "search": "DIMEZELL KERNAT 87724" ,"nom": "DIMEZELL KERNAT", "id": "87724", "url": "dimezell-kernat-selle-francais-dark-chestnut,87724.html"},{ "search": "DISCRETE CAMARA 85332" ,"nom": "DISCRETE CAMARA", "id": "85332", "url": "discrete-camara-french-sport-pony-black,85332.html"},{ "search": "DITES MOI TOUT AA 84806" ,"nom": "DITES MOI TOUT AA", "id": "84806", "url": "dites-moi-tout-anglo-arabian-chestnut,84806.html"},{ "search": "DIVA DE SAVIGNY AA 86210" ,"nom": "DIVA DE SAVIGNY AA", "id": "86210", "url": "diva-savigny-anglo-arabian-grey,86210.html"},{ "search": "DIVA HDV DU MESNIL 86487" ,"nom": "DIVA HDV DU MESNIL", "id": "86487", "url": "diva-hdv-mesnil-selle-francais-bay,86487.html"},{ "search": "DIXENCE D'AUROIS 85933" ,"nom": "DIXENCE D'AUROIS", "id": "85933", "url": "dixence-aurois-selle-francais-chestnut,85933.html"},{ "search": "DIXIT DES MUSES 85654" ,"nom": "DIXIT DES MUSES", "id": "85654", "url": "dixit-des-muses-connemara-grey,85654.html"},{ "search": "DJAMESON DU BAILLI 85336" ,"nom": "DJAMESON DU BAILLI", "id": "85336", "url": "djameson-bailli-selle-francais-chestnut,85336.html"},{ "search": "DJANGO DU MONTCEAU 87220" ,"nom": "DJANGO DU MONTCEAU", "id": "87220", "url": "django-montceau-selle-francais-chestnut,87220.html"},{ "search": "DO IT FARMER 87827" ,"nom": "DO IT FARMER", "id": "87827", "url": "farmer-selle-francais-bay,87827.html"},{ "search": "DOLCE DES CHOMIES 81776" ,"nom": "DOLCE DES CHOMIES", "id": "81776", "url": "dolce-des-chomies-selle-francais-chestnut,81776.html"},{ "search": "DOLCE VITA DES MUSES 85653" ,"nom": "DOLCE VITA DES MUSES", "id": "85653", "url": "dolce-vita-des-muses-connemara-part-bred-bay,85653.html"},{ "search": "DOLLAR DE BLANY 86377" ,"nom": "DOLLAR DE BLANY", "id": "86377", "url": "dollar-blany-selle-francais-chestnut,86377.html"},{ "search": "DOM PERIGNON ALIZAY 86240" ,"nom": "DOM PERIGNON ALIZAY", "id": "86240", "url": "dom-perignon-alizay-saddle-horse-bay,86240.html"},{ "search": "DOMINO D'OKAY 82418" ,"nom": "DOMINO D'OKAY", "id": "82418", "url": "domino-okay-shetland-pony-piebald,82418.html"},{ "search": "DOMINO MINOTIERE 87868" ,"nom": "DOMINO MINOTIERE", "id": "87868", "url": "domino-minotiere-selle-francais-bay,87868.html"},{ "search": "DOMPERIGNON DES MUSES 85652" ,"nom": "DOMPERIGNON DES MUSES", "id": "85652", "url": "domperignon-des-muses-connemara-bay,85652.html"},{ "search": "DON JUAN DU ROND PRE 82477" ,"nom": "DON JUAN DU ROND PRE", "id": "82477", "url": "don-juan-rond-pre-french-sport-pony-grey,82477.html"},{ "search": "DON'T FORGET IAG AA 81581" ,"nom": "DON'T FORGET IAG AA", "id": "81581", "url": "don-forget-iag-anglo-arabian-bay,81581.html"},{ "search": "DOONA SCHUERACHER 82533" ,"nom": "DOONA SCHUERACHER", "id": "82533", "url": "doona-schueracher-connemara-grey,82533.html"},{ "search": "DOUGLAS DE SUZAN AA 87158" ,"nom": "DOUGLAS DE SUZAN AA", "id": "87158", "url": "douglas-suzan-anglo-arabian-chestnut,87158.html"},{ "search": "DRAGANN DES LOGES 85774" ,"nom": "DRAGANN DES LOGES", "id": "85774", "url": "dragann-des-loges-selle-francais-dark-bay,85774.html"},{ "search": "DRAGIBUS D'OLYMPE AA 85018" ,"nom": "DRAGIBUS D'OLYMPE AA", "id": "85018", "url": "dragibus-olympe-anglo-arabian-bay,85018.html"},{ "search": "DRAKKAR DU GRAVIER 87919" ,"nom": "DRAKKAR DU GRAVIER", "id": "87919", "url": "drakkar-gravier-selle-francais-bay,87919.html"},{ "search": "DREAM DE LA CAZOTTE 82556" ,"nom": "DREAM DE LA CAZOTTE", "id": "82556", "url": "dream-cazotte-new-forest-bay,82556.html"},{ "search": "DROP DE LAP 85052" ,"nom": "DROP DE LAP", "id": "85052", "url": "drop-lap-partbred-arabian-dsa-chestnut,85052.html"},{ "search": "DROUPI M'AUREA 87789" ,"nom": "DROUPI M'AUREA", "id": "87789", "url": "droupi-aurea-selle-francais-dark-chestnut,87789.html"},{ "search": "DRUIDE D'HEOLAN 87923" ,"nom": "DRUIDE D'HEOLAN", "id": "87923", "url": "druide-heolan-welsh-cob-bay,87923.html"},{ "search": "DTHOR DE LA HENNERIE 88034" ,"nom": "DTHOR DE LA HENNERIE", "id": "88034", "url": "dthor-hennerie-selle-francais-chestnut,88034.html"},{ "search": "DU GRANIT LADY VADER 85722" ,"nom": "DU GRANIT LADY VADER", "id": "85722", "url": "granit-lady-vader-welsh-mountain-pony-grey,85722.html"},{ "search": "DUO D'UNE 86939" ,"nom": "DUO D'UNE", "id": "86939", "url": "duo-une-french-sport-pony-grey,86939.html"},{ "search": "DUSTY 83558" ,"nom": "DUSTY", "id": "83558", "url": "dusty-new-forest-bay,83558.html"},{ "search": "DYARMADO DU LIEMONT 73291" ,"nom": "DYARMADO DU LIEMONT", "id": "73291", "url": "dyarmado-liemont-french-sport-pony-bay,73291.html"},{ "search": "DYNASTIE DES JACQ 82616" ,"nom": "DYNASTIE DES JACQ", "id": "82616", "url": "dynastie-des-jacq-selle-francais-bay,82616.html"},{ "search": "EARLY DU RALMAR 73623" ,"nom": "EARLY DU RALMAR", "id": "73623", "url": "early-ralmar-french-sport-pony-grey,73623.html"},{ "search": "EASY JUMP DU VAL 87964" ,"nom": "EASY JUMP DU VAL", "id": "87964", "url": "easy-jump-val-selle-francais-chestnut,87964.html"},{ "search": "EBOHA D'HIPPOCAMPE 74896" ,"nom": "EBOHA D'HIPPOCAMPE", "id": "74896", "url": "eboha-hippocampe-saddle-horse-dark-chestnut,74896.html"},{ "search": "ECTARUS DES BERTAINES 85700" ,"nom": "ECTARUS DES BERTAINES", "id": "85700", "url": "ectarus-des-bertaines-welsh-cob-bay,85700.html"},{ "search": "EDEN DES MUZES 86972" ,"nom": "EDEN DES MUZES", "id": "86972", "url": "eden-des-muzes-selle-francais-bay,86972.html"},{ "search": "EDEN PARK D'ARGAN 73238" ,"nom": "EDEN PARK D'ARGAN", "id": "73238", "url": "eden-park-argan-connemara-grey,73238.html"},{ "search": "EDOUARD LE BRETON 87601" ,"nom": "EDOUARD LE BRETON", "id": "87601", "url": "edouard-breton-selle-francais-bay,87601.html"},{ "search": "EGHOMOR DES BERTAINES 85699" ,"nom": "EGHOMOR DES BERTAINES", "id": "85699", "url": "eghomor-des-bertaines-welsh-cob-black,85699.html"},{ "search": "EKATARINA DE RIMA 87449" ,"nom": "EKATARINA DE RIMA", "id": "87449", "url": "ekatarina-rima-selle-francais-bay,87449.html"},{ "search": "ELECTRO COSMIC 87223" ,"nom": "ELECTRO COSMIC", "id": "87223", "url": "electro-cosmic-selle-francais-bay,87223.html"},{ "search": "ELEGANTE ROSE 86466" ,"nom": "ELEGANTE ROSE", "id": "86466", "url": "elegante-rose-selle-francais-grey,86466.html"},{ "search": "ELFA DE LA LANDE 87015" ,"nom": "ELFA DE LA LANDE", "id": "87015", "url": "elfa-lande-french-sport-pony-bay,87015.html"},{ "search": "ELIOR DU RUISSEAU 73882" ,"nom": "ELIOR DU RUISSEAU", "id": "73882", "url": "elior-ruisseau-french-sport-pony-chestnut,73882.html"},{ "search": "ELIXIR VENTURI 84213" ,"nom": "ELIXIR VENTURI", "id": "84213", "url": "elixir-venturi-selle-francais-dark-bay,84213.html"},{ "search": "ELIXIRE D'ALTAR 86992" ,"nom": "ELIXIRE D'ALTAR", "id": "86992", "url": "elixire-altar-parbred-anglo-arabian-bay,86992.html"},{ "search": "ELNATH DU CORAN AA 84097" ,"nom": "ELNATH DU CORAN AA", "id": "84097", "url": "elnath-coran-anglo-arabian-chestnut,84097.html"},{ "search": "EMAIL DE CAZALS 73322" ,"nom": "EMAIL DE CAZALS", "id": "73322", "url": "email-cazals-french-sport-pony-dark-chestnut,73322.html"},{ "search": "EMBROUILLE RISLOISE 73929" ,"nom": "EMBROUILLE RISLOISE", "id": "73929", "url": "embrouille-risloise-french-sport-pony-chestnut,73929.html"},{ "search": "EMETHYSTE D'ALTAR 86986" ,"nom": "EMETHYSTE D'ALTAR", "id": "86986", "url": "emethyste-altar-selle-francais-bay,86986.html"},{ "search": "EMILE DU FONPEYROL 85074" ,"nom": "EMILE DU FONPEYROL", "id": "85074", "url": "emile-fonpeyrol-arab-bay,85074.html"},{ "search": "ENAM AL JANNA 87380" ,"nom": "ENAM AL JANNA", "id": "87380", "url": "enam-janna-arab-bay,87380.html"},{ "search": "ENDLESS JOY DE CASTEL 73395" ,"nom": "ENDLESS JOY DE CASTEL", "id": "73395", "url": "endless-joy-castel-french-sport-pony-buckskin,73395.html"},{ "search": "ENJOY DU MANSIO 87731" ,"nom": "ENJOY DU MANSIO", "id": "87731", "url": "enjoy-mansio-french-sport-pony-grey,87731.html"},{ "search": "EOPS DES LOGES 83849" ,"nom": "EOPS DES LOGES", "id": "83849", "url": "eops-des-loges-selle-francais-bay,83849.html"},{ "search": "EQUINOXE DE FLORA LYS 82024" ,"nom": "EQUINOXE DE FLORA LYS", "id": "82024", "url": "equinoxe-flora-lys-selle-francais-black,82024.html"},{ "search": "EROS DE TRACLIN 85103" ,"nom": "EROS DE TRACLIN", "id": "85103", "url": "eros-traclin-shagya-arabian-grey,85103.html"},{ "search": "EROSIA DU DIZOU 82604" ,"nom": "EROSIA DU DIZOU", "id": "82604", "url": "erosia-dizou-french-sport-pony-chestnut,82604.html"},{ "search": "ERYO DECLYANGE AA 82009" ,"nom": "ERYO DECLYANGE AA", "id": "82009", "url": "eryo-declyange-anglo-arabian-chestnut,82009.html"},{ "search": "ESPION CAMARA 85335" ,"nom": "ESPION CAMARA", "id": "85335", "url": "espion-camara-french-sport-pony-bay,85335.html"},{ "search": "ETASUNI DES COLLIERES 73959" ,"nom": "ETASUNI DES COLLIERES", "id": "73959", "url": "etasuni-des-collieres-french-sport-pony-palomino,73959.html"},{ "search": "ETCETERA L 87495" ,"nom": "ETCETERA L", "id": "87495", "url": "etcetera-connemara-grey,87495.html"},{ "search": "ETE Z 87096" ,"nom": "ETE Z", "id": "87096", "url": "ete-zangersheide-bay,87096.html"},{ "search": "ETOILE JOLIE JAL 83991" ,"nom": "ETOILE JOLIE JAL", "id": "83991", "url": "etoile-jolie-jal-selle-francais-bay,83991.html"},{ "search": "EUREKA DES GUY 83823" ,"nom": "EUREKA DES GUY", "id": "83823", "url": "eureka-des-guy-selle-francais-bay,83823.html"},{ "search": "EVERLAST DE LA GARDE 85627" ,"nom": "EVERLAST DE LA GARDE", "id": "85627", "url": "everlast-garde-connemara-chestnut,85627.html"},{ "search": "EXOCET GRAVIERE 85505" ,"nom": "EXOCET GRAVIERE", "id": "85505", "url": "exocet-graviere-french-sport-pony-grey,85505.html"},{ "search": "EXPRESSO ALIZAY 86241" ,"nom": "EXPRESSO ALIZAY", "id": "86241", "url": "expresso-alizay-saddle-horse-bay,86241.html"},{ "search": "EXTASY DU SOTTIER 85585" ,"nom": "EXTASY DU SOTTIER", "id": "85585", "url": "extasy-sottier-french-sport-pony-buckskin,85585.html"},{ "search": "FABERIAN DE LOSQUE 82284" ,"nom": "FABERIAN DE LOSQUE", "id": "82284", "url": "faberian-losque-french-sport-pony-bay,82284.html"},{ "search": "FAHRENHEIT DU SOTTIER 85583" ,"nom": "FAHRENHEIT DU SOTTIER", "id": "85583", "url": "fahrenheit-sottier-welsh-cob-palomino,85583.html"},{ "search": "FALEYTHAH 87111" ,"nom": "FALEYTHAH", "id": "87111", "url": "faleythah-arab-grey,87111.html"},{ "search": "FAME DE HUS Z 86942" ,"nom": "FAME DE HUS Z", "id": "86942", "url": "fame-hus-zangersheide-chestnut,86942.html"},{ "search": "FANGIO 87491" ,"nom": "FANGIO", "id": "87491", "url": "fangio-trakehner-bay,87491.html"},{ "search": "FARELL DU GABEREAU 82522" ,"nom": "FARELL DU GABEREAU", "id": "82522", "url": "farell-gabereau-french-sport-pony-grey,82522.html"},{ "search": "FEELING RIGHT HAPCHOT 82264" ,"nom": "FEELING RIGHT HAPCHOT", "id": "82264", "url": "feeling-right-hapchot-french-sport-pony-grey,82264.html"},{ "search": "FELIN DE CHAMBORD 82243" ,"nom": "FELIN DE CHAMBORD", "id": "82243", "url": "felin-chambord-french-sport-pony-grey,82243.html"},{ "search": "FELINE DU GABEREAU 82523" ,"nom": "FELINE DU GABEREAU", "id": "82523", "url": "feline-gabereau-french-sport-pony-grey,82523.html"},{ "search": "FENOMEN DU SOTTIER 85574" ,"nom": "FENOMEN DU SOTTIER", "id": "85574", "url": "fenomen-sottier-welsh-cob-buckskin,85574.html"},{ "search": "FIFTY SHADES OF DREAM 85710" ,"nom": "FIFTY SHADES OF DREAM", "id": "85710", "url": "fifty-shades-dream-welsh-mountain-pony-bay,85710.html"},{ "search": "FIRST DE L'EPINE 73251" ,"nom": "FIRST DE L'EPINE", "id": "73251", "url": "first-epine-french-sport-pony-bay,73251.html"},{ "search": "FIRST LOVE DU SABLON 85313" ,"nom": "FIRST LOVE DU SABLON", "id": "85313", "url": "first-love-sablon-french-sport-pony-grey,85313.html"},{ "search": "FLAVIA QUATRE 87691" ,"nom": "FLAVIA QUATRE", "id": "87691", "url": "flavia-quatre-anglo-arabian-chestnut,87691.html"},{ "search": "FLEUR DE SEL DE TWIN 73671" ,"nom": "FLEUR DE SEL DE TWIN", "id": "73671", "url": "fleur-sel-twin-french-sport-pony-grey,73671.html"},{ "search": "FLIRT JUMP 84303" ,"nom": "FLIRT JUMP", "id": "84303", "url": "flirt-jump-french-sport-pony-grey,84303.html"},{ "search": "FLOWER DE KING 86973" ,"nom": "FLOWER DE KING", "id": "86973", "url": "flower-king-kwpn-bay,86973.html"},{ "search": "FOLLOW ME DU DIZOU 87791" ,"nom": "FOLLOW ME DU DIZOU", "id": "87791", "url": "follow-dizou-french-sport-pony-chestnut,87791.html"},{ "search": "FORTUNA DE L'OUBLAN 87552" ,"nom": "FORTUNA DE L'OUBLAN", "id": "87552", "url": "fortuna-oublan-connemara-grey,87552.html"},{ "search": "FOUDRE D'ALTAR 86985" ,"nom": "FOUDRE D'ALTAR", "id": "86985", "url": "foudre-altar-saddle-horse-chestnut,86985.html"},{ "search": "FRANCE DES NOYERS 82553" ,"nom": "FRANCE DES NOYERS", "id": "82553", "url": "france-des-noyers-french-sport-pony-bay,82553.html"},{ "search": "FRANCETTE 86211" ,"nom": "FRANCETTE", "id": "86211", "url": "francette-origine-non-const-poney-grey,86211.html"},{ "search": "FUJIYAMA DU GONGE 82329" ,"nom": "FUJIYAMA DU GONGE", "id": "82329", "url": "fujiyama-gonge-connemara-grey,82329.html"},{ "search": "GAELIC ANGEL DE MAIKA 85708" ,"nom": "GAELIC ANGEL DE MAIKA", "id": "85708", "url": "gaelic-angel-maika-welsh-cob-black,85708.html"},{ "search": "GALIZIA DES BERTAINES 85701" ,"nom": "GALIZIA DES BERTAINES", "id": "85701", "url": "galizia-des-bertaines-welsh-cob-bay,85701.html"},{ "search": "GENERAAL 87686" ,"nom": "GENERAAL", "id": "87686", "url": "generaal-kwpn-dark-bay,87686.html"},{ "search": "GENESIS DOMERGUIE AA 84649" ,"nom": "GENESIS DOMERGUIE AA", "id": "84649", "url": "genesis-domerguie-anglo-arabian-chestnut,84649.html"},{ "search": "GENIE DU ROND PRE 85715" ,"nom": "GENIE DU ROND PRE", "id": "85715", "url": "genie-rond-pre-connemara-grey,85715.html"},{ "search": "GENTLEMAN DES ETOILES 88007" ,"nom": "GENTLEMAN DES ETOILES", "id": "88007", "url": "gentleman-des-etoiles-french-sport-pony-chestnut,88007.html"},{ "search": "GERTIE VD POPULIEREN 84834" ,"nom": "GERTIE VD POPULIEREN", "id": "84834", "url": "gertie-populieren-shetland-pony-slate-grey,84834.html"},{ "search": "GIRLPOWER DES ETOILES 88014" ,"nom": "GIRLPOWER DES ETOILES", "id": "88014", "url": "girlpower-des-etoiles-french-sport-pony-bay,88014.html"},{ "search": "GLINARK DES BERTAINES 85702" ,"nom": "GLINARK DES BERTAINES", "id": "85702", "url": "glinark-des-bertaines-welsh-pony-chestnut,85702.html"},{ "search": "GOLD DUST KOOL 85718" ,"nom": "GOLD DUST KOOL", "id": "85718", "url": "gold-dust-kool-shetland-pony-palomino,85718.html"},{ "search": "GOLDEN GRAHAM SOTTIER 85290" ,"nom": "GOLDEN GRAHAM SOTTIER", "id": "85290", "url": "golden-graham-sottier-welsh-cob-chestnut,85290.html"},{ "search": "GOLDY DECLYANGE Z 82017" ,"nom": "GOLDY DECLYANGE Z", "id": "82017", "url": "goldy-declyange-zangersheide-chestnut,82017.html"},{ "search": "GOLTHAR DES BERTAINES 85703" ,"nom": "GOLTHAR DES BERTAINES", "id": "85703", "url": "golthar-des-bertaines-welsh-cob-bay,85703.html"},{ "search": "GORDON DES MUSES 88304" ,"nom": "GORDON DES MUSES", "id": "88304", "url": "gordon-des-muses-connemara-grey,88304.html"},{ "search": "GRACE DES ETOILES 88010" ,"nom": "GRACE DES ETOILES", "id": "88010", "url": "grace-des-etoiles-french-sport-pony-bay,88010.html"},{ "search": "GRAFFITI DU DIZOU 87790" ,"nom": "GRAFFITI DU DIZOU", "id": "87790", "url": "graffiti-dizou-welsh-part-bred-chestnut,87790.html"},{ "search": "GRAND SLAM DE LA LUNE 85291" ,"nom": "GRAND SLAM DE LA LUNE", "id": "85291", "url": "grand-slam-lune-french-sport-pony-palomino,85291.html"},{ "search": "GRANDEZZA 74947" ,"nom": "GRANDEZZA", "id": "74947", "url": "grandezza-hanovrien-chestnut,74947.html"},{ "search": "GRANDIOSA DUMANTET AA 84640" ,"nom": "GRANDIOSA DUMANTET AA", "id": "84640", "url": "grandiosa-dumantet-anglo-arabian-grey,84640.html"},{ "search": "GRAPHIT'BLACK SOTTIER 85572" ,"nom": "GRAPHIT'BLACK SOTTIER", "id": "85572", "url": "graphit-black-sottier-welsh-cob-black,85572.html"},{ "search": "GUARANA CAMARA 85334" ,"nom": "GUARANA CAMARA", "id": "85334", "url": "guarana-camara-french-sport-pony-grey,85334.html"},{ "search": "GUILLAUME SWING 84863" ,"nom": "GUILLAUME SWING", "id": "84863", "url": "guillaume-swing-kwpn-bay,84863.html"},{ "search": "GUINNESS GRAVIERE 85504" ,"nom": "GUINNESS GRAVIERE", "id": "85504", "url": "guinness-graviere-french-sport-pony-bay,85504.html"},{ "search": "GWENLIAM DE MAIKA 85705" ,"nom": "GWENLIAM DE MAIKA", "id": "85705", "url": "gwenliam-maika-welsh-cob-chestnut,85705.html"},{ "search": "H. 88155" ,"nom": "H.", "id": "88155", "url": "-kwpn-bay,88155.html"},{ "search": "HARONETTA L 85839" ,"nom": "HARONETTA L", "id": "85839", "url": "haronetta-kwpn-bay,85839.html"},{ "search": "HERAH DU FONPEYROL 85447" ,"nom": "HERAH DU FONPEYROL", "id": "85447", "url": "herah-fonpeyrol-arab-bay,85447.html"},{ "search": "HOMERA 86093" ,"nom": "HOMERA", "id": "86093", "url": "homera-kwpn-chestnut,86093.html"},{ "search": "IBAM 86016" ,"nom": "IBAM", "id": "86016", "url": "ibam-dutch-riding-horse-pony-bay,86016.html"},{ "search": "ILLUSIE DWERSE HAGEN 75794" ,"nom": "ILLUSIE DWERSE HAGEN", "id": "75794", "url": "illusie-dwerse-hagen-belgian-warmblood-dark-bay,75794.html"},{ "search": "IMMACULEE*HN 87243" ,"nom": "IMMACULEE*HN", "id": "87243", "url": "immaculeehn-anglo-arabian-bay,87243.html"},{ "search": "ISHAL KALIKO 86847" ,"nom": "ISHAL KALIKO", "id": "86847", "url": "ishal-kaliko-arab-grey,86847.html"},{ "search": "IVRESSE DE LA CHATRE 86140" ,"nom": "IVRESSE DE LA CHATRE", "id": "86140", "url": "ivresse-chatre-anglo-arabian-bay,86140.html"},{ "search": "JADE DES ETISSES 88081" ,"nom": "JADE DES ETISSES", "id": "88081", "url": "jade-des-etisses-selle-francais-chestnut,88081.html"},{ "search": "JAKARANDA 85247" ,"nom": "JAKARANDA", "id": "85247", "url": "jakaranda-selle-francais-bay,85247.html"},{ "search": "JALNA DUFF 86912" ,"nom": "JALNA DUFF", "id": "86912", "url": "jalna-duff-connemara-grey,86912.html"},{ "search": "JAWAD DE FRESSANGES 85500" ,"nom": "JAWAD DE FRESSANGES", "id": "85500", "url": "jawad-fressanges-arab-bay,85500.html"},{ "search": "JAWEN ASLAL 86274" ,"nom": "JAWEN ASLAL", "id": "86274", "url": "jawen-aslal-arab-bay,86274.html"},{ "search": "JEEP DE CHASSIGNY 82473" ,"nom": "JEEP DE CHASSIGNY", "id": "82473", "url": "jeep-chassigny-french-sport-pony-grey,82473.html"},{ "search": "JIVATY DE LAUNAY 85764" ,"nom": "JIVATY DE LAUNAY", "id": "85764", "url": "jivaty-launay-selle-francais-bay,85764.html"},{ "search": "JOY DE CLYANGE 85888" ,"nom": "JOY DE CLYANGE", "id": "85888", "url": "joy-clyange-anglo-arabian-chestnut,85888.html"},{ "search": "KELBELIX 84918" ,"nom": "KELBELIX", "id": "84918", "url": "kelbelix-anglo-arabian-chestnut,84918.html"},{ "search": "KIEVA DU BESSIN 88082" ,"nom": "KIEVA DU BESSIN", "id": "88082", "url": "kieva-bessin-selle-francais-bay,88082.html"},{ "search": "KIGUELLA DU TREFLE 86991" ,"nom": "KIGUELLA DU TREFLE", "id": "86991", "url": "kiguella-trefle-selle-francais-chestnut,86991.html"},{ "search": "KINGSTON 87638" ,"nom": "KINGSTON", "id": "87638", "url": "kingston-belgian-warmblood-bay,87638.html"},{ "search": "KINTAINE DU GARD 73893" ,"nom": "KINTAINE DU GARD", "id": "73893", "url": "kintaine-gard-french-sport-pony-dark-chestnut,73893.html"},{ "search": "KOOIHUSTER LOWINA 85714" ,"nom": "KOOIHUSTER LOWINA", "id": "85714", "url": "kooihuster-lowina-welsh-part-bred-bay,85714.html"},{ "search": "LAKME ROUGE 84747" ,"nom": "LAKME ROUGE", "id": "84747", "url": "lakme-rouge-selle-francais-bay,84747.html"},{ "search": "LARA 86917" ,"nom": "LARA", "id": "86917", "url": "lara-holsteiner-dark-bay,86917.html"},{ "search": "LE DIAMANT I D'ASSCHAUT 86503" ,"nom": "LE DIAMANT I D'ASSCHAUT", "id": "86503", "url": "diamant-asschaut-belgian-warmblood-bay,86503.html"},{ "search": "LEXINGTON D'ENGANE Z 84099" ,"nom": "LEXINGTON D'ENGANE Z", "id": "84099", "url": "lexington-engane-zangersheide-chestnut,84099.html"},{ "search": "LORD FLORENTIN Z 87397" ,"nom": "LORD FLORENTIN Z", "id": "87397", "url": "lord-florentin-zangersheide-dark-chestnut,87397.html"},{ "search": "LOUBNY DE NAUTIAC 85497" ,"nom": "LOUBNY DE NAUTIAC", "id": "85497", "url": "loubny-nautiac-arab-grey,85497.html"},{ "search": "LOVE ME KIM BATILLY Z 86045" ,"nom": "LOVE ME KIM BATILLY Z", "id": "86045", "url": "love-kim-batilly-zangersheide-bay,86045.html"},{ "search": "MALYSTIKA DE RIPAU 87208" ,"nom": "MALYSTIKA DE RIPAU", "id": "87208", "url": "malystika-ripau-arab-dark-chestnut,87208.html"},{ "search": "MAM'ZELLE SULEIMAN 87233" ,"nom": "MAM'ZELLE SULEIMAN", "id": "87233", "url": "mam-zelle-suleiman-arab-grey,87233.html"},{ "search": "MANJIL DE NAUTIAC 85490" ,"nom": "MANJIL DE NAUTIAC", "id": "85490", "url": "manjil-nautiac-arab-grey,85490.html"},{ "search": "MARDENWAY LUCY LOCKET 82842" ,"nom": "MARDENWAY LUCY LOCKET", "id": "82842", "url": "mardenway-lucy-locket-welsh-mountain-pony-dark-chestnut,82842.html"},{ "search": "MIDNIGHT MADNESS FAST 85032" ,"nom": "MIDNIGHT MADNESS FAST", "id": "85032", "url": "midnight-madness-fast-deutsches-reitpony-black,85032.html"},{ "search": "MILOUDA 85090" ,"nom": "MILOUDA", "id": "85090", "url": "milouda-arab-liver-chestnut,85090.html"},{ "search": "MISS DU FRETY Z 86788" ,"nom": "MISS DU FRETY Z", "id": "86788", "url": "miss-frety-zangersheide-grey,86788.html"},{ "search": "MOOREA DE LA DUNE 86297" ,"nom": "MOOREA DE LA DUNE", "id": "86297", "url": "moorea-dune-selle-francais-bay,86297.html"},{ "search": "NA MBAN DE LA SCARPE 85713" ,"nom": "NA MBAN DE LA SCARPE", "id": "85713", "url": "mban-scarpe-connemara-grey,85713.html"},{ "search": "NAMARA DU PARC 86622" ,"nom": "NAMARA DU PARC", "id": "86622", "url": "namara-parc-selle-francais-chestnut,86622.html"},{ "search": "NAZERIA 74100" ,"nom": "NAZERIA", "id": "74100", "url": "nazeria-arab-grey,74100.html"},{ "search": "NIKITA D'ALLEZ 86989" ,"nom": "NIKITA D'ALLEZ", "id": "86989", "url": "nikita-allez-anglo-arabian-bay,86989.html"},{ "search": "NOUDZAL 87900" ,"nom": "NOUDZAL", "id": "87900", "url": "noudzal-anglo-arabian-grey,87900.html"},{ "search": "NUIT DE CHASNAY 85379" ,"nom": "NUIT DE CHASNAY", "id": "85379", "url": "nuit-chasnay-selle-francais-chestnut,85379.html"},{ "search": "OLALA DU PARK 84892" ,"nom": "OLALA DU PARK", "id": "84892", "url": "olala-park-selle-francais-bay,84892.html"},{ "search": "OLYDEN MISTY SILLES 88303" ,"nom": "OLYDEN MISTY SILLES", "id": "88303", "url": "olyden-misty-silles-connemara-grey,88303.html"},{ "search": "OMAHA DU BESSIN 88083" ,"nom": "OMAHA DU BESSIN", "id": "88083", "url": "omaha-bessin-selle-francais-dark-bay,88083.html"},{ "search": "ORCHIDE D'LUTHIERS 86571" ,"nom": "ORCHIDE D'LUTHIERS", "id": "86571", "url": "orchide-luthiers-selle-francais-bay,86571.html"},{ "search": "OTHYS DE BAUGY 87008" ,"nom": "OTHYS DE BAUGY", "id": "87008", "url": "othys-baugy-selle-francais-chestnut,87008.html"},{ "search": "PERLINA AL PATOULA 84824" ,"nom": "PERLINA AL PATOULA", "id": "84824", "url": "perlina-patoula-arab-bay,84824.html"},{ "search": "PRESSEE DE LA BROSSE 85812" ,"nom": "PRESSEE DE LA BROSSE", "id": "85812", "url": "pressee-brosse-selle-francais-bay,85812.html"},{ "search": "PRESTIGE DU MARAIS 83325" ,"nom": "PRESTIGE DU MARAIS", "id": "83325", "url": "prestige-marais-selle-francais-bay,83325.html"},{ "search": "QUADRILLE DE NUIT Z 87543" ,"nom": "QUADRILLE DE NUIT Z", "id": "87543", "url": "quadrille-nuit-zangersheide-bay,87543.html"},{ "search": "QUELAMOUR 88079" ,"nom": "QUELAMOUR", "id": "88079", "url": "quelamour-french-sport-pony-chestnut,88079.html"},{ "search": "RABELLE DU PAS 85956" ,"nom": "RABELLE DU PAS", "id": "85956", "url": "rabelle-pas-anglo-arabian-bay,85956.html"},{ "search": "RADIEUSE DU PAS 87214" ,"nom": "RADIEUSE DU PAS", "id": "87214", "url": "radieuse-pas-selle-francais-chestnut,87214.html"},{ "search": "RANGOON DU PLANTY 86276" ,"nom": "RANGOON DU PLANTY", "id": "86276", "url": "rangoon-planty-selle-francais-bay,86276.html"},{ "search": "RAVELLA VAN OXELAER 85098" ,"nom": "RAVELLA VAN OXELAER", "id": "85098", "url": "ravella-van-oxelaer-haflinger-pony-flaxen-chestnut,85098.html"},{ "search": "REINE JOLITA 82828" ,"nom": "REINE JOLITA", "id": "82828", "url": "reine-jolita-haflinger-pony-flaxen-chestnut,82828.html"},{ "search": "REVERIE DE ROLL 85150" ,"nom": "REVERIE DE ROLL", "id": "85150", "url": "reverie-roll-selle-francais-bay,85150.html"},{ "search": "RIBALTA 87155" ,"nom": "RIBALTA", "id": "87155", "url": "ribalta-anglo-arabian-chestnut,87155.html"},{ "search": "RIGOLETTO DE BACON 75180" ,"nom": "RIGOLETTO DE BACON", "id": "75180", "url": "rigoletto-bacon-selle-francais-chestnut,75180.html"},{ "search": "RISKETOU GAVRAIS 82377" ,"nom": "RISKETOU GAVRAIS", "id": "82377", "url": "risketou-gavrais-french-sport-pony-chestnut,82377.html"},{ "search": "RODEO DE VIKENTO 86322" ,"nom": "RODEO DE VIKENTO", "id": "86322", "url": "rodeo-vikento-origine-non-const-poney-grey,86322.html"},{ "search": "ROITELET DE LA COTELE 86224" ,"nom": "ROITELET DE LA COTELE", "id": "86224", "url": "roitelet-cotele-selle-francais-chestnut,86224.html"},{ "search": "ROX STAR ST LAURENT 87990" ,"nom": "ROX STAR ST LAURENT", "id": "87990", "url": "rox-star-laurent-selle-francais-grey,87990.html"},{ "search": "ROYAL SCHUERACHER 82422" ,"nom": "ROYAL SCHUERACHER", "id": "82422", "url": "royal-schueracher-shetland-pony-palomino,82422.html"},{ "search": "ROYALISTE SPONTE 85732" ,"nom": "ROYALISTE SPONTE", "id": "85732", "url": "royaliste-sponte-welsh-cob-dark-chestnut,85732.html"},{ "search": "ROZENN DU BIEF 87861" ,"nom": "ROZENN DU BIEF", "id": "87861", "url": "rozenn-bief-selle-francais-bay,87861.html"},{ "search": "SANTA NA 82796" ,"nom": "SANTA NA", "id": "82796", "url": "santa-haflinger-pony-flaxen-chestnut,82796.html"},{ "search": "SAPHIR DE MAUVIERES 83146" ,"nom": "SAPHIR DE MAUVIERES", "id": "83146", "url": "saphir-mauvieres-pony-buckskin,83146.html"},{ "search": "SHAH VAGHAR 74810" ,"nom": "SHAH VAGHAR", "id": "74810", "url": "shah-vaghar-arab-chestnut,74810.html"},{ "search": "SHALLOWATER KRYSTAL 84452" ,"nom": "SHALLOWATER KRYSTAL", "id": "84452", "url": "shallowater-krystal-shetland-pony-cremello,84452.html"},{ "search": "SHELENA D'ALISON 85089" ,"nom": "SHELENA D'ALISON", "id": "85089", "url": "shelena-alison-selle-francais-bay,85089.html"},{ "search": "SIDARI DE NAUTIAC 85493" ,"nom": "SIDARI DE NAUTIAC", "id": "85493", "url": "sidari-nautiac-arab-grey,85493.html"},{ "search": "SIERRA DU SANON 82906" ,"nom": "SIERRA DU SANON", "id": "82906", "url": "sierra-sanon-shetland-pony-flaxen-chestnut,82906.html"},{ "search": "SIRENE EZRA 82893" ,"nom": "SIRENE EZRA", "id": "82893", "url": "sirene-ezra-haflinger-pony-flaxen-chestnut,82893.html"},{ "search": "SOFLEUR JULIA 82894" ,"nom": "SOFLEUR JULIA", "id": "82894", "url": "sofleur-julia-haflinger-pony-flaxen-chestnut,82894.html"},{ "search": "SOLSTICE DE VAINS 84746" ,"nom": "SOLSTICE DE VAINS", "id": "84746", "url": "solstice-vains-selle-francais-bay,84746.html"},{ "search": "SOPRANO CHAPELOIS 85785" ,"nom": "SOPRANO CHAPELOIS", "id": "85785", "url": "soprano-chapelois-connemara-grey,85785.html"},{ "search": "SYMPHONIE DE L'AUBE Z 88049" ,"nom": "SYMPHONIE DE L'AUBE Z", "id": "88049", "url": "symphonie-aube-zangersheide-black,88049.html"},{ "search": "TAFNA MANATHIS 85382" ,"nom": "TAFNA MANATHIS", "id": "85382", "url": "tafna-manathis-saddle-horse-black,85382.html"},{ "search": "TAMISE DU THOT 87437" ,"nom": "TAMISE DU THOT", "id": "87437", "url": "tamise-thot-selle-francais-dark-chestnut,87437.html"},{ "search": "TCHABANE 86627" ,"nom": "TCHABANE", "id": "86627", "url": "tchabane-selle-francais-liver-chestnut,86627.html"},{ "search": "TERRA NOSTRA DU LIN 73444" ,"nom": "TERRA NOSTRA DU LIN", "id": "73444", "url": "terra-nostra-lin-french-sport-pony-bay,73444.html"},{ "search": "TIOUNA DE CABUE 84820" ,"nom": "TIOUNA DE CABUE", "id": "84820", "url": "tiouna-cabue-shetland-pony-skewbald,84820.html"},{ "search": "TROLL D'AMBRES 83103" ,"nom": "TROLL D'AMBRES", "id": "83103", "url": "troll-ambres-welsh-pony-cob-type-chestnut,83103.html"},{ "search": "TSARBAIE DE SAGRAIS 86070" ,"nom": "TSARBAIE DE SAGRAIS", "id": "86070", "url": "tsarbaie-sagrais-saddle-horse-chestnut,86070.html"},{ "search": "TWISTER MAX 82211" ,"nom": "TWISTER MAX", "id": "82211", "url": "twister-max-french-sport-pony-chestnut,82211.html"},{ "search": "UBERTO MAUGARD 86071" ,"nom": "UBERTO MAUGARD", "id": "86071", "url": "uberto-maugard-selle-francais-chestnut,86071.html"},{ "search": "UBISCUBE TARTIFUME 85338" ,"nom": "UBISCUBE TARTIFUME", "id": "85338", "url": "ubiscube-tartifume-connemara-grey,85338.html"},{ "search": "UBUROI DU BOCAGE 86212" ,"nom": "UBUROI DU BOCAGE", "id": "86212", "url": "uburoi-bocage-welsh-pony-cob-type-chestnut,86212.html"},{ "search": "UCELLO ROYAL 76210" ,"nom": "UCELLO ROYAL", "id": "76210", "url": "ucello-royal-selle-francais-chestnut,76210.html"},{ "search": "UCOTINE D'BEGOR 85494" ,"nom": "UCOTINE D'BEGOR", "id": "85494", "url": "ucotine-begor-connemara-part-bred-bay,85494.html"},{ "search": "UDINE DE PLEYSSE 75289" ,"nom": "UDINE DE PLEYSSE", "id": "75289", "url": "udine-pleysse-selle-francais-grey,75289.html"},{ "search": "UDJANA DES EYMES 64519" ,"nom": "UDJANA DES EYMES", "id": "64519", "url": "udjana-des-eymes-arab-grey,64519.html"},{ "search": "UELEME DE LAUME 76410" ,"nom": "UELEME DE LAUME", "id": "76410", "url": "ueleme-laume-selle-francais-bay,76410.html"},{ "search": "UH COCOTTE DUVIVARAIS 67300" ,"nom": "UH COCOTTE DUVIVARAIS", "id": "67300", "url": "cocotte-duvivarais-selle-francais-dark-chestnut,67300.html"},{ "search": "UHZEEVA LILY 64622" ,"nom": "UHZEEVA LILY", "id": "64622", "url": "uhzeeva-lily-partbred-arabian-dsa-chestnut,64622.html"},{ "search": "UKULELE DU BUHOT 60885" ,"nom": "UKULELE DU BUHOT", "id": "60885", "url": "ukulele-buhot-french-sport-pony-dark-bay,60885.html"},{ "search": "ULANE DU PHARE 86200" ,"nom": "ULANE DU PHARE", "id": "86200", "url": "ulane-phare-saddle-horse-bay,86200.html"},{ "search": "ULTIME DE LONGA 83357" ,"nom": "ULTIME DE LONGA", "id": "83357", "url": "ultime-longa-selle-francais-bay,83357.html"},{ "search": "ULTRA DE GRANDRY 63757" ,"nom": "ULTRA DE GRANDRY", "id": "63757", "url": "ultra-grandry-french-sport-pony-dark-bay,63757.html"},{ "search": "ULYS DU PETIT AVIGNON 75813" ,"nom": "ULYS DU PETIT AVIGNON", "id": "75813", "url": "ulys-petit-avignon-selle-francais-dark-bay,75813.html"},{ "search": "ULYSSE DE CANTELOUP 76413" ,"nom": "ULYSSE DE CANTELOUP", "id": "76413", "url": "ulysse-canteloup-selle-francais-dark-chestnut,76413.html"},{ "search": "ULYSSE SUPREME 82571" ,"nom": "ULYSSE SUPREME", "id": "82571", "url": "ulysse-supreme-french-sport-pony-palomino,82571.html"},{ "search": "UMEA DE LOUXOR 85012" ,"nom": "UMEA DE LOUXOR", "id": "85012", "url": "umea-louxor-haflinger-pony-flaxen-chestnut,85012.html"},{ "search": "UMOA DU PARC 76221" ,"nom": "UMOA DU PARC", "id": "76221", "url": "umoa-parc-selle-francais-bay,76221.html"},{ "search": "UN REVE DE BOHEME 63274" ,"nom": "UN REVE DE BOHEME", "id": "63274", "url": "reve-boheme-selle-francais-dark-bay,63274.html"},{ "search": "UNDIENE 63765" ,"nom": "UNDIENE", "id": "63765", "url": "undiene-selle-francais-bay,63765.html"},{ "search": "UNE DIVA DE COGANE 62181" ,"nom": "UNE DIVA DE COGANE", "id": "62181", "url": "une-diva-cogane-french-sport-pony-bay,62181.html"},{ "search": "UNESCO DES MORINS 82587" ,"nom": "UNESCO DES MORINS", "id": "82587", "url": "unesco-des-morins-french-sport-pony-grey,82587.html"},{ "search": "UNION JACK DU LUOT 75967" ,"nom": "UNION JACK DU LUOT", "id": "75967", "url": "union-jack-luot-connemara-grey,75967.html"},{ "search": "UNIQUE DE CHAMBORD 88299" ,"nom": "UNIQUE DE CHAMBORD", "id": "88299", "url": "unique-chambord-french-sport-pony-bay,88299.html"},{ "search": "UNITE DE MENARDIERE 86201" ,"nom": "UNITE DE MENARDIERE", "id": "86201", "url": "unite-menardiere-selle-francais-bay,86201.html"},{ "search": "UP ARC DE SAINT FRAY 76190" ,"nom": "UP ARC DE SAINT FRAY", "id": "76190", "url": "arc-saint-fray-selle-francais-bay,76190.html"},{ "search": "URAN DE JUNON 74570" ,"nom": "URAN DE JUNON", "id": "74570", "url": "uran-junon-french-sport-pony-chestnut,74570.html"},{ "search": "URANA 76557" ,"nom": "URANA", "id": "76557", "url": "urana-arab-barb-roan,76557.html"},{ "search": "URANE DU FERRON 75901" ,"nom": "URANE DU FERRON", "id": "75901", "url": "urane-ferron-anglo-arabian-grey,75901.html"},{ "search": "URGANE DE LONGA 83363" ,"nom": "URGANE DE LONGA", "id": "83363", "url": "urgane-longa-selle-francais-bay,83363.html"},{ "search": "URKHA TWYFORD COOLFIN 83122" ,"nom": "URKHA TWYFORD COOLFIN", "id": "83122", "url": "urkha-twyford-coolfin-welsh-pony-strawberry-roan,83122.html"},{ "search": "URSULINE D'ISABELLE 72820" ,"nom": "URSULINE D'ISABELLE", "id": "72820", "url": "ursuline-isabelle-selle-francais-bay,72820.html"},{ "search": "URUS PLATIERE 83291" ,"nom": "URUS PLATIERE", "id": "83291", "url": "urus-platiere-selle-francais-bay,83291.html"},{ "search": "USHUAIA DE LA CAZOTTE 82487" ,"nom": "USHUAIA DE LA CAZOTTE", "id": "82487", "url": "ushuaia-cazotte-new-forest-bay,82487.html"},{ "search": "USKO DE KERVEL 74930" ,"nom": "USKO DE KERVEL", "id": "74930", "url": "usko-kervel-selle-francais-chestnut,74930.html"},{ "search": "USKOVA DE LONGA 83361" ,"nom": "USKOVA DE LONGA", "id": "83361", "url": "uskova-longa-selle-francais-black,83361.html"},{ "search": "USSARD DU LOC'H 62855" ,"nom": "USSARD DU LOC'H", "id": "62855", "url": "ussard-loc-selle-francais-dark-bay,62855.html"},{ "search": "USTOPIE DE L'AMONT 86072" ,"nom": "USTOPIE DE L'AMONT", "id": "86072", "url": "ustopie-amont-saddle-horse-bay,86072.html"},{ "search": "UT'POM GEVAUDAN 50705" ,"nom": "UT'POM GEVAUDAN", "id": "50705", "url": "pom-gevaudan-anglo-arabian-grey,50705.html"},{ "search": "UTOPIE DE MONTIEGE 67859" ,"nom": "UTOPIE DE MONTIEGE", "id": "67859", "url": "utopie-montiege-french-sport-pony-bay,67859.html"},{ "search": "UWOJIMA D'EMERY 82560" ,"nom": "UWOJIMA D'EMERY", "id": "82560", "url": "uwojima-emery-french-sport-pony-grey,82560.html"},{ "search": "V'AMJAD DU CALVEL 85570" ,"nom": "V'AMJAD DU CALVEL", "id": "85570", "url": "amjad-calvel-arab-dark-chestnut,85570.html"},{ "search": "VALDAI D'ELPEGERE 74501" ,"nom": "VALDAI D'ELPEGERE", "id": "74501", "url": "valdai-elpegere-anglo-arabian-bay,74501.html"},{ "search": "VALENCE DE LYNDE 85634" ,"nom": "VALENCE DE LYNDE", "id": "85634", "url": "valence-lynde-french-sport-pony-bay,85634.html"},{ "search": "VALINOU D'ALSY 77196" ,"nom": "VALINOU D'ALSY", "id": "77196", "url": "valinou-alsy-selle-francais-bay,77196.html"},{ "search": "VALSEUR DE LA TOUR 80026" ,"nom": "VALSEUR DE LA TOUR", "id": "80026", "url": "valseur-tour-french-sport-pony-grey,80026.html"},{ "search": "VAN CLEEF DU POET 82518" ,"nom": "VAN CLEEF DU POET", "id": "82518", "url": "van-cleef-poet-new-forest-chestnut,82518.html"},{ "search": "VANESSA DES HAYETTES 87398" ,"nom": "VANESSA DES HAYETTES", "id": "87398", "url": "vanessa-des-hayettes-selle-francais-bay,87398.html"},{ "search": "VANILLE DE SEMILLY 76220" ,"nom": "VANILLE DE SEMILLY", "id": "76220", "url": "vanille-semilly-selle-francais-dark-bay,76220.html"},{ "search": "VANILLE DES ROCHES 85190" ,"nom": "VANILLE DES ROCHES", "id": "85190", "url": "vanille-des-roches-arab-grey,85190.html"},{ "search": "VANILLE HOHLMATT 82818" ,"nom": "VANILLE HOHLMATT", "id": "82818", "url": "vanille-hohlmatt-shetland-pony-piebald,82818.html"},{ "search": "VANOISE DU POET 82510" ,"nom": "VANOISE DU POET", "id": "82510", "url": "vanoise-poet-new-forest-dark-bay,82510.html"},{ "search": "VEGAS DES LANDELLES 84488" ,"nom": "VEGAS DES LANDELLES", "id": "84488", "url": "vegas-des-landelles-french-sport-pony-chestnut,84488.html"},{ "search": "VEGASTAR DERICK 87433" ,"nom": "VEGASTAR DERICK", "id": "87433", "url": "vegastar-derick-selle-francais-dark-bay,87433.html"},{ "search": "VEINARD II 80158" ,"nom": "VEINARD II", "id": "80158", "url": "veinard-french-sport-pony-bay,80158.html"},{ "search": "VELIKO DU BOURG 83366" ,"nom": "VELIKO DU BOURG", "id": "83366", "url": "veliko-bourg-selle-francais-chestnut,83366.html"},{ "search": "VELOCY RAPTOR 50762" ,"nom": "VELOCY RAPTOR", "id": "50762", "url": "velocy-raptor-anglo-arabian-bay,50762.html"},{ "search": "VELVET DE GIVRY 74220" ,"nom": "VELVET DE GIVRY", "id": "74220", "url": "velvet-givry-selle-francais-bay,74220.html"},{ "search": "VELVET DES RIOUX 61598" ,"nom": "VELVET DES RIOUX", "id": "61598", "url": "velvet-des-rioux-saddlebred-dark-chestnut,61598.html"},{ "search": "VENUS DE BERCE 85116" ,"nom": "VENUS DE BERCE", "id": "85116", "url": "venus-berce-shetland-pony-black,85116.html"},{ "search": "VENUS DE CHALUSSE 86608" ,"nom": "VENUS DE CHALUSSE", "id": "86608", "url": "venus-chalusse-anglo-arabian-bay,86608.html"},{ "search": "VENUS DE TRIAVAL 86397" ,"nom": "VENUS DE TRIAVAL", "id": "86397", "url": "venus-triaval-selle-francais-bay,86397.html"},{ "search": "VERITE DE LA ROSE 86069" ,"nom": "VERITE DE LA ROSE", "id": "86069", "url": "verite-rose-saddle-horse-bay,86069.html"},{ "search": "VERMILLON DU POET 82515" ,"nom": "VERMILLON DU POET", "id": "82515", "url": "vermillon-poet-saddle-horse-chestnut,82515.html"},{ "search": "VERY MUCH D'ALSY 77194" ,"nom": "VERY MUCH D'ALSY", "id": "77194", "url": "very-much-alsy-selle-francais-dark-chestnut,77194.html"},{ "search": "VERY NICE DE L'AUMONT 79853" ,"nom": "VERY NICE DE L'AUMONT", "id": "79853", "url": "very-nice-aumont-french-sport-pony-bay,79853.html"},{ "search": "VERYGOOD 86086" ,"nom": "VERYGOOD", "id": "86086", "url": "verygood-origine-non-const-selle-bay,86086.html"},{ "search": "VESTALE DU BAS PALAIS 67398" ,"nom": "VESTALE DU BAS PALAIS", "id": "67398", "url": "vestale-bas-palais-anglo-arabian-bay,67398.html"},{ "search": "VETIVER DU POET 82520" ,"nom": "VETIVER DU POET", "id": "82520", "url": "vetiver-poet-new-forest-roan,82520.html"},{ "search": "VHEYTER MAI CHANTAL 83228" ,"nom": "VHEYTER MAI CHANTAL", "id": "83228", "url": "vheyter-mai-chantal-french-sport-pony-bay,83228.html"},{ "search": "VICOMTE DU SCHLAVARY 86268" ,"nom": "VICOMTE DU SCHLAVARY", "id": "86268", "url": "vicomte-schlavary-selle-francais-bay,86268.html"},{ "search": "VICTOIRE DE LIAF 85534" ,"nom": "VICTOIRE DE LIAF", "id": "85534", "url": "victoire-liaf-saddle-horse-bay,85534.html"},{ "search": "VICTOR DES FONTAINES 85768" ,"nom": "VICTOR DES FONTAINES", "id": "85768", "url": "victor-des-fontaines-selle-francais-chestnut,85768.html"},{ "search": "VIELESKA D'AR MENEZ 85991" ,"nom": "VIELESKA D'AR MENEZ", "id": "85991", "url": "vieleska-menez-saddle-horse-bay,85991.html"},{ "search": "VIF DES SOURCES 86059" ,"nom": "VIF DES SOURCES", "id": "86059", "url": "vif-des-sources-saddle-horse-grey,86059.html"},{ "search": "VIGO DE PILENIE 85262" ,"nom": "VIGO DE PILENIE", "id": "85262", "url": "vigo-pilenie-selle-francais-dark-bay,85262.html"},{ "search": "VIKA'S DELAMORANDIERE 81303" ,"nom": "VIKA'S DELAMORANDIERE", "id": "81303", "url": "vika-delamorandiere-selle-francais-chestnut,81303.html"},{ "search": "VIKY DELAMORANDIERE 75880" ,"nom": "VIKY DELAMORANDIERE", "id": "75880", "url": "viky-delamorandiere-selle-francais-bay,75880.html"},{ "search": "VIOLETTE DU MOULIN 83934" ,"nom": "VIOLETTE DU MOULIN", "id": "83934", "url": "violette-moulin-french-sport-pony-chestnut,83934.html"},{ "search": "VIOLINE M'AUREA 87780" ,"nom": "VIOLINE M'AUREA", "id": "87780", "url": "violine-aurea-selle-francais-chestnut,87780.html"},{ "search": "VIRGIN DU FRUITIER 72411" ,"nom": "VIRGIN DU FRUITIER", "id": "72411", "url": "virgin-fruitier-selle-francais-chestnut,72411.html"},{ "search": "VISHNOU DU SALBEY 86192" ,"nom": "VISHNOU DU SALBEY", "id": "86192", "url": "vishnou-salbey-selle-francais-black,86192.html"},{ "search": "VISTY D'EPINOUX 85655" ,"nom": "VISTY D'EPINOUX", "id": "85655", "url": "visty-epinoux-connemara-grey,85655.html"},{ "search": "VITAMINE HARMONIE 82887" ,"nom": "VITAMINE HARMONIE", "id": "82887", "url": "vitamine-harmonie-haflinger-pony-flaxen-chestnut,82887.html"},{ "search": "VIVARAIS WAKY NOSPOT 67304" ,"nom": "VIVARAIS WAKY NOSPOT", "id": "67304", "url": "vivarais-waky-nospot-appaloosa-bay,67304.html"},{ "search": "VIZIR DE L'EPINE 65058" ,"nom": "VIZIR DE L'EPINE", "id": "65058", "url": "vizir-epine-selle-francais-dark-bay,65058.html"},{ "search": "VIZON DE LIAF 85523" ,"nom": "VIZON DE LIAF", "id": "85523", "url": "vizon-liaf-connemara-buckskin,85523.html"},{ "search": "VOICI DES SOURCES 86060" ,"nom": "VOICI DES SOURCES", "id": "86060", "url": "voici-des-sources-saddlebred-piebald,86060.html"},{ "search": "VOKARINE DE CHERY 84818" ,"nom": "VOKARINE DE CHERY", "id": "84818", "url": "vokarine-chery-arab-chestnut,84818.html"},{ "search": "VOLDEMOR DU MORION 75808" ,"nom": "VOLDEMOR DU MORION", "id": "75808", "url": "voldemor-morion-selle-francais-dark-chestnut,75808.html"},{ "search": "VOLGA DE TRACLIN 64522" ,"nom": "VOLGA DE TRACLIN", "id": "64522", "url": "volga-traclin-shagya-arabian-bay,64522.html"},{ "search": "VOLUPTE M'AUREA 87784" ,"nom": "VOLUPTE M'AUREA", "id": "87784", "url": "volupte-aurea-selle-francais-bay,87784.html"},{ "search": "VONDER D'AS DE PIC 85919" ,"nom": "VONDER D'AS DE PIC", "id": "85919", "url": "vonder-pic-selle-francais-bay,85919.html"},{ "search": "VOXNA DU LYS 83070" ,"nom": "VOXNA DU LYS", "id": "83070", "url": "voxna-lys-selle-francais-bay,83070.html"},{ "search": "VULCO PARICAL 64638" ,"nom": "VULCO PARICAL", "id": "64638", "url": "vulco-parical-arab-grey,64638.html"},{ "search": "VVEST END DE BREVE 86620" ,"nom": "VVEST END DE BREVE", "id": "86620", "url": "vvest-end-breve-selle-francais-grey,86620.html"},{ "search": "VVILLOW DE CABUE 84868" ,"nom": "VVILLOW DE CABUE", "id": "84868", "url": "vvillow-cabue-shetland-pony-black,84868.html"},{ "search": "WAHIDA AL SHALLAL 85256" ,"nom": "WAHIDA AL SHALLAL", "id": "85256", "url": "wahida-shallal-arab-bay,85256.html"},{ "search": "WELSHVIEW THE MATRIX 85717" ,"nom": "WELSHVIEW THE MATRIX", "id": "85717", "url": "welshview-the-matrix-welsh-pony-cob-type-black,85717.html"},{ "search": "Descendants of KERSWELL SUNDOWN " ,"nom": "Descendants of KERSWELL SUNDOWN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=KERSWELL SUNDOWN"},{ "search": "Descendants of VIVALDI DU SEIGNEUR " ,"nom": "Descendants of VIVALDI DU SEIGNEUR", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=VIVALDI DU SEIGNEUR"},{ "search": "Descendants of WINNINGMOOD VD ARENBERG " ,"nom": "Descendants of WINNINGMOOD VD ARENBERG", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=WINNINGMOOD VD ARENBERG"},{ "search": "Descendants of HALMAR DU PAON " ,"nom": "Descendants of HALMAR DU PAON", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=HALMAR DU PAON"},{ "search": "Descendants of SIR LEAM DES DAUGES " ,"nom": "Descendants of SIR LEAM DES DAUGES", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SIR LEAM DES DAUGES"},{ "search": "Descendants of CAP KENNEDY*BOIS MARGOT " ,"nom": "Descendants of CAP KENNEDY*BOIS MARGOT", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=CAP KENNEDY*BOIS MARGOT"},{ "search": "Descendants of RAMBO " ,"nom": "Descendants of RAMBO", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=RAMBO"},{ "search": "Descendants of MAGDAN TANO 3729 " ,"nom": "Descendants of MAGDAN TANO 3729", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MAGDAN TANO 3729"},{ "search": "Descendants of FARCEUR DU GRAVANT " ,"nom": "Descendants of FARCEUR DU GRAVANT", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=FARCEUR DU GRAVANT"},{ "search": "Descendants of QUORUM STAR DE LA COS " ,"nom": "Descendants of QUORUM STAR DE LA COS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=QUORUM STAR DE LA COS"},{ "search": "Descendants of COROFINO*GFE " ,"nom": "Descendants of COROFINO*GFE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=COROFINO*GFE"},{ "search": "Descendants of CALVARO " ,"nom": "Descendants of CALVARO", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=CALVARO"},{ "search": "Descendants of GIGAHERTZ*HN " ,"nom": "Descendants of GIGAHERTZ*HN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=GIGAHERTZ*HN"},{ "search": "Descendants of CONTROE " ,"nom": "Descendants of CONTROE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=CONTROE"},{ "search": "Descendants of DADDY " ,"nom": "Descendants of DADDY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=DADDY"},{ "search": "Descendants of ROSIRE*HN " ,"nom": "Descendants of ROSIRE*HN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ROSIRE*HN"},{ "search": "Descendants of FARCEUR DES CRAS " ,"nom": "Descendants of FARCEUR DES CRAS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=FARCEUR DES CRAS"},{ "search": "Descendants of NAVAYO SCHUERACHER " ,"nom": "Descendants of NAVAYO SCHUERACHER", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=NAVAYO SCHUERACHER"},{ "search": "Descendants of CAROL " ,"nom": "Descendants of CAROL", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=CAROL"},{ "search": "Descendants of SADEPERS*HN " ,"nom": "Descendants of SADEPERS*HN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SADEPERS*HN"},{ "search": "Descendants of QUALITY TOUCH " ,"nom": "Descendants of QUALITY TOUCH", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=QUALITY TOUCH"},{ "search": "Descendants of IBN KERCHA " ,"nom": "Descendants of IBN KERCHA", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=IBN KERCHA"},{ "search": "Descendants of KIMONO MELODY " ,"nom": "Descendants of KIMONO MELODY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=KIMONO MELODY"},{ "search": "Descendants of MANHATTAN DE SEMILLY " ,"nom": "Descendants of MANHATTAN DE SEMILLY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MANHATTAN DE SEMILLY"},{ "search": "Descendants of POETIC JUSTICE*SL " ,"nom": "Descendants of POETIC JUSTICE*SL", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=POETIC JUSTICE*SL"},{ "search": "Descendants of NASWAN " ,"nom": "Descendants of NASWAN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=NASWAN"},{ "search": "Descendants of " ,"nom": "Descendants of ", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere="},{ "search": "Descendants of IMPALA DES FRETTES " ,"nom": "Descendants of IMPALA DES FRETTES", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=IMPALA DES FRETTES"},{ "search": "Descendants of BEY SIN SAVIGNAC " ,"nom": "Descendants of BEY SIN SAVIGNAC", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=BEY SIN SAVIGNAC"},{ "search": "Descendants of SILVER RAINBOW " ,"nom": "Descendants of SILVER RAINBOW", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SILVER RAINBOW"},{ "search": "Descendants of SOUMBA DE BABEL " ,"nom": "Descendants of SOUMBA DE BABEL", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SOUMBA DE BABEL"},{ "search": "Descendants of ANTHONY LIZ " ,"nom": "Descendants of ANTHONY LIZ", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ANTHONY LIZ"},{ "search": "Descendants of JIMMERDOR DE FLORYS*SL " ,"nom": "Descendants of JIMMERDOR DE FLORYS*SL", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=JIMMERDOR DE FLORYS*SL"},{ "search": "Descendants of LEVISTAN " ,"nom": "Descendants of LEVISTAN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=LEVISTAN"},{ "search": "Descendants of TALENT VD SLEUTEL " ,"nom": "Descendants of TALENT VD SLEUTEL", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=TALENT VD SLEUTEL"},{ "search": "Descendants of ZOUAVE DANCER " ,"nom": "Descendants of ZOUAVE DANCER", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ZOUAVE DANCER"},{ "search": "Descendants of PAPS LATE*VINCOU " ,"nom": "Descendants of PAPS LATE*VINCOU", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=PAPS LATE*VINCOU"},{ "search": "Descendants of SIHAWAN*HN " ,"nom": "Descendants of SIHAWAN*HN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SIHAWAN*HN"},{ "search": "Descendants of FEELING DU MORTIER " ,"nom": "Descendants of FEELING DU MORTIER", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=FEELING DU MORTIER"},{ "search": "Descendants of LAUTERBACH " ,"nom": "Descendants of LAUTERBACH", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=LAUTERBACH"},{ "search": "Descendants of NOURKHAN " ,"nom": "Descendants of NOURKHAN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=NOURKHAN"},{ "search": "Descendants of JIVARO DU ROUET " ,"nom": "Descendants of JIVARO DU ROUET", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=JIVARO DU ROUET"},{ "search": "Descendants of BUNOWEN PADDY " ,"nom": "Descendants of BUNOWEN PADDY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=BUNOWEN PADDY"},{ "search": "Descendants of FAKIR DE DOMENJOI " ,"nom": "Descendants of FAKIR DE DOMENJOI", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=FAKIR DE DOMENJOI"},{ "search": "Descendants of PRINCE BALOU " ,"nom": "Descendants of PRINCE BALOU", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=PRINCE BALOU"},{ "search": "Descendants of TOSCAN DE SAINTE HERMELLE " ,"nom": "Descendants of TOSCAN DE SAINTE HERMELLE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=TOSCAN DE SAINTE HERMELLE"},{ "search": "Descendants of SINNDARDULUOT*DESISLOTS " ,"nom": "Descendants of SINNDARDULUOT*DESISLOTS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SINNDARDULUOT*DESISLOTS"},{ "search": "Descendants of DON DAVIDOFF " ,"nom": "Descendants of DON DAVIDOFF", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=DON DAVIDOFF"},{ "search": "Descendants of KARAMEL DE LAUTURE " ,"nom": "Descendants of KARAMEL DE LAUTURE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=KARAMEL DE LAUTURE"},{ "search": "Descendants of IDEM DE LAUME " ,"nom": "Descendants of IDEM DE LAUME", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=IDEM DE LAUME"},{ "search": "Descendants of KIBOUTZ DE KERMOAL " ,"nom": "Descendants of KIBOUTZ DE KERMOAL", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=KIBOUTZ DE KERMOAL"},{ "search": "Descendants of ISATIS DU BARBET " ,"nom": "Descendants of ISATIS DU BARBET", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ISATIS DU BARBET"},{ "search": "Descendants of ELIXIR DE MADAME " ,"nom": "Descendants of ELIXIR DE MADAME", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ELIXIR DE MADAME"},{ "search": "Descendants of COL CANTO " ,"nom": "Descendants of COL CANTO", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=COL CANTO"},{ "search": "Descendants of OGRION DES CHAMPS*HN " ,"nom": "Descendants of OGRION DES CHAMPS*HN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=OGRION DES CHAMPS*HN"},{ "search": "Descendants of ARON N " ,"nom": "Descendants of ARON N", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ARON N"},{ "search": "Descendants of GAELIQUE DE LOUZES " ,"nom": "Descendants of GAELIQUE DE LOUZES", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=GAELIQUE DE LOUZES"},{ "search": "Descendants of DYFFRYNALED GARI TRYFAN " ,"nom": "Descendants of DYFFRYNALED GARI TRYFAN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=DYFFRYNALED GARI TRYFAN"},{ "search": "Descendants of BALADIN DE FLOBECQ " ,"nom": "Descendants of BALADIN DE FLOBECQ", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=BALADIN DE FLOBECQ"},{ "search": "Descendants of SINNDAR DU LUOT " ,"nom": "Descendants of SINNDAR DU LUOT", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SINNDAR DU LUOT"},{ "search": "Descendants of SALAM DU ROC " ,"nom": "Descendants of SALAM DU ROC", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SALAM DU ROC"},{ "search": "Descendants of SPARTAKHUS " ,"nom": "Descendants of SPARTAKHUS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SPARTAKHUS"},{ "search": "Descendants of BELITYS DE LA DEMI LUNE " ,"nom": "Descendants of BELITYS DE LA DEMI LUNE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=BELITYS DE LA DEMI LUNE"},{ "search": "Descendants of DAUPHIN DE SAVINIA " ,"nom": "Descendants of DAUPHIN DE SAVINIA", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=DAUPHIN DE SAVINIA"},{ "search": "Descendants of MARQUIS DE LA LANDE " ,"nom": "Descendants of MARQUIS DE LA LANDE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MARQUIS DE LA LANDE"},{ "search": "Descendants of MELFIR DE MALIGNOS " ,"nom": "Descendants of MELFIR DE MALIGNOS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MELFIR DE MALIGNOS"},{ "search": "Descendants of MAGIC D'ELLE " ,"nom": "Descendants of MAGIC D'ELLE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MAGIC D'ELLE"},{ "search": "Descendants of NOKTA DE KERBODOAR " ,"nom": "Descendants of NOKTA DE KERBODOAR", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=NOKTA DE KERBODOAR"},{ "search": "Descendants of DON JUAN V " ,"nom": "Descendants of DON JUAN V", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=DON JUAN V"},{ "search": "Descendants of SCANDALE D'IVRAIE " ,"nom": "Descendants of SCANDALE D'IVRAIE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SCANDALE D'IVRAIE"},{ "search": "Descendants of OLIVI " ,"nom": "Descendants of OLIVI", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=OLIVI"},{ "search": "Descendants of PHELIUS STE HERMELLE " ,"nom": "Descendants of PHELIUS STE HERMELLE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=PHELIUS STE HERMELLE"},{ "search": "Descendants of TASSILI D'ELPEGERE " ,"nom": "Descendants of TASSILI D'ELPEGERE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=TASSILI D'ELPEGERE"},{ "search": "Descendants of SIRYUS DE BAVOZ " ,"nom": "Descendants of SIRYUS DE BAVOZ", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SIRYUS DE BAVOZ"},{ "search": "Descendants of SCAREFACE DE MARS " ,"nom": "Descendants of SCAREFACE DE MARS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SCAREFACE DE MARS"},{ "search": "Descendants of OUTSIDER " ,"nom": "Descendants of OUTSIDER", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=OUTSIDER"},{ "search": "Descendants of WINZER F " ,"nom": "Descendants of WINZER F", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=WINZER F"},{ "search": "Descendants of BALZ DE PHIVER " ,"nom": "Descendants of BALZ DE PHIVER", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=BALZ DE PHIVER"},{ "search": "Descendants of AMADEHUS " ,"nom": "Descendants of AMADEHUS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=AMADEHUS"},{ "search": "Descendants of ARON N*SL " ,"nom": "Descendants of ARON N*SL", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ARON N*SL"},{ "search": "Descendants of QUADRO DU VIEUX SAULE " ,"nom": "Descendants of QUADRO DU VIEUX SAULE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=QUADRO DU VIEUX SAULE"},{ "search": "Descendants of HASTING DU BUHOT " ,"nom": "Descendants of HASTING DU BUHOT", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=HASTING DU BUHOT"},{ "search": "Descendants of STARDELPH KENNY " ,"nom": "Descendants of STARDELPH KENNY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=STARDELPH KENNY"},{ "search": "Descendants of TIGANO DE CLAIDS " ,"nom": "Descendants of TIGANO DE CLAIDS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=TIGANO DE CLAIDS"},{ "search": "Descendants of PANAMA TAME " ,"nom": "Descendants of PANAMA TAME", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=PANAMA TAME"},{ "search": "Descendants of MERANTI SHAHNAN " ,"nom": "Descendants of MERANTI SHAHNAN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MERANTI SHAHNAN"},{ "search": "Descendants of EYARTH ATLAS " ,"nom": "Descendants of EYARTH ATLAS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=EYARTH ATLAS"},{ "search": "Descendants of TEORIK DE LAP " ,"nom": "Descendants of TEORIK DE LAP", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=TEORIK DE LAP"},{ "search": "Descendants of IBLIS " ,"nom": "Descendants of IBLIS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=IBLIS"},{ "search": "Descendants of AMURATH SATAN " ,"nom": "Descendants of AMURATH SATAN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=AMURATH SATAN"},{ "search": "Descendants of MYLORD CARTHAGO " ,"nom": "Descendants of MYLORD CARTHAGO", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MYLORD CARTHAGO"},{ "search": "Descendants of MOVIE STAR TILIA " ,"nom": "Descendants of MOVIE STAR TILIA", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MOVIE STAR TILIA"},{ "search": "Descendants of CAESAR VAN DE HELLE " ,"nom": "Descendants of CAESAR VAN DE HELLE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=CAESAR VAN DE HELLE"},{ "search": "Descendants of HAKIM ALKAN P " ,"nom": "Descendants of HAKIM ALKAN P", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=HAKIM ALKAN P"},{ "search": "Descendants of LANDO " ,"nom": "Descendants of LANDO", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=LANDO"},{ "search": "Descendants of SELLIANY CANDY " ,"nom": "Descendants of SELLIANY CANDY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SELLIANY CANDY"},{ "search": "Descendants of ILFORD OF LAPS " ,"nom": "Descendants of ILFORD OF LAPS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ILFORD OF LAPS"},{ "search": "Descendants of NEWTON DE KREISKER " ,"nom": "Descendants of NEWTON DE KREISKER", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=NEWTON DE KREISKER"},{ "search": "Descendants of KINESITEPAS " ,"nom": "Descendants of KINESITEPAS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=KINESITEPAS"},{ "search": "Descendants of KENO DE BRIE " ,"nom": "Descendants of KENO DE BRIE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=KENO DE BRIE"},{ "search": "Descendants of ARPEGE PIERREVILLE " ,"nom": "Descendants of ARPEGE PIERREVILLE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ARPEGE PIERREVILLE"},{ "search": "Descendants of QUINOA BLEU " ,"nom": "Descendants of QUINOA BLEU", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=QUINOA BLEU"},{ "search": "Descendants of MISTRAL DE BRIACE " ,"nom": "Descendants of MISTRAL DE BRIACE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MISTRAL DE BRIACE"},{ "search": "Descendants of PADOCK DU PLESSIS*HN " ,"nom": "Descendants of PADOCK DU PLESSIS*HN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=PADOCK DU PLESSIS*HN"},{ "search": "Descendants of NORWAY DE LA LANDE " ,"nom": "Descendants of NORWAY DE LA LANDE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=NORWAY DE LA LANDE"},{ "search": "Descendants of MIAMI DE SEMILLY " ,"nom": "Descendants of MIAMI DE SEMILLY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MIAMI DE SEMILLY"},{ "search": "Descendants of READY BOY DES FORETS*HN " ,"nom": "Descendants of READY BOY DES FORETS*HN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=READY BOY DES FORETS*HN"},{ "search": "Descendants of SIWING DE TRIAVAL " ,"nom": "Descendants of SIWING DE TRIAVAL", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SIWING DE TRIAVAL"},{ "search": "Descendants of KALASKA DE SEMILLY " ,"nom": "Descendants of KALASKA DE SEMILLY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=KALASKA DE SEMILLY"},{ "search": "Descendants of DARCO " ,"nom": "Descendants of DARCO", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=DARCO"},{ "search": "Descendants of QUELTOPBAY DE LIBERTY " ,"nom": "Descendants of QUELTOPBAY DE LIBERTY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=QUELTOPBAY DE LIBERTY"},{ "search": "Descendants of GOUM DANCER " ,"nom": "Descendants of GOUM DANCER", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=GOUM DANCER"},{ "search": "Descendants of FRICOTIN " ,"nom": "Descendants of FRICOTIN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=FRICOTIN"},{ "search": "Descendants of CRUSADOR " ,"nom": "Descendants of CRUSADOR", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=CRUSADOR"},{ "search": "Descendants of ALLIGATOR FONTAINE " ,"nom": "Descendants of ALLIGATOR FONTAINE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ALLIGATOR FONTAINE"},{ "search": "Descendants of GLEN DE L'AUMONT " ,"nom": "Descendants of GLEN DE L'AUMONT", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=GLEN DE L'AUMONT"},{ "search": "Descendants of UBAC D'ELPEGERE " ,"nom": "Descendants of UBAC D'ELPEGERE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=UBAC D'ELPEGERE"},{ "search": "Descendants of ROMANDO DE L'ABBAYE*HN " ,"nom": "Descendants of ROMANDO DE L'ABBAYE*HN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ROMANDO DE L'ABBAYE*HN"},{ "search": "Descendants of PEZETAS DU ROUET*GFE " ,"nom": "Descendants of PEZETAS DU ROUET*GFE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=PEZETAS DU ROUET*GFE"},{ "search": "Descendants of ROCCOSSIFRED " ,"nom": "Descendants of ROCCOSSIFRED", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ROCCOSSIFRED"},{ "search": "Descendants of FREELEAU*HN " ,"nom": "Descendants of FREELEAU*HN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=FREELEAU*HN"},{ "search": "Descendants of EL DORADO MAOUCHA " ,"nom": "Descendants of EL DORADO MAOUCHA", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=EL DORADO MAOUCHA"},{ "search": "Descendants of OSIRIS D'ORION " ,"nom": "Descendants of OSIRIS D'ORION", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=OSIRIS D'ORION"},{ "search": "Descendants of COROFINO " ,"nom": "Descendants of COROFINO", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=COROFINO"},{ "search": "Descendants of GRIBALDI " ,"nom": "Descendants of GRIBALDI", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=GRIBALDI"},{ "search": "Descendants of ESTEREL DES BOIS " ,"nom": "Descendants of ESTEREL DES BOIS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ESTEREL DES BOIS"},{ "search": "Descendants of PUNCH D'INCARVILLE " ,"nom": "Descendants of PUNCH D'INCARVILLE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=PUNCH D'INCARVILLE"},{ "search": "Descendants of BINGO " ,"nom": "Descendants of BINGO", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=BINGO"},{ "search": "Descendants of RAMSES AND CO " ,"nom": "Descendants of RAMSES AND CO", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=RAMSES AND CO"},{ "search": "Descendants of BJARMI FRA LUNDUM II " ,"nom": "Descendants of BJARMI FRA LUNDUM II", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=BJARMI FRA LUNDUM II"},{ "search": "Descendants of LENNICHA DE FLORYS " ,"nom": "Descendants of LENNICHA DE FLORYS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=LENNICHA DE FLORYS"},{ "search": "Descendants of SISLEY DE LA TOUR VIDAL " ,"nom": "Descendants of SISLEY DE LA TOUR VIDAL", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SISLEY DE LA TOUR VIDAL"},{ "search": "Descendants of REGAN KERVEC " ,"nom": "Descendants of REGAN KERVEC", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=REGAN KERVEC"},{ "search": "Descendants of HENZO DE BOLOI " ,"nom": "Descendants of HENZO DE BOLOI", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=HENZO DE BOLOI"},{ "search": "Descendants of SIEM V STAL NIEUWEMOED " ,"nom": "Descendants of SIEM V STAL NIEUWEMOED", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SIEM V STAL NIEUWEMOED"},{ "search": "Descendants of QUERCUS DU MAURY*HN " ,"nom": "Descendants of QUERCUS DU MAURY*HN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=QUERCUS DU MAURY*HN"},{ "search": "Descendants of FASTOUREL DU CAP " ,"nom": "Descendants of FASTOUREL DU CAP", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=FASTOUREL DU CAP"},{ "search": "Descendants of NOUMA D'AUZAY*LA " ,"nom": "Descendants of NOUMA D'AUZAY*LA", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=NOUMA D'AUZAY*LA"},{ "search": "Descendants of MINOTAUROS*SL " ,"nom": "Descendants of MINOTAUROS*SL", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MINOTAUROS*SL"},{ "search": "Descendants of RICCI DE CABUE " ,"nom": "Descendants of RICCI DE CABUE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=RICCI DE CABUE"},{ "search": "Descendants of RICK D'ICK " ,"nom": "Descendants of RICK D'ICK", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=RICK D'ICK"},{ "search": "Descendants of MACHNO CARWYN " ,"nom": "Descendants of MACHNO CARWYN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MACHNO CARWYN"},{ "search": "Descendants of COMPANIERO " ,"nom": "Descendants of COMPANIERO", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=COMPANIERO"},{ "search": "Descendants of FLAMENCO DESEMILLY " ,"nom": "Descendants of FLAMENCO DESEMILLY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=FLAMENCO DESEMILLY"},{ "search": "Descendants of SEAN DE L'AULNE " ,"nom": "Descendants of SEAN DE L'AULNE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SEAN DE L'AULNE"},{ "search": "Descendants of RAMBO*SL " ,"nom": "Descendants of RAMBO*SL", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=RAMBO*SL"},{ "search": "Descendants of BRANIK " ,"nom": "Descendants of BRANIK", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=BRANIK"},{ "search": "Descendants of DJIN LOTOIS " ,"nom": "Descendants of DJIN LOTOIS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=DJIN LOTOIS"},{ "search": "Descendants of NORMAN PRE NOIR " ,"nom": "Descendants of NORMAN PRE NOIR", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=NORMAN PRE NOIR"},{ "search": "Descendants of KOOIHUSTER TEAKE*SL " ,"nom": "Descendants of KOOIHUSTER TEAKE*SL", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=KOOIHUSTER TEAKE*SL"},{ "search": "Descendants of APACHE D'ADRIERS " ,"nom": "Descendants of APACHE D'ADRIERS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=APACHE D'ADRIERS"},{ "search": "Descendants of VAIR DU ROC " ,"nom": "Descendants of VAIR DU ROC", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=VAIR DU ROC"},{ "search": "Descendants of TOLKIEN DER LENN " ,"nom": "Descendants of TOLKIEN DER LENN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=TOLKIEN DER LENN"},{ "search": "Descendants of ROY DE KERGAUTHIER " ,"nom": "Descendants of ROY DE KERGAUTHIER", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ROY DE KERGAUTHIER"},{ "search": "Descendants of SHAWA DE LIS " ,"nom": "Descendants of SHAWA DE LIS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SHAWA DE LIS"},{ "search": "Descendants of OFIR AL HFIFA " ,"nom": "Descendants of OFIR AL HFIFA", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=OFIR AL HFIFA"},{ "search": "Descendants of MILLAR " ,"nom": "Descendants of MILLAR", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MILLAR"},{ "search": "Descendants of SPIRIT OF SEMILLY " ,"nom": "Descendants of SPIRIT OF SEMILLY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SPIRIT OF SEMILLY"},{ "search": "Descendants of MOZART DES HAYETTES " ,"nom": "Descendants of MOZART DES HAYETTES", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MOZART DES HAYETTES"},{ "search": "Descendants of BRYNOFFA MONACO " ,"nom": "Descendants of BRYNOFFA MONACO", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=BRYNOFFA MONACO"},{ "search": "Descendants of KANNAN*GFE " ,"nom": "Descendants of KANNAN*GFE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=KANNAN*GFE"},{ "search": "Descendants of GRANIT'BOY PONDI " ,"nom": "Descendants of GRANIT'BOY PONDI", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=GRANIT'BOY PONDI"},{ "search": "Descendants of FAROUK EL DJELFOR " ,"nom": "Descendants of FAROUK EL DJELFOR", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=FAROUK EL DJELFOR"},{ "search": "Descendants of JAPPELOUP DE CANTA " ,"nom": "Descendants of JAPPELOUP DE CANTA", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=JAPPELOUP DE CANTA"},{ "search": "Descendants of ROYALTY DE LIBERTY " ,"nom": "Descendants of ROYALTY DE LIBERTY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ROYALTY DE LIBERTY"},{ "search": "Descendants of SHILSTONE ROCKS THUNDERHE " ,"nom": "Descendants of SHILSTONE ROCKS THUNDERHE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SHILSTONE ROCKS THUNDERHE"},{ "search": "Descendants of CHABLIS I Z " ,"nom": "Descendants of CHABLIS I Z", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=CHABLIS I Z"},{ "search": "Descendants of SAFARI D'AUGE " ,"nom": "Descendants of SAFARI D'AUGE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SAFARI D'AUGE"},{ "search": "Descendants of HARDI DU MANOIR " ,"nom": "Descendants of HARDI DU MANOIR", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=HARDI DU MANOIR"},{ "search": "Descendants of RADJA MERANIERE " ,"nom": "Descendants of RADJA MERANIERE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=RADJA MERANIERE"},{ "search": "Descendants of TATIANUS " ,"nom": "Descendants of TATIANUS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=TATIANUS"},{ "search": "Descendants of ROCK'N ROLL SEMILLY " ,"nom": "Descendants of ROCK'N ROLL SEMILLY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ROCK'N ROLL SEMILLY"},{ "search": "Descendants of FLATTEUR " ,"nom": "Descendants of FLATTEUR", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=FLATTEUR"},{ "search": "Descendants of QUITE EASY " ,"nom": "Descendants of QUITE EASY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=QUITE EASY"},{ "search": "Descendants of OGRION DES CHAMPS " ,"nom": "Descendants of OGRION DES CHAMPS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=OGRION DES CHAMPS"},{ "search": "Descendants of CLINTON II " ,"nom": "Descendants of CLINTON II", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=CLINTON II"},{ "search": "Descendants of COMPONIST CHAMPBLANC " ,"nom": "Descendants of COMPONIST CHAMPBLANC", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=COMPONIST CHAMPBLANC"},{ "search": "Descendants of ROBINWOOD DE BLONDE " ,"nom": "Descendants of ROBINWOOD DE BLONDE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ROBINWOOD DE BLONDE"},{ "search": "Descendants of ORIGAN DE LESSAC " ,"nom": "Descendants of ORIGAN DE LESSAC", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ORIGAN DE LESSAC"},{ "search": "Descendants of SALTO DE L'ISLE " ,"nom": "Descendants of SALTO DE L'ISLE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SALTO DE L'ISLE"},{ "search": "Descendants of BEDOUIN DE PIBOUL " ,"nom": "Descendants of BEDOUIN DE PIBOUL", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=BEDOUIN DE PIBOUL"},{ "search": "Descendants of ILVIEN DES MIELLES " ,"nom": "Descendants of ILVIEN DES MIELLES", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ILVIEN DES MIELLES"},{ "search": "Descendants of NUMERUS CLAUSUS " ,"nom": "Descendants of NUMERUS CLAUSUS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=NUMERUS CLAUSUS"},{ "search": "Descendants of MIRIEJANS J R " ,"nom": "Descendants of MIRIEJANS J R", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MIRIEJANS J R"},{ "search": "Descendants of GAZAL BERKENYE " ,"nom": "Descendants of GAZAL BERKENYE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=GAZAL BERKENYE"},{ "search": "Descendants of OKAPI DE BENNES " ,"nom": "Descendants of OKAPI DE BENNES", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=OKAPI DE BENNES"},{ "search": "Descendants of DAGUET DU ROCHAU " ,"nom": "Descendants of DAGUET DU ROCHAU", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=DAGUET DU ROCHAU"},{ "search": "Descendants of PARCO " ,"nom": "Descendants of PARCO", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=PARCO"},{ "search": "Descendants of QUICKLY DE KREISKER " ,"nom": "Descendants of QUICKLY DE KREISKER", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=QUICKLY DE KREISKER"},{ "search": "Descendants of HALSTOCK HIGHLAND MIST " ,"nom": "Descendants of HALSTOCK HIGHLAND MIST", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=HALSTOCK HIGHLAND MIST"},{ "search": "Descendants of TOP GUN SEMILLY " ,"nom": "Descendants of TOP GUN SEMILLY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=TOP GUN SEMILLY"},{ "search": "Descendants of ORLANDO V STAL WESTERWOLE " ,"nom": "Descendants of ORLANDO V STAL WESTERWOLE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ORLANDO V STAL WESTERWOLE"},{ "search": "Descendants of UGO DES CLAS*DORCAMP " ,"nom": "Descendants of UGO DES CLAS*DORCAMP", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=UGO DES CLAS*DORCAMP"},{ "search": "Descendants of LIMMERICK " ,"nom": "Descendants of LIMMERICK", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=LIMMERICK"},{ "search": "Descendants of GRENAT DE GREZ " ,"nom": "Descendants of GRENAT DE GREZ", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=GRENAT DE GREZ"},{ "search": "Descendants of QUEBRACHO SEMILLY " ,"nom": "Descendants of QUEBRACHO SEMILLY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=QUEBRACHO SEMILLY"},{ "search": "Descendants of MESSIRE ARDENT " ,"nom": "Descendants of MESSIRE ARDENT", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MESSIRE ARDENT"},{ "search": "Descendants of CONRAD " ,"nom": "Descendants of CONRAD", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=CONRAD"},{ "search": "Descendants of KANNAN " ,"nom": "Descendants of KANNAN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=KANNAN"},{ "search": "Descendants of RUSSEL " ,"nom": "Descendants of RUSSEL", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=RUSSEL"},{ "search": "Descendants of UNTOUCHABLE M " ,"nom": "Descendants of UNTOUCHABLE M", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=UNTOUCHABLE M"},{ "search": "Descendants of RASTAQUOUERE " ,"nom": "Descendants of RASTAQUOUERE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=RASTAQUOUERE"},{ "search": "Descendants of CASSINI I " ,"nom": "Descendants of CASSINI I", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=CASSINI I"},{ "search": "Descendants of CERES DE LAFON " ,"nom": "Descendants of CERES DE LAFON", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=CERES DE LAFON"},{ "search": "Descendants of TURBO D'AIGONNAY " ,"nom": "Descendants of TURBO D'AIGONNAY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=TURBO D'AIGONNAY"},{ "search": "Descendants of NUMBER ONE MODESTY " ,"nom": "Descendants of NUMBER ONE MODESTY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=NUMBER ONE MODESTY"},{ "search": "Descendants of CASALL " ,"nom": "Descendants of CASALL", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=CASALL"},{ "search": "Descendants of TAO DES CLAURY " ,"nom": "Descendants of TAO DES CLAURY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=TAO DES CLAURY"},{ "search": "Descendants of A LEE VD ZANDKAMP " ,"nom": "Descendants of A LEE VD ZANDKAMP", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=A LEE VD ZANDKAMP"},{ "search": "Descendants of CARTOON " ,"nom": "Descendants of CARTOON", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=CARTOON"},{ "search": "Descendants of L'ARC DE TRIOMPHE " ,"nom": "Descendants of L'ARC DE TRIOMPHE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=L'ARC DE TRIOMPHE"},{ "search": "Descendants of KILDARE DU CAREL " ,"nom": "Descendants of KILDARE DU CAREL", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=KILDARE DU CAREL"},{ "search": "Descendants of OGANO SITTE " ,"nom": "Descendants of OGANO SITTE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=OGANO SITTE"},{ "search": "Descendants of ATHYS ROCQ " ,"nom": "Descendants of ATHYS ROCQ", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ATHYS ROCQ"},{ "search": "Descendants of ENSOR VAN DE HEFFINCK " ,"nom": "Descendants of ENSOR VAN DE HEFFINCK", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ENSOR VAN DE HEFFINCK"},{ "search": "Descendants of VIERSEN K " ,"nom": "Descendants of VIERSEN K", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=VIERSEN K"},{ "search": "Descendants of MUDIR DE NAVARRE " ,"nom": "Descendants of MUDIR DE NAVARRE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MUDIR DE NAVARRE"},{ "search": "Descendants of ALLEGRETO " ,"nom": "Descendants of ALLEGRETO", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ALLEGRETO"},{ "search": "Descendants of TAO DU CAVALLON " ,"nom": "Descendants of TAO DU CAVALLON", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=TAO DU CAVALLON"},{ "search": "Descendants of ON IRA " ,"nom": "Descendants of ON IRA", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ON IRA"},{ "search": "Descendants of COUNTRY MELODY " ,"nom": "Descendants of COUNTRY MELODY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=COUNTRY MELODY"},{ "search": "Descendants of MERLIN " ,"nom": "Descendants of MERLIN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MERLIN"},{ "search": "Descendants of EOLE DU COIN PERDU " ,"nom": "Descendants of EOLE DU COIN PERDU", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=EOLE DU COIN PERDU"},{ "search": "Descendants of CHEYENNE DE LA NEE " ,"nom": "Descendants of CHEYENNE DE LA NEE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=CHEYENNE DE LA NEE"},{ "search": "Descendants of SMOOTH OPERATOR " ,"nom": "Descendants of SMOOTH OPERATOR", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SMOOTH OPERATOR"},{ "search": "Descendants of THEOREME DE L'AUBE " ,"nom": "Descendants of THEOREME DE L'AUBE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=THEOREME DE L'AUBE"},{ "search": "Descendants of IDEFIX DU VILLON " ,"nom": "Descendants of IDEFIX DU VILLON", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=IDEFIX DU VILLON"},{ "search": "Descendants of COCUM THUNDER BOY " ,"nom": "Descendants of COCUM THUNDER BOY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=COCUM THUNDER BOY"},{ "search": "Descendants of TANAM DE GRANGUES " ,"nom": "Descendants of TANAM DE GRANGUES", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=TANAM DE GRANGUES"},{ "search": "Descendants of UTHA ANBATOR " ,"nom": "Descendants of UTHA ANBATOR", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=UTHA ANBATOR"},{ "search": "Descendants of CARDERO " ,"nom": "Descendants of CARDERO", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=CARDERO"},{ "search": "Descendants of SUNDAYDERIVERLAND*BOISMAR " ,"nom": "Descendants of SUNDAYDERIVERLAND*BOISMAR", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SUNDAYDERIVERLAND*BOISMAR"},{ "search": "Descendants of STORMY DE SIVRY " ,"nom": "Descendants of STORMY DE SIVRY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=STORMY DE SIVRY"},{ "search": "Descendants of TOBAGO CHEVRIER " ,"nom": "Descendants of TOBAGO CHEVRIER", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=TOBAGO CHEVRIER"},{ "search": "Descendants of SUNDAY DE RIVERLAND " ,"nom": "Descendants of SUNDAY DE RIVERLAND", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SUNDAY DE RIVERLAND"},{ "search": "Descendants of QUENZO D'AZUR " ,"nom": "Descendants of QUENZO D'AZUR", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=QUENZO D'AZUR"},{ "search": "Descendants of CASSINI II " ,"nom": "Descendants of CASSINI II", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=CASSINI II"},{ "search": "Descendants of HYWI REAL MAGIC " ,"nom": "Descendants of HYWI REAL MAGIC", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=HYWI REAL MAGIC"},{ "search": "Descendants of OSCAR DES FONTAINES " ,"nom": "Descendants of OSCAR DES FONTAINES", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=OSCAR DES FONTAINES"},{ "search": "Descendants of ELGADIR DE PAWI " ,"nom": "Descendants of ELGADIR DE PAWI", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ELGADIR DE PAWI"},{ "search": "Descendants of TIBET TAME " ,"nom": "Descendants of TIBET TAME", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=TIBET TAME"},{ "search": "Descendants of PARAMO K " ,"nom": "Descendants of PARAMO K", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=PARAMO K"},{ "search": "Descendants of MYLORD CARTHAGO*HN " ,"nom": "Descendants of MYLORD CARTHAGO*HN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MYLORD CARTHAGO*HN"},{ "search": "Descendants of DOLLAR DELA PIERRE " ,"nom": "Descendants of DOLLAR DELA PIERRE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=DOLLAR DELA PIERRE"},{ "search": "Descendants of SEA BIRD FAST " ,"nom": "Descendants of SEA BIRD FAST", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SEA BIRD FAST"},{ "search": "Descendants of CALIDOS " ,"nom": "Descendants of CALIDOS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=CALIDOS"},{ "search": "Descendants of UT MAJEUR DE TREILLE " ,"nom": "Descendants of UT MAJEUR DE TREILLE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=UT MAJEUR DE TREILLE"},{ "search": "Descendants of NATHAN DE LA TOUR " ,"nom": "Descendants of NATHAN DE LA TOUR", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=NATHAN DE LA TOUR"},{ "search": "Descendants of KOOIHUSTER TEAKE " ,"nom": "Descendants of KOOIHUSTER TEAKE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=KOOIHUSTER TEAKE"},{ "search": "Descendants of EPSOM GESMERAY " ,"nom": "Descendants of EPSOM GESMERAY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=EPSOM GESMERAY"},{ "search": "Descendants of BEKAM DE PIBOUL " ,"nom": "Descendants of BEKAM DE PIBOUL", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=BEKAM DE PIBOUL"},{ "search": "Descendants of PENN AR STIVELL " ,"nom": "Descendants of PENN AR STIVELL", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=PENN AR STIVELL"},{ "search": "Descendants of HURLEVAN DU PREUIL " ,"nom": "Descendants of HURLEVAN DU PREUIL", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=HURLEVAN DU PREUIL"},{ "search": "Descendants of ESTA SKAZIR " ,"nom": "Descendants of ESTA SKAZIR", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ESTA SKAZIR"},{ "search": "Descendants of QUELFRIVOL DESMIELLES " ,"nom": "Descendants of QUELFRIVOL DESMIELLES", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=QUELFRIVOL DESMIELLES"},{ "search": "Descendants of NOUBA A BATILLY " ,"nom": "Descendants of NOUBA A BATILLY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=NOUBA A BATILLY"},{ "search": "Descendants of TANNGRISNIR " ,"nom": "Descendants of TANNGRISNIR", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=TANNGRISNIR"},{ "search": "Descendants of POLARIS RED ROCK " ,"nom": "Descendants of POLARIS RED ROCK", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=POLARIS RED ROCK"},{ "search": "Descendants of TOUWAN DES GESQUIS " ,"nom": "Descendants of TOUWAN DES GESQUIS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=TOUWAN DES GESQUIS"},{ "search": "Descendants of L'ELU DE DUN " ,"nom": "Descendants of L'ELU DE DUN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=L'ELU DE DUN"},{ "search": "Descendants of UGOBAK DES BALEINES " ,"nom": "Descendants of UGOBAK DES BALEINES", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=UGOBAK DES BALEINES"},{ "search": "Descendants of CYRANO DE BERGERAC " ,"nom": "Descendants of CYRANO DE BERGERAC", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=CYRANO DE BERGERAC"},{ "search": "Descendants of MELVIN CANDY " ,"nom": "Descendants of MELVIN CANDY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MELVIN CANDY"},{ "search": "Descendants of ONCLE POL*HN " ,"nom": "Descendants of ONCLE POL*HN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ONCLE POL*HN"},{ "search": "Descendants of RUFUS ELVEY " ,"nom": "Descendants of RUFUS ELVEY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=RUFUS ELVEY"},{ "search": "Descendants of DON JUAN DE HUS " ,"nom": "Descendants of DON JUAN DE HUS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=DON JUAN DE HUS"},{ "search": "Descendants of PLOT BLUE " ,"nom": "Descendants of PLOT BLUE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=PLOT BLUE"},{ "search": "Descendants of LITCHI HOY " ,"nom": "Descendants of LITCHI HOY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=LITCHI HOY"},{ "search": "Descendants of HALOUBET DE GORZE " ,"nom": "Descendants of HALOUBET DE GORZE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=HALOUBET DE GORZE"},{ "search": "Descendants of DROP DES VARENNES " ,"nom": "Descendants of DROP DES VARENNES", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=DROP DES VARENNES"},{ "search": "Descendants of SHOUPPYDAM DES HORTS " ,"nom": "Descendants of SHOUPPYDAM DES HORTS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SHOUPPYDAM DES HORTS"},{ "search": "Descendants of NONPLUSULTRA 33 " ,"nom": "Descendants of NONPLUSULTRA 33", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=NONPLUSULTRA 33"},{ "search": "Descendants of SERKO ANBATOR " ,"nom": "Descendants of SERKO ANBATOR", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SERKO ANBATOR"},{ "search": "Descendants of TAXI DRIVER DU LIN " ,"nom": "Descendants of TAXI DRIVER DU LIN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=TAXI DRIVER DU LIN"},{ "search": "Descendants of ORPHEE DE NANTUEL " ,"nom": "Descendants of ORPHEE DE NANTUEL", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ORPHEE DE NANTUEL"},{ "search": "Descendants of ORLANDO " ,"nom": "Descendants of ORLANDO", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ORLANDO"},{ "search": "Descendants of BRUNO " ,"nom": "Descendants of BRUNO", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=BRUNO"},{ "search": "Descendants of UNIBLUE " ,"nom": "Descendants of UNIBLUE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=UNIBLUE"},{ "search": "Descendants of ROCK'N ROLL ANIMAL " ,"nom": "Descendants of ROCK'N ROLL ANIMAL", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ROCK'N ROLL ANIMAL"},{ "search": "Descendants of CALYPSO D'HERBIERS " ,"nom": "Descendants of CALYPSO D'HERBIERS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=CALYPSO D'HERBIERS"},{ "search": "Descendants of NOUMA D'AUZAY " ,"nom": "Descendants of NOUMA D'AUZAY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=NOUMA D'AUZAY"},{ "search": "Descendants of ANYDALE RON " ,"nom": "Descendants of ANYDALE RON", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ANYDALE RON"},{ "search": "Descendants of AIR JORDAN " ,"nom": "Descendants of AIR JORDAN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=AIR JORDAN"},{ "search": "Descendants of CHURCHILL DE HUS " ,"nom": "Descendants of CHURCHILL DE HUS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=CHURCHILL DE HUS"},{ "search": "Descendants of TORRENT BIBOULET " ,"nom": "Descendants of TORRENT BIBOULET", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=TORRENT BIBOULET"},{ "search": "Descendants of COLESTUS " ,"nom": "Descendants of COLESTUS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=COLESTUS"},{ "search": "Descendants of OLALA DE BUISSY " ,"nom": "Descendants of OLALA DE BUISSY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=OLALA DE BUISSY"},{ "search": "Descendants of DEXTER LEAM PONDI " ,"nom": "Descendants of DEXTER LEAM PONDI", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=DEXTER LEAM PONDI"},{ "search": "Descendants of ARKO " ,"nom": "Descendants of ARKO", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ARKO"},{ "search": "Descendants of MARKUS DE ROSEMONT " ,"nom": "Descendants of MARKUS DE ROSEMONT", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MARKUS DE ROSEMONT"},{ "search": "Descendants of TRESOR MAIL " ,"nom": "Descendants of TRESOR MAIL", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=TRESOR MAIL"},{ "search": "Descendants of JARNAC " ,"nom": "Descendants of JARNAC", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=JARNAC"},{ "search": "Descendants of ULMAR MAIL " ,"nom": "Descendants of ULMAR MAIL", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ULMAR MAIL"},{ "search": "Descendants of ROMANDO DE L'ABBAYE " ,"nom": "Descendants of ROMANDO DE L'ABBAYE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ROMANDO DE L'ABBAYE"},{ "search": "Descendants of QROCODILE D'ENFER " ,"nom": "Descendants of QROCODILE D'ENFER", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=QROCODILE D'ENFER"},{ "search": "Descendants of USANDRO TILIA DERLENN " ,"nom": "Descendants of USANDRO TILIA DERLENN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=USANDRO TILIA DERLENN"},{ "search": "Descendants of KORO D'OR " ,"nom": "Descendants of KORO D'OR", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=KORO D'OR"},{ "search": "Descendants of KIM DU MAURY " ,"nom": "Descendants of KIM DU MAURY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=KIM DU MAURY"},{ "search": "Descendants of QUERCUS DU MAURY " ,"nom": "Descendants of QUERCUS DU MAURY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=QUERCUS DU MAURY"},{ "search": "Descendants of RIVA NOE DE LATREILLE " ,"nom": "Descendants of RIVA NOE DE LATREILLE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=RIVA NOE DE LATREILLE"},{ "search": "Descendants of REGENSBURG D'URIAT " ,"nom": "Descendants of REGENSBURG D'URIAT", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=REGENSBURG D'URIAT"},{ "search": "Descendants of UN CAPRICE DECHALUSSE " ,"nom": "Descendants of UN CAPRICE DECHALUSSE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=UN CAPRICE DECHALUSSE"},{ "search": "Descendants of DAMIRO B " ,"nom": "Descendants of DAMIRO B", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=DAMIRO B"},{ "search": "Descendants of NILS DE LOJOU " ,"nom": "Descendants of NILS DE LOJOU", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=NILS DE LOJOU"},{ "search": "Descendants of QUAPRICE BOIMARGOT QUINCY " ,"nom": "Descendants of QUAPRICE BOIMARGOT QUINCY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=QUAPRICE BOIMARGOT QUINCY"},{ "search": "Descendants of QUANABIS DU TREGOR " ,"nom": "Descendants of QUANABIS DU TREGOR", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=QUANABIS DU TREGOR"},{ "search": "Descendants of SARANTOS " ,"nom": "Descendants of SARANTOS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SARANTOS"},{ "search": "Descendants of WELCOME SYMPATICO " ,"nom": "Descendants of WELCOME SYMPATICO", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=WELCOME SYMPATICO"},{ "search": "Descendants of VELOCE DE FAVI " ,"nom": "Descendants of VELOCE DE FAVI", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=VELOCE DE FAVI"},{ "search": "Descendants of CURRACHMORE CASHEL " ,"nom": "Descendants of CURRACHMORE CASHEL", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=CURRACHMORE CASHEL"},{ "search": "Descendants of ICARE D'OLYMPE " ,"nom": "Descendants of ICARE D'OLYMPE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ICARE D'OLYMPE"},{ "search": "Descendants of DON PIERRE " ,"nom": "Descendants of DON PIERRE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=DON PIERRE"},{ "search": "Descendants of UILHOU WINZ " ,"nom": "Descendants of UILHOU WINZ", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=UILHOU WINZ"},{ "search": "Descendants of INQUARTO DE LAP " ,"nom": "Descendants of INQUARTO DE LAP", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=INQUARTO DE LAP"},{ "search": "Descendants of QUINTUS D'09 " ,"nom": "Descendants of QUINTUS D'09", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=QUINTUS D'09"},{ "search": "Descendants of CATHAEL CARADOG " ,"nom": "Descendants of CATHAEL CARADOG", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=CATHAEL CARADOG"},{ "search": "Descendants of DELAMI DARTHVADER " ,"nom": "Descendants of DELAMI DARTHVADER", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=DELAMI DARTHVADER"},{ "search": "Descendants of MIKEL " ,"nom": "Descendants of MIKEL", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MIKEL"},{ "search": "Descendants of MAD DU BOSC " ,"nom": "Descendants of MAD DU BOSC", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MAD DU BOSC"},{ "search": "Descendants of RIALTO GILIAN SEGURET " ,"nom": "Descendants of RIALTO GILIAN SEGURET", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=RIALTO GILIAN SEGURET"},{ "search": "Descendants of PTICHOUAN DELPHINIERE " ,"nom": "Descendants of PTICHOUAN DELPHINIERE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=PTICHOUAN DELPHINIERE"},{ "search": "Descendants of PARC RIBBON OF BLUE " ,"nom": "Descendants of PARC RIBBON OF BLUE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=PARC RIBBON OF BLUE"},{ "search": "Descendants of VIKING DU BARY " ,"nom": "Descendants of VIKING DU BARY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=VIKING DU BARY"},{ "search": "Descendants of PAPS LATE " ,"nom": "Descendants of PAPS LATE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=PAPS LATE"},{ "search": "Descendants of TARZAN DE BEAULIEU " ,"nom": "Descendants of TARZAN DE BEAULIEU", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=TARZAN DE BEAULIEU"},{ "search": "Descendants of VON CHACCO IXE " ,"nom": "Descendants of VON CHACCO IXE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=VON CHACCO IXE"},{ "search": "Descendants of UTRILLO VD HEFFINCK " ,"nom": "Descendants of UTRILLO VD HEFFINCK", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=UTRILLO VD HEFFINCK"},{ "search": "Descendants of SNOOPY DES ETISSES " ,"nom": "Descendants of SNOOPY DES ETISSES", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SNOOPY DES ETISSES"},{ "search": "Descendants of HERMES D'AUTHIEUX " ,"nom": "Descendants of HERMES D'AUTHIEUX", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=HERMES D'AUTHIEUX"},{ "search": "Descendants of OPPLALA ST HYMER " ,"nom": "Descendants of OPPLALA ST HYMER", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=OPPLALA ST HYMER"},{ "search": "Descendants of POWER DE PUYCHETY " ,"nom": "Descendants of POWER DE PUYCHETY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=POWER DE PUYCHETY"},{ "search": "Descendants of UPSILON " ,"nom": "Descendants of UPSILON", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=UPSILON"},{ "search": "Descendants of KANTJE'S ADMIRAAL " ,"nom": "Descendants of KANTJE'S ADMIRAAL", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=KANTJE'S ADMIRAAL"},{ "search": "Descendants of SEXY BOY DU ROUTHOU " ,"nom": "Descendants of SEXY BOY DU ROUTHOU", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SEXY BOY DU ROUTHOU"},{ "search": "Descendants of MOMALE " ,"nom": "Descendants of MOMALE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MOMALE"},{ "search": "Descendants of SHERKAN DU PANJSHIR " ,"nom": "Descendants of SHERKAN DU PANJSHIR", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SHERKAN DU PANJSHIR"},{ "search": "Descendants of UHLAND D'AVEN " ,"nom": "Descendants of UHLAND D'AVEN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=UHLAND D'AVEN"},{ "search": "Descendants of MINOTAUROS " ,"nom": "Descendants of MINOTAUROS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MINOTAUROS"},{ "search": "Descendants of KHEOPS ST LOIS " ,"nom": "Descendants of KHEOPS ST LOIS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=KHEOPS ST LOIS"},{ "search": "Descendants of QUATRO DE RIVERLAND " ,"nom": "Descendants of QUATRO DE RIVERLAND", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=QUATRO DE RIVERLAND"},{ "search": "Descendants of ORIENT DU PY " ,"nom": "Descendants of ORIENT DU PY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ORIENT DU PY"},{ "search": "Descendants of VDESAS DU CHAPELAN " ,"nom": "Descendants of VDESAS DU CHAPELAN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=VDESAS DU CHAPELAN"},{ "search": "Descendants of E T CRYOZOOTECH Z CL " ,"nom": "Descendants of E T CRYOZOOTECH Z CL", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=E T CRYOZOOTECH Z CL"},{ "search": "Descendants of EASY BOY " ,"nom": "Descendants of EASY BOY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=EASY BOY"},{ "search": "Descendants of ASIAN ARVEI " ,"nom": "Descendants of ASIAN ARVEI", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ASIAN ARVEI"},{ "search": "Descendants of BE CHAMPION SUPREME D ETE " ,"nom": "Descendants of BE CHAMPION SUPREME D ETE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=BE CHAMPION SUPREME D ETE"},{ "search": "Descendants of AVENIR DE L'AUMONT " ,"nom": "Descendants of AVENIR DE L'AUMONT", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=AVENIR DE L'AUMONT"},{ "search": "Descendants of NORMATIV " ,"nom": "Descendants of NORMATIV", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=NORMATIV"},{ "search": "Descendants of FOR HERO*DE HUS " ,"nom": "Descendants of FOR HERO*DE HUS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=FOR HERO*DE HUS"},{ "search": "Descendants of STRADIVARI " ,"nom": "Descendants of STRADIVARI", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=STRADIVARI"},{ "search": "Descendants of WALLON DU CIZEROS " ,"nom": "Descendants of WALLON DU CIZEROS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=WALLON DU CIZEROS"},{ "search": "Descendants of BOLIDE DE CHAMBORD " ,"nom": "Descendants of BOLIDE DE CHAMBORD", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=BOLIDE DE CHAMBORD"},{ "search": "Descendants of BEUKENHOF'S BARRY " ,"nom": "Descendants of BEUKENHOF'S BARRY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=BEUKENHOF'S BARRY"},{ "search": "Descendants of VIDAM SAND " ,"nom": "Descendants of VIDAM SAND", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=VIDAM SAND"},{ "search": "Descendants of GNOME*HN " ,"nom": "Descendants of GNOME*HN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=GNOME*HN"},{ "search": "Descendants of LEADERSHIP " ,"nom": "Descendants of LEADERSHIP", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=LEADERSHIP"},{ "search": "Descendants of PAINTED BLACK " ,"nom": "Descendants of PAINTED BLACK", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=PAINTED BLACK"},{ "search": "Descendants of GOLDEN HERO 2 " ,"nom": "Descendants of GOLDEN HERO 2", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=GOLDEN HERO 2"},{ "search": "Descendants of QLADDAGHDUFF " ,"nom": "Descendants of QLADDAGHDUFF", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=QLADDAGHDUFF"},{ "search": "Descendants of COOL FLOREVAL Z " ,"nom": "Descendants of COOL FLOREVAL Z", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=COOL FLOREVAL Z"},{ "search": "Descendants of GEO DE VAUBADON " ,"nom": "Descendants of GEO DE VAUBADON", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=GEO DE VAUBADON"},{ "search": "Descendants of TREVALLION AL PACINO " ,"nom": "Descendants of TREVALLION AL PACINO", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=TREVALLION AL PACINO"},{ "search": "Descendants of APACHE " ,"nom": "Descendants of APACHE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=APACHE"},{ "search": "Descendants of MAGIC LEAM PONDI " ,"nom": "Descendants of MAGIC LEAM PONDI", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MAGIC LEAM PONDI"},{ "search": "Descendants of CARLSON " ,"nom": "Descendants of CARLSON", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=CARLSON"},{ "search": "Descendants of ZEGMAR VD ZANDKAMP " ,"nom": "Descendants of ZEGMAR VD ZANDKAMP", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ZEGMAR VD ZANDKAMP"},{ "search": "Descendants of ESCLEY THIMBLE " ,"nom": "Descendants of ESCLEY THIMBLE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ESCLEY THIMBLE"},{ "search": "Descendants of SHALLOWATER ARCTIC " ,"nom": "Descendants of SHALLOWATER ARCTIC", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SHALLOWATER ARCTIC"},{ "search": "Descendants of ZAPATERO VDL " ,"nom": "Descendants of ZAPATERO VDL", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ZAPATERO VDL"},{ "search": "Descendants of JERRY LEE DE LACHEM " ,"nom": "Descendants of JERRY LEE DE LACHEM", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=JERRY LEE DE LACHEM"},{ "search": "Descendants of GOLDFEVER " ,"nom": "Descendants of GOLDFEVER", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=GOLDFEVER"},{ "search": "Descendants of AMARO DE LA BIOLEE " ,"nom": "Descendants of AMARO DE LA BIOLEE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=AMARO DE LA BIOLEE"},{ "search": "Descendants of TYNYMOR GRAND SLAM " ,"nom": "Descendants of TYNYMOR GRAND SLAM", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=TYNYMOR GRAND SLAM"},{ "search": "Descendants of GRAND CRU " ,"nom": "Descendants of GRAND CRU", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=GRAND CRU"},{ "search": "Descendants of UBIWAN DES COLINES " ,"nom": "Descendants of UBIWAN DES COLINES", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=UBIWAN DES COLINES"},{ "search": "Descendants of KRACK C " ,"nom": "Descendants of KRACK C", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=KRACK C"},{ "search": "Descendants of VOLVERYN DE MAIKA " ,"nom": "Descendants of VOLVERYN DE MAIKA", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=VOLVERYN DE MAIKA"},{ "search": "Descendants of JE T'AIME FLAMENCO " ,"nom": "Descendants of JE T'AIME FLAMENCO", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=JE T'AIME FLAMENCO"},{ "search": "Descendants of SANDRO BEAST " ,"nom": "Descendants of SANDRO BEAST", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SANDRO BEAST"},{ "search": "Descendants of CORLAND " ,"nom": "Descendants of CORLAND", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=CORLAND"},{ "search": "Descendants of DENZEL V'T MEULENHOF " ,"nom": "Descendants of DENZEL V'T MEULENHOF", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=DENZEL V'T MEULENHOF"},{ "search": "Descendants of WUNDER BOY VD ZUUTHOEVE " ,"nom": "Descendants of WUNDER BOY VD ZUUTHOEVE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=WUNDER BOY VD ZUUTHOEVE"},{ "search": "Descendants of PADRONS IMMAGE " ,"nom": "Descendants of PADRONS IMMAGE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=PADRONS IMMAGE"},{ "search": "Descendants of IAGO C " ,"nom": "Descendants of IAGO C", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=IAGO C"},{ "search": "Descendants of LE TOT DE SEMILLY " ,"nom": "Descendants of LE TOT DE SEMILLY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=LE TOT DE SEMILLY"},{ "search": "Descendants of ROX DE LA TOUCHE " ,"nom": "Descendants of ROX DE LA TOUCHE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ROX DE LA TOUCHE"},{ "search": "Descendants of VENT FOU DUFF " ,"nom": "Descendants of VENT FOU DUFF", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=VENT FOU DUFF"},{ "search": "Descendants of GAZA DE FRESSANGES " ,"nom": "Descendants of GAZA DE FRESSANGES", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=GAZA DE FRESSANGES"},{ "search": "Descendants of ZT MARWTEYN " ,"nom": "Descendants of ZT MARWTEYN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ZT MARWTEYN"},{ "search": "Descendants of ROCKY GRICHET " ,"nom": "Descendants of ROCKY GRICHET", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ROCKY GRICHET"},{ "search": "Descendants of CAMEE DE LISLE " ,"nom": "Descendants of CAMEE DE LISLE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=CAMEE DE LISLE"},{ "search": "Descendants of ETALON OR " ,"nom": "Descendants of ETALON OR", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ETALON OR"},{ "search": "Descendants of CONCORDE " ,"nom": "Descendants of CONCORDE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=CONCORDE"},{ "search": "Descendants of RYON D'ANZEX " ,"nom": "Descendants of RYON D'ANZEX", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=RYON D'ANZEX"},{ "search": "Descendants of CABRI D'ELLE " ,"nom": "Descendants of CABRI D'ELLE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=CABRI D'ELLE"},{ "search": "Descendants of ELAN DE LA COUR " ,"nom": "Descendants of ELAN DE LA COUR", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ELAN DE LA COUR"},{ "search": "Descendants of CEBLESSE " ,"nom": "Descendants of CEBLESSE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=CEBLESSE"},{ "search": "Descendants of ALDARON PLAISANCE " ,"nom": "Descendants of ALDARON PLAISANCE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ALDARON PLAISANCE"},{ "search": "Descendants of DE GOEDE REE NOW OR NEVER " ,"nom": "Descendants of DE GOEDE REE NOW OR NEVER", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=DE GOEDE REE NOW OR NEVER"},{ "search": "Descendants of WILDZANG'S GOLDEN MARK " ,"nom": "Descendants of WILDZANG'S GOLDEN MARK", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=WILDZANG'S GOLDEN MARK"},{ "search": "Descendants of LASINO " ,"nom": "Descendants of LASINO", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=LASINO"},{ "search": "Descendants of NABAB DE REVE " ,"nom": "Descendants of NABAB DE REVE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=NABAB DE REVE"},{ "search": "Descendants of FLYER " ,"nom": "Descendants of FLYER", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=FLYER"},{ "search": "Descendants of LIMBO " ,"nom": "Descendants of LIMBO", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=LIMBO"},{ "search": "Descendants of LAUXLEY DE BREVE " ,"nom": "Descendants of LAUXLEY DE BREVE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=LAUXLEY DE BREVE"},{ "search": "Descendants of L'ARCANGELO Z " ,"nom": "Descendants of L'ARCANGELO Z", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=L'ARCANGELO Z"},{ "search": "Descendants of MYSTIC IMMAGE " ,"nom": "Descendants of MYSTIC IMMAGE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MYSTIC IMMAGE"},{ "search": "Descendants of ELJI DE NAUTIAC " ,"nom": "Descendants of ELJI DE NAUTIAC", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ELJI DE NAUTIAC"},{ "search": "Descendants of BRIERDENE NEWSFLASH " ,"nom": "Descendants of BRIERDENE NEWSFLASH", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=BRIERDENE NEWSFLASH"},{ "search": "Descendants of GENESIS B " ,"nom": "Descendants of GENESIS B", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=GENESIS B"},{ "search": "Descendants of AWWAL IBN MAHALIM " ,"nom": "Descendants of AWWAL IBN MAHALIM", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=AWWAL IBN MAHALIM"},{ "search": "Descendants of MISTER CHAYOTTES Z " ,"nom": "Descendants of MISTER CHAYOTTES Z", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MISTER CHAYOTTES Z"},{ "search": "Descendants of VOLTAIRE " ,"nom": "Descendants of VOLTAIRE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=VOLTAIRE"},{ "search": "Descendants of BEL AMI DU RUERE " ,"nom": "Descendants of BEL AMI DU RUERE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=BEL AMI DU RUERE"},{ "search": "Descendants of PAMPHILE " ,"nom": "Descendants of PAMPHILE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=PAMPHILE"},{ "search": "Descendants of NABATH*HN " ,"nom": "Descendants of NABATH*HN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=NABATH*HN"},{ "search": "Descendants of ROTGERS SIEMEN " ,"nom": "Descendants of ROTGERS SIEMEN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ROTGERS SIEMEN"},{ "search": "Descendants of SPIRIT BIBOULET*HN " ,"nom": "Descendants of SPIRIT BIBOULET*HN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SPIRIT BIBOULET*HN"},{ "search": "Descendants of CANAL MISTY FIONN " ,"nom": "Descendants of CANAL MISTY FIONN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=CANAL MISTY FIONN"},{ "search": "Descendants of NARCOS II " ,"nom": "Descendants of NARCOS II", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=NARCOS II"},{ "search": "Descendants of FLIPPER D'ELLE " ,"nom": "Descendants of FLIPPER D'ELLE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=FLIPPER D'ELLE"},{ "search": "Descendants of POLSKI BOY " ,"nom": "Descendants of POLSKI BOY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=POLSKI BOY"},{ "search": "Descendants of RUALA FAISAL " ,"nom": "Descendants of RUALA FAISAL", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=RUALA FAISAL"},{ "search": "Descendants of OAKVALE MORGAN " ,"nom": "Descendants of OAKVALE MORGAN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=OAKVALE MORGAN"},{ "search": "Descendants of GWALARN AR PARK " ,"nom": "Descendants of GWALARN AR PARK", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=GWALARN AR PARK"},{ "search": "Descendants of VERDI " ,"nom": "Descendants of VERDI", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=VERDI"},{ "search": "Descendants of CACAO COURCELLE " ,"nom": "Descendants of CACAO COURCELLE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=CACAO COURCELLE"},{ "search": "Descendants of QUALITY BOIS MARGOT " ,"nom": "Descendants of QUALITY BOIS MARGOT", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=QUALITY BOIS MARGOT"},{ "search": "Descendants of ALBERT DU BERLAIS " ,"nom": "Descendants of ALBERT DU BERLAIS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ALBERT DU BERLAIS"},{ "search": "Descendants of FUSAIN DU DEFEY " ,"nom": "Descendants of FUSAIN DU DEFEY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=FUSAIN DU DEFEY"},{ "search": "Descendants of ALMACH DES ISLES " ,"nom": "Descendants of ALMACH DES ISLES", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ALMACH DES ISLES"},{ "search": "Descendants of NEUSTAR LIZ " ,"nom": "Descendants of NEUSTAR LIZ", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=NEUSTAR LIZ"},{ "search": "Descendants of VONDEEN " ,"nom": "Descendants of VONDEEN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=VONDEEN"},{ "search": "Descendants of ALBANY " ,"nom": "Descendants of ALBANY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ALBANY"},{ "search": "Descendants of STAR HORSE " ,"nom": "Descendants of STAR HORSE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=STAR HORSE"},{ "search": "Descendants of BARBARIAN " ,"nom": "Descendants of BARBARIAN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=BARBARIAN"},{ "search": "Descendants of MODESTO " ,"nom": "Descendants of MODESTO", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MODESTO"},{ "search": "Descendants of MALMOE SCHUERACHER " ,"nom": "Descendants of MALMOE SCHUERACHER", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MALMOE SCHUERACHER"},{ "search": "Descendants of TREVALLION HARLEY " ,"nom": "Descendants of TREVALLION HARLEY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=TREVALLION HARLEY"},{ "search": "Descendants of ROBIN II Z " ,"nom": "Descendants of ROBIN II Z", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ROBIN II Z"},{ "search": "Descendants of SYRIUS DE MAI " ,"nom": "Descendants of SYRIUS DE MAI", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SYRIUS DE MAI"},{ "search": "Descendants of ABARY " ,"nom": "Descendants of ABARY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ABARY"},{ "search": "Descendants of EOLE BELLEVUE " ,"nom": "Descendants of EOLE BELLEVUE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=EOLE BELLEVUE"},{ "search": "Descendants of SHAH ADEL " ,"nom": "Descendants of SHAH ADEL", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SHAH ADEL"},{ "search": "Descendants of HAWKSGROUND BIRLINGTON BE " ,"nom": "Descendants of HAWKSGROUND BIRLINGTON BE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=HAWKSGROUND BIRLINGTON BE"},{ "search": "Descendants of GOOD LUCK V ST NEDERKOORN " ,"nom": "Descendants of GOOD LUCK V ST NEDERKOORN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=GOOD LUCK V ST NEDERKOORN"},{ "search": "Descendants of MARC'H MOUZ " ,"nom": "Descendants of MARC'H MOUZ", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MARC'H MOUZ"},{ "search": "Descendants of FELHI NO " ,"nom": "Descendants of FELHI NO", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=FELHI NO"},{ "search": "Descendants of CANALETTO " ,"nom": "Descendants of CANALETTO", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=CANALETTO"},{ "search": "Descendants of ELOI IV " ,"nom": "Descendants of ELOI IV", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ELOI IV"},{ "search": "Descendants of SOLIMAN " ,"nom": "Descendants of SOLIMAN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SOLIMAN"},{ "search": "Descendants of KARA DU HALAGE " ,"nom": "Descendants of KARA DU HALAGE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=KARA DU HALAGE"},{ "search": "Descendants of OPIUM DE TALMA " ,"nom": "Descendants of OPIUM DE TALMA", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=OPIUM DE TALMA"},{ "search": "Descendants of WAXWING RECALL " ,"nom": "Descendants of WAXWING RECALL", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=WAXWING RECALL"},{ "search": "Descendants of BOCAGE DE LONGANE " ,"nom": "Descendants of BOCAGE DE LONGANE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=BOCAGE DE LONGANE"},{ "search": "Descendants of LINARO " ,"nom": "Descendants of LINARO", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=LINARO"},{ "search": "Descendants of QUITUS DE LA LOUE " ,"nom": "Descendants of QUITUS DE LA LOUE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=QUITUS DE LA LOUE"},{ "search": "Descendants of IRAM D'AUDES " ,"nom": "Descendants of IRAM D'AUDES", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=IRAM D'AUDES"},{ "search": "Descendants of NINIO DE ROX " ,"nom": "Descendants of NINIO DE ROX", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=NINIO DE ROX"},{ "search": "Descendants of CALEIDOS DC " ,"nom": "Descendants of CALEIDOS DC", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=CALEIDOS DC"},{ "search": "Descendants of EROTICBLUS MONTOIS " ,"nom": "Descendants of EROTICBLUS MONTOIS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=EROTICBLUS MONTOIS"},{ "search": "Descendants of NAZZIM " ,"nom": "Descendants of NAZZIM", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=NAZZIM"},{ "search": "Descendants of DJALISCO DU GUET " ,"nom": "Descendants of DJALISCO DU GUET", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=DJALISCO DU GUET"},{ "search": "Descendants of DANOSO IV*HN " ,"nom": "Descendants of DANOSO IV*HN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=DANOSO IV*HN"},{ "search": "Descendants of EIR DES JAMETS " ,"nom": "Descendants of EIR DES JAMETS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=EIR DES JAMETS"},{ "search": "Descendants of MR BLUE " ,"nom": "Descendants of MR BLUE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MR BLUE"},{ "search": "Descendants of LINARO*SL " ,"nom": "Descendants of LINARO*SL", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=LINARO*SL"},{ "search": "Descendants of TRICOLORE II " ,"nom": "Descendants of TRICOLORE II", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=TRICOLORE II"},{ "search": "Descendants of PAPILLON ROUGE " ,"nom": "Descendants of PAPILLON ROUGE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=PAPILLON ROUGE"},{ "search": "Descendants of IDEAL DE LA LOGE " ,"nom": "Descendants of IDEAL DE LA LOGE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=IDEAL DE LA LOGE"},{ "search": "Descendants of OHIO VAN DE PADENBORRE " ,"nom": "Descendants of OHIO VAN DE PADENBORRE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=OHIO VAN DE PADENBORRE"},{ "search": "Descendants of MOONLIGHT BERENGER " ,"nom": "Descendants of MOONLIGHT BERENGER", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MOONLIGHT BERENGER"},{ "search": "Descendants of NARCIS F DI VORNO " ,"nom": "Descendants of NARCIS F DI VORNO", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=NARCIS F DI VORNO"},{ "search": "Descendants of FLIPPER D'ELLE*HN " ,"nom": "Descendants of FLIPPER D'ELLE*HN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=FLIPPER D'ELLE*HN"},{ "search": "Descendants of TAMBOURGHINI " ,"nom": "Descendants of TAMBOURGHINI", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=TAMBOURGHINI"},{ "search": "Descendants of PEPS DOMAIN " ,"nom": "Descendants of PEPS DOMAIN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=PEPS DOMAIN"},{ "search": "Descendants of KANTJE'S RONALDO " ,"nom": "Descendants of KANTJE'S RONALDO", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=KANTJE'S RONALDO"},{ "search": "Descendants of KINGSTOWN RORY " ,"nom": "Descendants of KINGSTOWN RORY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=KINGSTOWN RORY"},{ "search": "Descendants of OPIUM DE COQUERIE*ALIA " ,"nom": "Descendants of OPIUM DE COQUERIE*ALIA", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=OPIUM DE COQUERIE*ALIA"},{ "search": "Descendants of SI TU VIENS " ,"nom": "Descendants of SI TU VIENS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SI TU VIENS"},{ "search": "Descendants of OLARGO B " ,"nom": "Descendants of OLARGO B", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=OLARGO B"},{ "search": "Descendants of AZZIZ DE GARGASSAN*HN " ,"nom": "Descendants of AZZIZ DE GARGASSAN*HN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=AZZIZ DE GARGASSAN*HN"},{ "search": "Descendants of COOK DU MIDOUR " ,"nom": "Descendants of COOK DU MIDOUR", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=COOK DU MIDOUR"},{ "search": "Descendants of LUCCIANNO*HN " ,"nom": "Descendants of LUCCIANNO*HN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=LUCCIANNO*HN"},{ "search": "Descendants of IOWA " ,"nom": "Descendants of IOWA", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=IOWA"},{ "search": "Descendants of IDOLE DE QUELENEC " ,"nom": "Descendants of IDOLE DE QUELENEC", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=IDOLE DE QUELENEC"},{ "search": "Descendants of LAGON DE L'ABBAYE " ,"nom": "Descendants of LAGON DE L'ABBAYE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=LAGON DE L'ABBAYE"},{ "search": "Descendants of EXOTIC D'AVANCON " ,"nom": "Descendants of EXOTIC D'AVANCON", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=EXOTIC D'AVANCON"},{ "search": "Descendants of SILVERLEA SIMPLY RED " ,"nom": "Descendants of SILVERLEA SIMPLY RED", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SILVERLEA SIMPLY RED"},{ "search": "Descendants of JEFF D'OR " ,"nom": "Descendants of JEFF D'OR", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=JEFF D'OR"},{ "search": "Descendants of CAPITAL " ,"nom": "Descendants of CAPITAL", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=CAPITAL"},{ "search": "Descendants of L'ARCDETRIOMPHE*BOISMARGO " ,"nom": "Descendants of L'ARCDETRIOMPHE*BOISMARGO", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=L'ARCDETRIOMPHE*BOISMARGO"},{ "search": "Descendants of QUINOTO BOIS MARGOT " ,"nom": "Descendants of QUINOTO BOIS MARGOT", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=QUINOTO BOIS MARGOT"},{ "search": "Descendants of DUM'POM " ,"nom": "Descendants of DUM'POM", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=91459107"},{ "search": "Descendants of KARISTO DE L'AUMONT " ,"nom": "Descendants of KARISTO DE L'AUMONT", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=KARISTO DE L'AUMONT"},{ "search": "Descendants of HELIOT DE BLONDE " ,"nom": "Descendants of HELIOT DE BLONDE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=HELIOT DE BLONDE"},{ "search": "Descendants of KAIROUAN DE JOS " ,"nom": "Descendants of KAIROUAN DE JOS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=KAIROUAN DE JOS"},{ "search": "Descendants of THUNDER DU BLIN " ,"nom": "Descendants of THUNDER DU BLIN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=THUNDER DU BLIN"},{ "search": "Descendants of J'AI L'ESPOIR D'ELLE " ,"nom": "Descendants of J'AI L'ESPOIR D'ELLE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=J'AI L'ESPOIR D'ELLE"},{ "search": "Descendants of MELLE BRUNO " ,"nom": "Descendants of MELLE BRUNO", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MELLE BRUNO"},{ "search": "Descendants of QUARTZ ADELHEID Z " ,"nom": "Descendants of QUARTZ ADELHEID Z", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=QUARTZ ADELHEID Z"},{ "search": "Descendants of DJEBEL LOTOIS " ,"nom": "Descendants of DJEBEL LOTOIS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=DJEBEL LOTOIS"},{ "search": "Descendants of NOCKY VD KRAKENBURG " ,"nom": "Descendants of NOCKY VD KRAKENBURG", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=NOCKY VD KRAKENBURG"},{ "search": "Descendants of POLSBURY PINOCCIO " ,"nom": "Descendants of POLSBURY PINOCCIO", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=POLSBURY PINOCCIO"},{ "search": "Descendants of DOLLAR DU MURIER " ,"nom": "Descendants of DOLLAR DU MURIER", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=DOLLAR DU MURIER"},{ "search": "Descendants of POLARIS DU LUY " ,"nom": "Descendants of POLARIS DU LUY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=POLARIS DU LUY"},{ "search": "Descendants of QREDO DE PAULSTRA " ,"nom": "Descendants of QREDO DE PAULSTRA", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=QREDO DE PAULSTRA"},{ "search": "Descendants of INDY STAR " ,"nom": "Descendants of INDY STAR", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=96101797"},{ "search": "Descendants of NIGHTHAWK " ,"nom": "Descendants of NIGHTHAWK", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=NIGHTHAWK"},{ "search": "Descendants of HAPPY VERGOIGNAN*HN " ,"nom": "Descendants of HAPPY VERGOIGNAN*HN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=HAPPY VERGOIGNAN*HN"},{ "search": "Descendants of TOULON " ,"nom": "Descendants of TOULON", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=TOULON"},{ "search": "Descendants of OBELIX DE BERCE " ,"nom": "Descendants of OBELIX DE BERCE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=OBELIX DE BERCE"},{ "search": "Descendants of TINKA'S BOY " ,"nom": "Descendants of TINKA'S BOY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=TINKA'S BOY"},{ "search": "Descendants of POOR BOY " ,"nom": "Descendants of POOR BOY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=POOR BOY"},{ "search": "Descendants of MAC GEYVER " ,"nom": "Descendants of MAC GEYVER", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MAC GEYVER"},{ "search": "Descendants of PERSICKO " ,"nom": "Descendants of PERSICKO", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=PERSICKO"},{ "search": "Descendants of CONTROE*HN " ,"nom": "Descendants of CONTROE*HN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=CONTROE*HN"},{ "search": "Descendants of TITUS DE LIAF " ,"nom": "Descendants of TITUS DE LIAF", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=TITUS DE LIAF"},{ "search": "Descendants of ROYALIST DIWAN " ,"nom": "Descendants of ROYALIST DIWAN", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ROYALIST DIWAN"},{ "search": "Descendants of MIGLESEY DES CIBAUDES " ,"nom": "Descendants of MIGLESEY DES CIBAUDES", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MIGLESEY DES CIBAUDES"},{ "search": "Descendants of DIAMANT DE SEMILLY " ,"nom": "Descendants of DIAMANT DE SEMILLY", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=DIAMANT DE SEMILLY"},{ "search": "Descendants of EFLE DE B'NEVILLE " ,"nom": "Descendants of EFLE DE B'NEVILLE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=EFLE DE B'NEVILLE"},{ "search": "Descendants of SURCOUF DE REVEL " ,"nom": "Descendants of SURCOUF DE REVEL", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=SURCOUF DE REVEL"},{ "search": "Descendants of QUABAR DES MONCEAUX " ,"nom": "Descendants of QUABAR DES MONCEAUX", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=QUABAR DES MONCEAUX"},{ "search": "Descendants of DERBY ROUGE " ,"nom": "Descendants of DERBY ROUGE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=DERBY ROUGE"},{ "search": "Descendants of ULTRA BEAU II " ,"nom": "Descendants of ULTRA BEAU II", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=ULTRA BEAU II"},{ "search": "Descendants of QUIOWAH DREAM " ,"nom": "Descendants of QUIOWAH DREAM", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=QUIOWAH DREAM"},{ "search": "Descendants of FAKIR DE KREISKER " ,"nom": "Descendants of FAKIR DE KREISKER", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=FAKIR DE KREISKER"},{ "search": "Descendants of RINGO " ,"nom": "Descendants of RINGO", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=RINGO"},{ "search": "Descendants of DJELID " ,"nom": "Descendants of DJELID", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=DJELID"},{ "search": "Descendants of QUARTZ DU CHANU " ,"nom": "Descendants of QUARTZ DU CHANU", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=QUARTZ DU CHANU"},{ "search": "Descendants of STANDING OVATION " ,"nom": "Descendants of STANDING OVATION", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=STANDING OVATION"},{ "search": "Descendants of O'BAJAN NABIL P " ,"nom": "Descendants of O'BAJAN NABIL P", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=O'BAJAN NABIL P"},{ "search": "Descendants of VISAGE VAN DE OLMENHOEVE " ,"nom": "Descendants of VISAGE VAN DE OLMENHOEVE", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=VISAGE VAN DE OLMENHOEVE"},{ "search": "Descendants of MERCREDI DE MARS " ,"nom": "Descendants of MERCREDI DE MARS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=MERCREDI DE MARS"},{ "search": "Descendants of QUAPRICEBOIMARGOTQUINCY*Q " ,"nom": "Descendants of QUAPRICEBOIMARGOTQUINCY*Q", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=QUAPRICEBOIMARGOTQUINCY*Q"},{ "search": "Descendants of QUIDAM DE REVEL " ,"nom": "Descendants of QUIDAM DE REVEL", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=QUIDAM DE REVEL"},{ "search": "Descendants of WH KANEKO MS " ,"nom": "Descendants of WH KANEKO MS", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=WH KANEKO MS"},{ "search": "Descendants of JOYTON MAY BE BLACK " ,"nom": "Descendants of JOYTON MAY BE BLACK", "id": "null", "url": "horse_liste_descendants.php?pere=JOYTON MAY BE BLACK"}]}